10 Apps Available On Apple's CarPlay Right Now

Get Into My Car

Apple's CarPlay, the platform that extends iOS into your ride, is available on iOS 7.1 and later, and select automakers will release compatible vehicles this year.

Using voice commands and the car's built-in display, the platform allows users to legally use their iPhones while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes and Volvo will be releasing compatible vehicles by year's end, and 24 other automakers will do so soon after.

Not looking to get a new ride? That's fine. Pioneer and Alpine will be releasing compatible systems to add to your current car this summer.

Here are 10 apps already offered on CarPlay.


Apple has started rolling out popular third-party apps to the CarPlay platform. Not everything on an iPhone is made by Apple, and not everything on CarPlay will be either. The popular music streaming service, Spotify, allows users to stream through their favorite songs, playlists and more. With CarPlay, it just takes a simple voice-command, or one quick touch with a finger to change a song or pause a tune. Users can play music by artist, genre, etc. When receiving a call, the music will pause automatically. With more than 10 million subscribers, Spotify is not a bad addition to the platform.


Apple's Podcast app allows users to listen to any of more than hundreds of thousands of free audio and video podcasts. Users can add their favorite podcast to personal stations and automatically be notified when new episodes become available. Apple's iCloud keeps up to date with users subscriptions so it is in sync with all Apple devices. Users can browse through to find new podcasts by topics (art, business, comedy, music, news, sports, etc.) audio, video, popularity and more. Users can stream a podcast or download one while on Wi-Fi to listen to it later when offline. Nothing makes a long boring car ride better like a good podcast.


Texting may be one of the most important features of CarPlay. Why? Well, yes it is illegal to text and drive, but people still tend to do it. According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, texting while driving is six times more likely to cause an auto crash than driving when intoxicated. With the CarPlay's messaging app, users don't need read texts. Siri reads texts to the driver so users keep their eyes on the road. Want to reply to a text? Users simply dictate what they want to write back and Siri will type it and send the message.

Beats Music

With Apple's recent purchase of Beats Electronics, you couldn't expect it to be off the list. Beats Music gives users access to more than 20 million songs and unlike other streaming services, it's completely ad-free. The app is easy to use as users just press play, and suggested music based on their taste will begin playing. The app can create playlists based on how users are feeling, what they're are doing or who they're with. Beats also makes it easier to discover new artists or songs by giving the option of "what's worth checking out."

Apple Maps

This is an extremely important app for the CarPlay platform as we don't expect Google Maps to make an appearance as the app offerings for it grows. Hopefully, with the release of iOS 8 coming this fall, Apple has worked out all the kinks in its navigation software as this will likely be the only option in the CarPlay platform. Apple Maps gives turn-by-turn audio-navigation along with 3-D images of buildings and structures along the route, making it harder to get lost. The app also offers real-time traffic information, alternative routes and calculates an ETA. Of course, everything in Apple Maps on CarPlay responds to voice commands.

MLB At Bat

Likely the first of many sports-related apps to be offered on the CarPlay platform, the At Bat app lets users listen to a range of radio stations covering their favorite Major League Baseball teams. Stream the radio broadcast of local games or games of favorite teams or rivals, even when out of state or across the country. MLB At Bat requires a subscription, which costs $19.99 for a season or $2.99 per month. With partnering automakers set to release CarPlay-compatible cars this fall, could we see an NFL, NHL or NBA app soon? Stay tuned.


It's one of many music-related apps offered in the CarPlay platform.

Using the iOS' Music app, drivers can use voice commands or their car's built-in controls to access iTunes songs, playlists and iTunes Radio. Users just tell Siri what they'd like to hear, and she'll take care of the rest. No more scrolling through an iPhone to pick out a favorite song. Want to buy music from the car? CarPlay can take care of that, too. With the "Now Playing" function exclusive to CarPlay, users can buy albums or tracks they are listening to with the tap of a button.


In what has been dubbed "the best streaming radio app," iHeart Radio gives users access to thousands of AM and FM radio stations from across the country, more than 18 million songs and more than 400,000 artists. The app can create custom stations as well. Just like the other music apps offered on CarPlay, iHeart Radio responds to voice commands, so drivers don't have to scroll through songs, albums or artists to find what they want to hear. Just tell Siri, and the music or station will play. Not a bad app to have while on the road.


Want to make a call while driving?

Just tell Siri, and the car's speakers will become a speaker phone. Drivers can make calls, listen to voicemails, answer their phone or return missed calls all through Siri. When receiving a call, the music will pause automatically. Just like any call, users can choose to take it but have the option to ignore it. This makes for a safer way to dial when behind the wheel.


It's been called a Top 5 News App by Apple and a Top 50 iPhone App by Time Magazine.

This on-demand app lets users listen to more than 25,000 radio shows and podcasts covering news, comedy, sports and talk radio. Again, this is on demand, so users don't need to be by the radio when a show starts. It starts when they get in the car.

Stitcher also suggests new shows and podcasts based on a users' history, making it easy to discover a new favorite. Users can also "stitch" together a playlist of shows for those long drives, and stay in the loop with "breaking news" audio alerts.