Next-Generation Surface: What To Expect

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Here Comes Surface 2

There is little doubt Microsoft is readying a take-two of its Surface tablets. Nvidia confirmed it's working with Microsoft to build the next Surface tablet, and sleuths at AdDuplex are seeing telltale signs of a next-gen tablet on its network called "Microsoft Corporation Surface 2."

But if a Surface 2 is going to succeed, it's going to need to radically shed its image as an overpriced flop.

But Microsoft can't just squelch the trash talkers with a bigger Surface 2 marketing budget with more tablet-toting dancers. It needs to best its competition with unique capabilities, better hardware that gives people a reason to pass over the iPad and an army of Android tablets.

So how can Microsoft right the tablet wrongs that led to a $900 million Surface writedown for the company? There is no shortage of Surface 2 clues from Microsoft partners, not to mention Microsoft itself.


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