10 More Cool Tech Products Seeking Funding On Kickstarter

Opportunities For The Tech Investor

Kickstarter has significantly helped to promote and raise funding for creative projects for everything from films, games and art to technology. Previously, CRN found 10 of the coolest tech products on Kickstarter. Read on to find out about 10 more.

hOld: A One-Of-A-Kind Holding Device For The iPad

HOld it and don't worry about dropping anything. Designed to be comfortable and protective, hOld is an iPad case that helps to reduce straining in fingers, forearm muscles and hands when handling an iPad. Created by bybrisbin, a trio consisting of an architect, industrial designer, and 3-D modeling and product designer, hOld has an engineered finger hold that allows a user to slip in one finger to hold the iPad comfortably. The Finger Curve is one-size-fits-all and can be used for both right- and left-handed users. Called the Slide and Lock rail system, hOld has six rails on the back of the cover to freely slide the Finger Curve. These rails allow for different orientation settings whether it's portrait, landscape, keyboard or gaming, depending on preference. The Finger Curve also can be clipped to the side of the iPad when not in use.

At press time, 29 backers had pledged $1,106 of the $70,000 goal. The funding period ends Aug. 14, 2013.

SnoopWall: Stop Cyberspying

Bring your own device (BYOD) is here to stay. To better protect and address privacy concerns, SnoopWall is a program that prevents cyberattacks and intrusion on a smartphone or tablet. While there are antivirus software and firewalls, they're still not enough protection. SnoopWall helps reveal malicious apps that allow hacking and spying. The program uses a patent-pending approach in keeping up with today's malware, focusing on data-leakage hardware device ports, including webcam, microphone and GPS. When apps require and ask for access to a webcam or other device port, SnoopWall will discover and prevent the app from accessing data and sharing the contact list with a third party. In addition, Snoopwall can extend battery life and free up memory on a device.

At press time, 79 backers had pledged $7,911 of the $10,000 goal. The funding period ended on July 17, 2013.

Lernstift, The Mistake Reconizing Pen

Skip typing and kick it old-school with this writing utensil that promotes better spelling. Lernstift is a digital pen that vibrates upon a spelling error. Created by Munich-based entrepreneurs Daniel Kaesmacher and Falk Wolsky, Lernstift combines traditional handwriting with digital technology. Unlike other digital pens that use optical sensors to track writing movements, special paper and external devices or apps, Lernstift instead utilizes built-in software technology, an embedded Linux system. Within the board is a motion sensor, processor, memory, Wi-Fi and vibration module that fit directly inside the pen. In addition to the spell check, a grammar check is in the works. This digital pen will even learn a user's handwriting. There are two modes, the orthography mode that recognizes spelling errors and calligraphy mode to call attention to form and legibility issues.

At press time, 171 backers had pledged $25,536.33 of the $181,248 goal. The funding period ends Aug. 9, 2013.

WigWag: Scan. Control. Rule. Share.

Become the master of your domain with WigWag. WigWag devices allow users to build an intelligent environment that can be controlled with sensors and devices. WigWag will heed to "when [this] happens then do [that]." Rules can be issued through a smartphone to deploy any outcome desired. There are three WigWag devices that react to the environment: Sensor Block, a universal sensor device that can measure light, detect motion, sound, temperature, humidity and movement; Glowline, which detects ambient light and motion while acting as a mood light; and Relay, which uses the cloud to connect WigWag and third-party devices and to interact with email, Dropbox and Twitter.

At press time, 606 backers had pledged $130,698, surpassing its $50,000 goal. The funding period ends Aug. 18, 2013.

Invisible Gamepad: Precise, Convenient Mobile Gaming

When everything is done with just a finger swipe, who has time for playing with a game console? Invisible Gamepad makes it easier to play games on a smartphone or tablet. Created by entrepreneur and game enthusiast Olivier Buigues, Invisible Gamepad is a set of sleek stick-on controls that can be attached to a touch-screen device to improve efficiency when it comes to mobile games. It can be utilized on any iPhone, iPad, Android and more. The Invisible Gamepad is created from transparent film with raised edges. When removed, there is no sticky residue; it can even be applied on top of a screen protector. Just like a game console, a gamer's thumbs are in control. The package holds a microfiber screen cloth, 63 different film controls, including 24 analog pads, 19 buttons, 10 digital pads and 10 four-way digital pads to cater to a user's game preference.

