10 Cool Cases For The iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus

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Both iPhone 6 models have been out for a couple weeks now, and they've been selling at record numbers.

Many owners of the new devices waited in long lines to get their hands on them.

After all that time, effort and of course money, it is important to protect your investment with a case. But not just any case. Get one you actually like that suits your style.

Here are 10 cool cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Ventev Penna Case

The Penna case by Ventev is 100 percent leather and comes in three styles: black and camel, camel and tan and dark grey and light grey.

The stylish leather casing protects your phone and boasts a fiber interior lining that provides a soft cushion.

Ventev also makes two other cases for the iPhone 6 in the Aria and the Via in addition to other device accessories, such as chargers and screen protectors. The Aria is a solid plastic that comes in different colors with vents to show off the device. The Via is a clear plastic case to protect the phone while still showing it off.

Price: $34.99

Apple Leather Case

This thin leather case designed by Apple is made from premium leather and is specifically for the iPhone 6. It features a thin exterior with a microfiber lining on the interior for added protection. The exterior leather gives it a comfortable feel and luxurious look.

The Apple Leather case fits on the iPhone 6 like a glove and avoids adding any additional bulk to the device.

The case comes in black, brown, blue, red and soft pink.

Price: $45

Speck CandyShell Card Case

You've heard of the Apple Pay feature transforming the iPhone 6 into your digital wallet, but this case will transform the device into your physical wallet as well.

The hard, durable, plastic case has a slot in the back for users to fit their cards and cash. The case is designed to not make the it appear too thick, but includes a slot that fits up to three cards and cash for the user to carry around with the phone. Instead of carrying both your phone and your wallet in your pockets or purse, now you can just carry the phone.

The ’ultra-durable’ case comes in three color combinations.

Price: $45

Otter Box Commuter Series

If you are seriously concerned about scuffing up or seriously damaging your iPhone 6, this is the case for you. It'll take away from the thinness of the device, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

The Otter Box is the maker of some of the most durable cases you can get. Honestly, these cases cases can take a beating, and Otter Box prides itself on being the top-selling casemaker for smartphones in the U.S. and Canada.

The Commuter Series comes in four colors in addition to two different colored wallet-case models to hold your cards and cash in the case.

Price: $40

Spigen Slim Armor Case

This slim, yet durable case, features dual layer protection and is made of a matte polycarbonate material. The case is shock absorbent and has a 0.6mm lip to protect the screen if placed face down on a table.

The case doesn't add bulk, so it doesn't take away from the slim form factor of the iPhone 6, and it is very lightweight.

The case comes in five color combinations, in addition to four models of the same case that offer a slim card slot to hold your credit card or cash.

Price: $19

Monoprice Ultra-Thin Shatter-Proof Case

This is the most affordable case you'll find.

The thin polycarbonate cover will protect the back and sides of the iPhone from nicks, bumps and scratches.

Another cool tidbit about this case is its see-through material, so it has color but you can also see all the details and Apple logo of your iPhone 6 through the case.

The case is shatter-proof, but of course there is a draw back. It won't protect your screen from a big fall. Having said that, the screen on the iPhone 6 is durable and resistant to scratches and daily bumps. Just try to avoid any long drops onto hard surfaces.

Price: $5.60

Incipio Dualpro

The two-piece Dualpro has a hard polycarbonate shell exterior and a soft rubber, impact absorbent interior. This case is slim, light and gets the job done.

The hard shell protects against dings, bumps and big impacts. The soft interior gives it a shock-absorbent quality to team up with the hard exterior and protects against drops on hard surfaces.

The rubber interior layer wraps around the front edges of the phone, protecting the screen when it's face down. The case is easily removable, but you may not ever want to do that.

Price: $29.99

i-Blason Halo Hybrid Clear Case

This is a clear, durable, scratch-resistant case that makes the actual iPhone 6 itself completely viewable even though it is protected in the casing.

The case features an anti-slip coating to make it easier to grip, and front raised edges to protect the screen when placing the device face-down.

The scratch-resistant material makes sure your case always looks nice, while your iPhone 6 remains unharmed.

The affordable case comes in three colors to match the three color options of the iPhone 6.

Price: $20

Love Mei Waterproof Aluminum Gorilla Metal Case

This isn't the thinnest case on our list, but it may be the most protective.

This case is not only durable, but you may have guessed from the name that it's also waterproof. In addition to being safe from a drop in the swimming pool, it is also shockproof and dustproof. Your iPhone 6 will be completely enclosed in a high-quality aluminum casing while your screen is protected with anti-glare tempered glass.

If you plan on going deep-sea diving with your new iPhone 6, this is not the case for you. However, if you use your phone in the rain, it will be fine. If you go to the beach, not a single grain of sand will get in.

Price: $35.99

Case-Mate Brushed Aluminum Case

This sharp looking case will impress your friends with its high-class feel, while also protecting your iPhone 6.

The case is very thin, so it doesn't add any bulk to your thin device. It has a dual layer design for extra protection, and enhanced impact resistance with shock dispersion, so your iPhone 6 will be unscathed from hard falls.

Having said that, your case will look so nice on your phone, you might still be afraid to drop it.

Price: $40

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