Count 'Em: How Many Devices Are Solution Provider Executives Carrying?

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Ben Johnson

Title: President

Company: Liberty Technology
Location: Griffin, Ga.
How Many: 3

Ben Johnson said that he had three devices, an iPhone 5S, an iPad and a laptop. He recalled a conference he went to where a presenter asked attendees to raise their hands for how many devices they had, and some had more than six or seven devices, which Johnson said he didn't understand.

"That number, that surprised me. Now what are they doing with all of those devices? I don't know," Johnson said. He said that he liked the simplicity of the iPad and the easy user experience.

He said that now that his iPhone 5S has a fingerprint scanner, it makes it frustrating to log into his iPad with the traditional passcode, and said that he hopes that the anticipated iPad announcement later this month will add it to the tablet line as well. Though he likes his Apple products and is an Apple VAR himself, he said he admitted that Apple is not the most channel-friendly of companies.


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