Valentine's Day Gift Guide: 10 Last-Minute Tech Gift Ideas

Last-Minute Gifts For Your True Love Techie

The days of getting your sweetheart chocolates, flowers or jewelry are over. What the techie in your life really wants is the latest and greatest tech gadget or gizmo. Here, we present 10 last-minute Valentine's Day tech gift ideas that are sure to show your loved one just how much you truly care.

No. 10: ICONIC: A Photographic Tribute To Apple Innovation

Is your Valentine an Apple lover? If so, they will love this coffee table-worthy book of breathtaking photography that, according to its description, "takes the reader on a tour of the most visually stunning and important products produced by the world's most innovative company -- Apple." It includes a journey of images of Apple's most important desktops, portables, peripherals, prototypes, iDevices (iPad, iPod and iPhone) and packaging. It was created as a tribute to the talented team that steered Apple through its astonishing journey, but it's a perfect gift for any Apple owner who may want to explore and discover the origins of their favorite iMac, iPod, iPad or iPhone. It can be purchased on in hardcover form for $75.

No. 9: WeSC Banjar Golden Headphones With Mic

Not only can your Valentine listen to high-quality tunes on these headphones, but they can also listen to the sound of your voice! They feature a hands-free microphone and remote controls. The WeSC Banjar Golden Headphones are compatible for use with devices having a 3.5mm jack such as iPhones, Samsung HTC, BlackBerry, Droid and many more. To make them even better, they also feature a compact folding design for easy carrying and storage when traveling. The sleek black or white design with gold details makes it a sophisticated gift for any tech-loving partner. These headphones are available on for $79.99.

No. 8: "I LOVE YOU" Gift Card From Fandango

With the new Robocop, Lego, Captain America, Spider Man, Godzilla, X-Men, Transformers and The Hobbit movies coming out soon, this is the perfect Valentine's Day gift to give your techie who will love you for getting them ready for show time! Maybe get them two gift cards or splurge for a higher dollar amount so they can take you with them and buy some snacks? That sounds like a perfect date night to make Valentine's Day a showstopper! These gift cards are available to be ordered online at

No. 7: The Geek's Guide To Dating Book

Is your techie into Star Wars, action figures, Elder Scrolls, Halo, Star Trek or wish they went to Hogwarts? This book may be a perfect gag gift (or secret bible) for them. According to the book's description, geeks of all ages will find the ultimate answers to life, love and everything romantic. It includes quirky and capricious illustrations and solves the world's most coveted mystery: women. This book can be purchased on and is available in Kindle, hardcover, MP3 CD or audible form. Depending on the form, prices range from approximately $10-12.

No. 6: Ravi Ratan Wi-Fi Hotspot Cuff Links

Your IT executive can be both productive and fashionable with these Wi-Fi hotspot-enabled French cufflinks. On the surface, they look like high-end silver cufflinks, but the secrets they hide inside are a 2GB flash drive in one and a mini router in the other. They generate high-speed wireless Internet when plugged into a laptop, and the flash drive can also be used to store documents and other files on the go. The cufflinks cost $250 and offer an option for personalized engraving for $8. Your geek will look chic with these little James Bond-like babies.

No. 5: Beats By Dre Pill 2.0 Speakers

Does your techie like music on the go when traveling for work, in the shower or at the gym? Well, this portable Bluetooth speaker wirelessly streams music, charges devices and more. You can take calls on the speakerphone with the built-in microphone, and it has a rechargeable battery pack for hours of playback and is capable of reverse-charging mobile devices via a USB-A port. The portable 4-speaker sound system's Bluetooth microphone function can also perform conference calls. And it even comes in Valentine's Day red! Priced at $199.95, the Beats By Dre Pill 2.0 Speakers are available at

No. 4: Gentlemen's Laptop Case Design By Wild & Wolf

This dapper laptop case fits up to a 13-inch laptop and is a perfect V-day gift for your techie who wants to keep their laptops looking debonair. It is made of felt with faux leather and features the quote "All Work & No Play" embossed on the reverse side. It comes boxed and is available on for $60.

No. 3: I Love You More Than Video Games Box

Let's face it: most techies love video games. has created a unique and delicious gift box that includes video game-themed goodies such as Pac-Man arcade candies, Tetris candies, Zelda mints, Sonic Chaos Emerald Sours, Pac-Man Bandages, PlayStation PSP Sours, Donkey Kong Jungle Juice, "I Love You" gum and an assortment of yummy Valentine's Day candies. The gift box costs $43.

No. 2: Message In A Bottle Flash Drive

In the past, a castaway might write a message on a piece of paper, seal it in a bottle and throw it in the sea hoping it will make its way to its destined savior. Although your Valentine is probably not stranded on an island, this little gem will allow you to romantically give your Valentine a message with a modern twist in our digital age. It will give you a starry-eyed way for you and your tech-loving true love to pass notes, share music, or store treasured pictures and documents. This gift can be found on for $28.

No. 1: QR Code Jewelry

Miriam Merenfeld Jewelry has created a line of trendy QR code jewelry for techies who appreciate a hidden message revealed only through a smartphone QR scanner application, which can be downloaded free from any smartphone. Each necklace or bracelet is customizable with a personalized QR code message on one side and an engraving on the other. All pieces are available in a variety of precious metals including 18K gold plated, gold plated, silver antique or sterling silver. Prices range from approximately $95-$220.