10 Apps To Download On Your New iPad

It's All About The Apps

Whether you were gifted the new iPad Air 2 over the holidays or an older model iPad, it's important to remember that your new hardware is nothing without the software.

You might like the display, you might like the light weight and slim dimensions, and you might like the high-end cameras on the iPads, but without some cool apps, you're not making the most out of Apple's top selling tablets.

Apple's new iPad Air 2 comes packed with some incredible software including Apple Pay, Health, and more on iOS 8, but there are tons of third-party apps that take advantage of some of the iPad's key features, including Touch ID on the new iPad.

Here are 10 apps to help you make the most of your new iPad.


Ever have trouble remembering your password to sites, apps and accounts you need to log into? Here is an app for you. 1Password is an app that stores all your passwords, logins, credit cards, identities and secure notes into a secure vault on your tablet. The best part is, the app supports the new Touch ID feature on the iPad Air 2.

Users can log in to websites without having to remember their passwords, or fill out financial information for purchases or banking purposes. All your information saved in 1Password is secure behind the app's authenticated AES 256-bit encryption, while Touch ID allows for quick and secure access.

Users can sync the app across their devices through the iCloud, Dropbox and Wi-Fi Sync.

Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office platform available on the iPad is the best way to stay productive while on the go.

Users can compose, view, edit and print from the mobile-optimized Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for free.

With OneNote, users can record thoughts into their digital notebook and sync their notes across their devices. Whether you're at home, in the office or anywhere in between, your notes will come with you.

With Lync, users can direct-message each other, as well as have video calls, conference calls and collaborate with each other.

Microsoft Office is the best way to stay productive while on the go, and have access to all your important Office documents you have at work while you're out and about.


Evernote allows users to record all their notes, ideas, images and to-do lists in one place. Users can create and edit notes in various styles. Using the Clipper feature, Evernote lets you "clip" and save items found on the web or other apps and store within your notes.

Users can mark up images and PDFs and seamlessly share them with friends, classmates and coworkers.

Within Evernote, users can chat with other users of the app to discuss and share things they're working on.

Evernote syncs across all devices and takes advantage of the Touch ID feature on the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 to keep all your notes secure.


This powerful image editor gives users all the tools they need to create, edit and enhance images. The app allows users to work seamlessly between their Mac and iPad and takes no effort to work with users of Adobe Photoshop.

With the great displays and cameras that are featured on the new iPads, it makes sense to have Pixelmator as a tool to edit and enhance all your favorite photos.

Pixelmator is specifically designed to take advantage of all the key features of the new iPads and iOS 8. Users can integrate Pixelmator effects right into the Photos app. Pixelmator syncs images to the iCloud so they can be accessed from anywhere on any of your devices. Users can also start composing images on their iPad and continue on their Mac and vice versa, by using the Handoff feature.


Mint is a personal finance app that makes managing your budget and expenses easy and seem like less of a chore.

Simply list your accounts within the Mint app and it will keep all your finances and expenses right in one place, making it easier to view and keep track. Mint will displays details of your spending and financial habits by using charts and graphs. Of course, when it comes to your money security is an important issue and that is why Mint takes advantage of the Touch ID feature on the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, making your financial information safe and secure.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro turns your iPad into a portable scanner, allowing users to scan receipts, white boards, paper notes or any multi-page document, and turns them into digital documents.

Once documents are scanned, they can be emailed, printed, uploaded to Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, or simply saved on your iPad.

The application removes shadows, makes scans sharper and easier to read and corrects perspective to make them as legible as possible.

Once a paper document is scanned, it can be saved as a PDF digital document.

Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is designed specifically for iOS 8 on the iPad.

The app makes it easy to schedule events, set up reminders and view your calendar in a simple, personalized way, keeping you organized.

Easily set dates and times for specific events and alerts to remind you of the event. The app features an impressive dictation commands function, allowing users to verbally say the name, date and time of your event, and Fantastical 2 will take care of the rest. Say you want to be reminded of the event, and the app will set up a reminder alert.

With multiple calendar views, options and location maps, Fantastical 2 makes it easy to be organized.

Adobe Photoshop Mix

Photoshop Mix combines the effective tools of Adobe Photoshop with the ease of use of an iOS app. Users can enhance photos, make selections, cut out and mix images, add filters and more. Sharing your work has become even easier as you can share images on Instagram or Facebook - all within the app. Creative Cloud connectivity gives users the option of opening files from Lightroom, Photoshop Sketch, Illustrator Line, and Illustrator Draw. Only on the iPad, users can use the app's smart crop technology to auto crop images with non-destructive cropping boundaries.

Fodor's City Guides

The award-winning travel app has been updated from last year's model with more destinations and both speed and performance improvements.

The Fodor's City Guides app simplifies travel planning with expert advice, discounts on attractions, hotel bookings and tours. The app's local experts use every recommendation to ensure users make the most of their time on a trip.

Users can book a hotel, make a reservation at a restaurant, set up a guided tour or get tickets to a show all from within the app.

Within the app, users also can see images of attractions and city maps to discover what's close by, and search for what kind of booking deals are available.


Numbers for iOS allows users to create great looking spreadsheets for budgets, checklists, invoices, mortgage calculations and more. Users can choose from over 30 Apple-designed templates and from over 250 functions. Numbers on the iPad allows users to easily edit their spreadsheets with the touch of their fingers.

All spreadsheets are synced across all your devices via the iCloud, and are easy to share by using the share options within the app.

Users can import existing spreadsheets from other apps, including Microsoft Excel.

Users can create and place tables, charts, text and images anywhere on the free-form canvas. You can even insert photos and videos with the Media Browser.