8 Great Apps For Mobile Printing

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Printer Week 2013

As we launch Printer Week 2013, our opening salvo is focused on apps for devices that are generally closer at hand than a shared office printer, and not for desktops or laptops; we're referring to apps for printing from mobile devices -- those smartphones and tablets that you might even be using to read this.

As mobile devices continue to grab ever bigger slices of our attention and compute time, it becomes ever more convenient to output directly from them. And solutions to get that done are numerous.

As we'll cover throughout this week, printer makers of all stripes are down with the struggle. Some embrace third-party solutions from the likes of Apple and Google, others have developed their own apps and backends, and still others have chosen the card-reader route. What follows is a look at device-printing apps from vendors big and small, including solutions from printer makers we'll be covering all this Printer Week.

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