At press time, 578 backers had pledged $6,132 of the $7,000 goal. The funding period ends Aug. 25, 2013.

Plug: The Brain Of Your Devices

Make moving, uploading and downloading to make things available from different devices a thing of the past. Plug makes it easier to hold all the same files as if they were on a single device. Created by the Newark, Del.-based CGC team, Plug is a tiny adapter that performs as the brain of all devices, enabling all documents, music, pictures and videos to be stored in the same place. This works by simply plugging in Plug to the Internet, connecting a USB drive, and installing the Plug app on all devices. Even if devices are different sizes, an iPhone will be able to contain files that are on a laptop whenever connected to the Internet. Plug can connect up to eight drives; multiple hard drives are no longer necessary with Plug. It's easy to back up files with Plug and every time a change is made, Plug saves a version of it so that an older version can be easily accessed.

At press time, 5,335 backers had pledged $500,411, surpassing the $69,000 goal. The funding period ends Sept. 8, 2013.

SunStash Portable Solar Power Charger For Gadgets And Laptops

The sun provides energy for life and now it can boost the lives of all devices. SunStash is a portable solar-powered charger that can charge smartphones, laptops, tablets and more. Created by inventor, designer and engineer Don Vayelli, this new and efficient charger utilizes a Lithium Polymer-based battery to provide the juice. While most portable solar chargers lay flat, this charger is equipped with a case to be angled and aimed directly at the sun. The case is made from stitched Ballistic Nylon with reinforced handles, hinged panels, nonslip pads and internal pockets. SunStash can even charge up to two gadgets, or a gadget and PC, simultaneously. SunStash is great on camping and boating trips and, especially, in case of an emergency or power outage.

At press time, 242 backers had pledged $40,512, surpassing the $10,000 goal. The funding period ends July 26, 2013.

Redact Secure Instant Messenger For OS X

Most would agree that security and privacy are extremely important. Redact Instant Messenger for OS X is a secure solution for sending messages from one phone to another. Redact uses encryption and ciphers for peer-to-peer messaging. Messages being sent from one phone to another aren't passing through any central servers that can be vulnerable to attacks. Using the application, messages that are sent can be ensured that they are redacted and deleted, instantly and forever. Instant message apps store all messages even if they are deleted where they can be retracted by hackers or government subpoenas. With Redact, no messages, contact information or usernames are saved. Unlike other instant messaging platforms that require a username, email or phone number, Redact works by being assigned an exclusive PIN number.

At press time, 27 backers had pledged $2,943.32 of the $37,812.50 goal. The funding period ends Aug. 8, 2013.

Life-Size Hologram

Holograms have always been a part of the sci-fi world as a vision for the future. Fortunately, with HoloVision, the future is now. Created by interactive 3-D holographic display technologies and software company Provision 3D Media, HoloVision introduces the first "free-floating, life-sized hologram" without using screens or special glasses. This 3-D display makes holographic technology a reality for video games, where players will be able to see and interact with a floating digital holographic image.

At press time, 58 backers had pledged $7,148 of the $950,000 goal with 29 more days to go. The funding period ends Aug. 14, 2013.

Wrist Charge: The Band In Charge For iPhone And Android

The Wrist Charge is "the first smartphone charger of its kind" because it can conveniently be used anywhere. This smartphone charger requires no wires. Created by a team of entrepreneurs and product developers, the idea was derived from the 80s and 90s popular fad, the "slap bracelet." Just like the slap bracelet, Wrist Charge snaps around the wrist when not in use. Equipped with a flat wiring cable, this phone charger connects the USB input cable to charge the iPhone 4, 4s and 5 and all Android phones. This bracelet and phone charger easily charges a smartphone on the go. It also is compatible with any mini USB or 30-pin connector device.

At press time, 165 backers had pledged $3,117 of the $50,000 goal. The funding period ends Aug. 24, 2013.