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8 Takeaways From The Bleak Q2 PC Shipment Numbers

There's more than meets the eye to the PC slump. Here are some of the most notable channel takeaways from IDC and Gartner's worldwide PC shipment numbers.

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Not A Shocker

It's no shocker the PC market is struggling. Both research firms IDC and Gartner independently confirmed what most already suspected. On Wednesday they both released numbers that show a downturn in PC units shipped in the last three months, for the second quarter of 2013. IDC reported a worldwide downturn of 11.4 percent of PC units shipped compared to the same time last year. Gartner reported a 10.9 percent drop.

Another not-a-shocker data point to anyone paying attention to the PC space is both research firms blame the popularity of inexpensive tablets as deferring the purchase of new PCs. But, here's a closer look at Wednesday's PC numbers, exploring who some of the winners and losers were and whether it's fair to blame things such as Windows 8 (as many do) for a slumping PC market.

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