Top 10 Apps For The New iPhone 6

Top Apps For iPhone

Were you lucky enough to be gifted the new iPhone over the holidays? Or maybe you just bought it for yourself. Either way, it is important to know that no matter how great the specs and hardware are of any smartphone, a device is only as good as its software. Sure, iOS 8 is great, but what we're talking about here are the apps. Now that you got the phone, you got to get the apps, and Apple has one of the best app ecosystems out there.

Here are 10 of the best apps for the iPhone.


This app is designed to help users get work done.

With Evernote, users can take notes and save them in notebooks they create, then refer back to notes and notebooks and make the changes they want at any time. Evernote also works on iPads and Mac OS X, so users can sync Evernote across devices to always have access to their notes. They also can share their work on Evernote with friends or co-workers by granting them permission to view and/or edit notes, and with the new version of the app, users can chat and share notes all within the app.

Create and check off to-do lists, make travel arrangements, organize bills, receipts and invoices, and turn business cards into digital contacts all within Evernote.

As an added bonus for iPhone 6 Plus users, the Evernote app takes advantage of the device's landscape mode.

Sky Guide

This is a cool and unique app that lets users search for the stars.

Simply by holding up an iPhone to the sky, Sky Guide will display stars, constellations, planets, satellites and more.

If looking for a specific star or constellation, the app will direct a user where in the sky to find them. The app uses impressive illustrations and details to make stargazing with the iPhone entertaining and informative.


Oyster is an e-reader app that brings more than 500,000 titles and new books to a phone. With the app, users can browse through titles on their own, or be recommended one from Oyster's editorial team. Over time, Oyster recognizes reading habits and tastes, and will be able to make recommendations on titles based on that information.

When reading, users can pause to take notes and highlight certain passages right in the app, which is interactive; users can share quotes and passages easily on social media they find within Oyster.

The app adds new books every week to its immense library and already includes thousands of The New York Times best-sellers.


The iMovie app makes it easy to shoot, browse through and edit all your favorite home-made videos. iMovie also makes it easy to share or post videos users already have on the iPhone or ones they just got done editing.

The iPhones are known for having the best cameras of any smartphone, and the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have two of the best on any smartphone today. What better way to complement the top-end video hardware on your phone with one of the best video apps for iOS?


Into social media? Post a lot of pictures online or have them stored in iCloud? Even with photo albums saved on a computer, the Kwilt app brings all the photos together from all different social media accounts, cloud storage, mobile devices and more onto one pane of glass.

Kwilt is so effective, users will find pictures that they lost or forgot about. It's easy to use, easy to set up, easy to browse through and easy to sort. Users can organize and sort all their photos no matter where they came from by time, location, photo stream, album, favorites, name and more. But don't just observe -- edit, crop, enhance, post and share photos all within the app.


Pocket is a unique and useful app, especially for people who are busy and on the go.

Found something interesting you'd like to check out online, but don't have time to look at it? Don't worry about trying to remember to go search for it later and don't bother emailing it to yourself. Just save it in Pocket, and look at it at your leisure.

With the Pocket app, users can save articles, videos, webpages, recipes and more. It doesn't matter if it's on a browser or in a different app, users can still save it in Pocket. What's great about Pocket is that once something is saved in the app, it's automatically on the phone, so there's no need to be online to view what was saved.


Screens is a very useful screen-sharing and VNC client that allows users to control their Macs, Windows, or Linux PCs from anywhere in the world.

Screens will follow all iOS devices that are synced to the iCloud.

This app takes advantage of the new larger screens on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, making it easier to view everything on a desktop PC or laptop. Users can sync multiple desktop or laptop machines to Screens at once.

Yahoo Weather

The Yahoo Weather app is one of the more popular weather apps on iOS today. It takes advantage of the high-resolution display on the iPhones by displaying stunning Flickr photos based on the current local weather, the user's location and the time of day.

The app is more than just a series of aesthetically pleasing photos; it gives accurate five-day and 10-day forecasts.

The app also gives detailed satellite images, details on precipitation, wind, times of sunrise and sunset, and more. Users also can track the same information for other destinations, not just their local area.


Numbers is one of the top spreadsheet apps made for mobile devices. iPhone 6 Plus users enjoy that the app takes advantage of the phone's landscape View, making it easier to work with and easier to view.

Numbers makes it easy to create and share powerful spreadsheets on an iPhone, whether they are graphs, invoices, checklists and more. With the iCloud, users can connect the data and spreadsheets stored in Numbers across all devices.

Of course, users can import Excel files into the Numbers app to work with data and spreadsheets made in the Microsoft software.

Google Maps

Google Maps is the top navigation app in the world, and makes getting to destinations faster and easier than ever before.

Even if you already know of a way to get somewhere, Google Maps may be able to find a faster route because it is always searching for the fastest possible way to reach a destination. When driving, the app takes into account traffic of each route. The app also can be formatted to avoid such things like tolls, highways and traffic.

Google Maps also makes it easy to find local businesses, such as restaurants and much more.