Top 10 Best-Selling PCs By Product

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Smaller devices may be improving in productivity, but desktops still take the cake in many areas. According to a March 2013 report by The NPD Group, a Port Washington, N.Y.-based market research company that provides sales-out data from leading technology distributors, here is a "Top 10" breakdown of the best-selling desktops for March. (The NPD Group's DistributorTrack sales database is comprised primarily of U.S. Global Technology Distribution Council members.)

10. HP Pro 3500

Price: $559.00, list

Running on a 3.2-GHz Intel i5 Core Processor, this model in HP's 3500 line was designed to be a simple business PC. Though this particular model is one of the higher-cost PCs in HP's 3500 line, it is still a budget PC when compared to competitors. The HP Pro 3500 is the last of HP's 5 best-sellers included on this list.

9. Lenovo ThinkCentre M72

Price: $579.00, list

One of two Lenovo desktops to appear on this best-seller list is the ThinkCentre M72, running on a 2.8-GHz Intel i3 Core Processor. Lenovo's ThinkCentre line boasts lightweight, energy-saving towers that are still capable of high productivity. The device comes with Lenovo Solution Center, a hardware diagnostic tool for high manageability.

8. HP Pro 6300 Core i3

Price: $609, list

One of the least costly of HP's Pro 6300 line is this model, running on a 3.3-GHz Intel i3 Core Processor. HP focused this device around power, security and expansion features targeted toward business use. The 6300 line is one of four unique HP lines appearing on this best-seller list.

7. HP 8300 Elite Core i7

Price: $979.00, list

HP's 8300 Elite line has two products on this top 10 list for best-selling PCs in March. This model runs on a 3.4-GHz Intel i7 Core Processor and is considered by HP to be a small-form-factor PC. Slightly more expensive than the better-selling 8300 Elite Core i5, this PC falls in the mid-cost range of the 10 PCs that comprise HP's 8300 Elite line.

6. Dell Vostro 270

Price: $449.00

The only Dell product on the top 10 best-seller list for the month of March is the Dell Vostro 270. Dell's emphasized the PC's ease of use and high productivity levels, perfect for an office environment. The Vostro 270 runs on an Intel i3 Core Processor and comes in a "minitower" form.

5. Lenovo IdeaCentre C540

Price: $613.99, on Amazon

Though Lenovo was the second best-selling desktop brand for the month of March and has enjoyed significant growth in its desktop sales over the last year, its most popular product in March clocks in at No. 5 on the list. This 23-inch Lenovo IdeaCentre C540 runs on a 2.9-GHz Intel Dual-Core processor and is smaller than the devices on the current IdeaCentre Horizon line, which all measure in at 27 inches.

4. Apple Mac Mini

Price: $599.00, list

The only desktop to run on a mobile processor, Apple's Mac Mini places fourth for most desktops sold in the month of March. The Mac Mini runs on a 2.5-GHz Intel i5 Core Processor and comes with 4 GB of memory. Of the three versions of Mac Mini, this particular model was the only one to make the list and also happens to be the least expensive.

3. HP 8300 Elite Core i5 3470

Price: $834.00, list

The desktops of HP's 8300 Elite line are small-form-factor PCs, built to fit in smaller spaces while continuing to be high-performing machines with the ability to expand. This particular version of HP's 8300 Elite lineup runs on a 3.2-GHz Intel i5 Core Processor. By price, the 8300 Elite Core i5 3470 is in the low cost range of the 10 PCs that comprise HP's 8300 Elite line.

2. HP Pro 6305 A6

Price: Unlisted

HP holds the title for best-selling brand of PCs for the month of March and holds five of the top 10 most sold desktops. The Pro 6305 A6 model running on a 3.6-GHz AMD dual-core processor was the most popular of them all. Of the four desktops available in HP's 6000 line, the 6305 is the most budget-friendly and the only one that does not run on a quad-core processor.

1. Apple iMac

Price: $1,299, list

Leading in desktop sales for the month of March was the 21.5-inch iMac running on a 2.7-GHz Intel i5 Core Processor. Though the Apple brand was second runner-up for overall revenue generated by desktops, behind HP and Lenovo, the iMac was still the product in highest demand. The size and specs of this best-selling model make it the smaller and less expensive of the two traditional Apple desktops on the market (not including the iMac Mini).