10 iOS 7 Apps For Enterprise To Optimize Productivity

Productivity Made Simple

Apple did more than clean up its interface for iOS 7; it added a handful of features that make the operating system more appealing to enterprises. With a new control center and better multitasking capabilities, the latest version of Apple's mobile OS offers users a more seamless experience when accessing frequently used applications and features, making it easier to transition from one task to another.

Now that the functions are there, what about applications? From heavy-duty apps that work within specific MDM platforms to apps that just make editing a memo a little simpler, here are 10 iOS 7 apps for the enterprise to help optimize productivity.


Last week, enterprise file-sharing platform developer Egnyte released a new application for enterprise that addresses security in BYOD environments. Egnyte's new iOS app allows end users to access all data types, including data stored in the cloud as well as on-premise data IT departments allows employees to view from a mobile device. Previously, Egnyte labeled data types red, yellow or green from a security standpoint and then allowed access to those data types from mobile devices accordingly. Though the color-coding still exists, none have to be restricted on the mobile device level. Sensitive data behind the firewall remains encrypted on mobile devices, and IT retains the ability to remotely wipe any data accessed within the application. Tim Burke, president and CEO of technology management company Quest, said his company recommends the Egnyte mobile app to customers because Egnyte "thinks" on an enterprise level. "Egnyte allows customers to have files behind firewall and in the cloud but in a controlled environment," Burke said.

Price: Free


Byword, created by Metaclassy, is a no-frills text editor that allows users to create or edit documents from any iOS 7 or Mac device with easy-to-use shortcuts and features. Byword takes simple Markdown syntax and utilizes TextKit, a new iOS 7 feature, to make text formatting a snap from a mobile device. Easy swiping gestures now allow users to go back to a previous screen or access preview mode, and documents edited on one device can be instantly accessed from a synced iOS or Mac device. Finally, users are able to export text documents into HTML, PDF or rich text documents or immediately publish documents on common blog sites like WordPress, Blogger and others.

Price: $4.99

Calendar 5

An all-new organizer application by Readdle allows a user to view his or her calendar in list, day, week and month modes. With the "natural language input" feature, the app completes the detailed work of entering an item on the calendar for the user. For instance, typing "lunch meeting with Julie on Wednesday" is enough context for the application to fill out key fields in the correct calendar spaces on its own. Aside from scheduling meetings and appointments, the application is also good for integrating tasks into the calendar, allowing users to tick off to-do items before deadlines. Calendar 5 is able to sync with other calendars like Google Calendar and iOS Calendar so that appointments and tasks do not get lost in the shuffle.

Price: $6.99

Worx Home

Citrix' Worx Home application, within which a number of productivity apps can be launched under the Citrix security blanket, was enhanced with a bundle of improvements the company made available to its XenMobile MDM users at the end of October. Now, users are only a four-digit pin number away from the applications within Worx Home at any time. Inside Worx Home, users are able to access applications like Worx Mail and GoToMeeting. The company also made it simple to join an online or phone meeting by tapping the meeting invite in the calendar app -- no need to fumble with multi-digit access codes within the protection of the Worx Home framework.

Price: Free with XenMobile MDM

Prezi Viewer

Prezi is a presentation tool available on a subscription basis for enterprises at $4.92 per month or $13.25 per month based on features an enterprise chooses. Users can build slideshow-type presentation but without the boundaries that come with a slide-by-slide format. Rather, viewers see a bird's eye view of the entire presentation as the presenter zooms in to the relevant portions. All types of media including video, photos, text and links can easily be inserted into presentations by dragging and dropping. With Prezi Viewer, users can access, edit and present Prezi projects on an iPhone or iPad and use simple iOS gestures like pinch-to-zoom to maneuver through a project.

Price: Free


Cotap simplifies mobile communication between co-workers and business connections in an SMS-type format many consumers are already accustomed to. Within Cotap, users can start a one-on-one message conversation or tap on a specific group name to include all relevant colleagues in the conversation. For those without the Cotap app, messages will appear via an email. As employees add the application, contact information is automatically updated within the company's group so colleagues do not have to go through the steps of finding and adding new information. It's an all-in-one solution for an employee directory and quick communications between colleagues from any mobile device.

Price: Free


Collaborate, created by Kibits, has a sweet spot in small businesses under 50 employees, though it can be tailored for larger enterprises. The application allows employees to share files and tasks with one another via personal mobile devices and any desktop computer. Though the application received a facelift with iOS 7, it is not limited to Apple products; users are able to participate in file sharing and conversations with colleagues across iOS and Android devices. All information shared on the platform is protected with 256-bit encryption. Collaborate can be integrated with Box, Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive.

Price: Starts at $9.99 per month

Kashoo Accounting

Kashoo provides a streamlined system for tracking and recording business expenses. Users can snap a picture of a receipt and instantly attach it to an expense report, create invoices to send to clients, and track all business accounts from an iPhone or iPad. The application is easily integrated with QuickBooks and will update in real time when connected online. If users happen to be trapped in an airport without Wi-Fi availability, for example, they can still enter data offline, and the application will sync as soon as the device re-connects. For businesses with fewer than 20 transactions per month, Kashoo offers a free version of the application. Larger enterprises needing to access its books more frequently will pay an annual fee. Both versions come with free support from Kashoo.

Price: Free for up to 20 transactions or $49.99 annually

Roambi Analytics

Roambi analytics takes complex files or data spreadsheets and organizes it into clear, charts and graphs. Users select one of 10 chart or graph templates to view data, and Roambi imports files directly into that template. The finished product is an easy to read and understand visual. Graphs and charts can be published for other users on the Roambi account to view immediately. With big data becoming a big point of reference for many enterprises, Roambi is a way for colleagues to wrap their collective brains around the trends affecting their business. All data is stored locally on the user's personal iOS device so information is available even when the device is not connected online. Roambi Analytics can be paired with Roambi Flow for further interpreting and publishing big data analytics.

Price: Free for Roambi Business or Roambi Enterprise Server customers


It may be true that having the biggest Rolodex has its professional advantages, but it's also true that carrying around a stack of business cards is far from convenient. CardMunch is not new to the app store, but it has been updated and optimized for iOS 7. A quick picture of a business card automatically indexes a new contact and organizes it in the device's CardMunch contact database. The app is integrated with LinkedIn, giving users immediate insight into a person's professional profile and allowing the opportunity to connect with the person via the social network. The capability to automatically add contact information directly to the device's contact list is also available, though a user can opt out of the feature.

Price: Free