CES 2015: 25 Hot Products From Opening Night

It Has Begun

CES 2015 kicked off on Sunday night with its Unveiled event, where hundreds of vendors showed off their latest gizmos and gadgets.

These latest devices spanned the fields of home automation, wearables, the Internet of Things and much more.

A majority of these tech products have yet to hit the market, but the beauty that is CES allows for media members and tech analysts to get a sneak peek at what might be the next big thing.

Here are 25 products that caught our eye on the opening night of CES 2015.


Mira is a fitness band designed for women. The band is stylish enough to wear to a formal event or be sported at the office or gym.

Mira counts a user's steps, calories and more and syncs to the Mira app that runs on iOS, with Android compatibility coming later this year.

The Mira app gives users personalized motivation based on recent activity, and gives helpful tips and words of encouragement along the way.

The dark emblem that tracks activity on the bracelet is removable but can be kept in a pocket to continue to track movement.

Mira also works with a user's busy schedule by helping coordinate times for quick workouts.


Set for release in March, Ring is a device that does a plethora of things but with simple easy motions. When wearing the Ring, users can do anything from turning on and off their TV or light switch or opening and closing curtains all with the flick of a finger, as long as they are connected to the Ring Home Automation system,.

The device will feed the command from the motion to the Ring Hub and send it to the devices in the home automation network. Users can point and flick at their air conditioner to turn it on or off, and do the same to their door to lock it.


Welcome by Netatmo is a smart camera with facial recognition technology. When the camera sees that someone has entered a user's house, it will send a push notification to the user's phone that the specific person has entered. When the camera does not recognize someone who has entered a home, it will send a notification saying a stranger is inside with that person’s picture. Welcome, which is set to be released next quarter, can also send a live feed of the home to a user’s mobile device via the Welcome app.

Cobra Drive HD Dash Cam

Cobra has a line of different recording cameras for a car's dashboard. The cameras automatically record a constant view of the road in super-high resolution. If a user gets in an accident while driving, the video footage locks, and won’t allow a user to record over it. If the car is bumped when the user is not present in the vehicle, the cameras will automatically turn on and start recording. The CDR840 camera has a built-in GPS and records a user's speed along with location in addition to HD video. The CDR900 camera can record and stream to a user's mobile device.

Alarm.com Smart Thermostat

The Smart Thermostat from alarm.com is part of the company’s home automation and security platform. With sensors planted in individual rooms, the smart thermostat knows when a user is present or not present in each room and adjusts temperatures accordingly. By connecting to the security system, the smart thermostat knows when there is no one home, and can automatically turn down temperatures if needed. The device is slated to hit the market within the first half of this year.


Ecovent is a room-by-room zoning system that controls temperatures in each individual room with its installed smart vents. The vents are connected to the outlet sensors that measure the temperature and humidity in those rooms and make adjustments based on the data given from the sensors. Users can control the Ecovent through the Ecovent app for iOS and Android.

Covent can work with Wi-Fi and smart thermostats including Nest. The platform will begin shipping in August.


OneLink is a platform for home security in addition to fitness. The company offers alarms that sense smoke and carbon levels in a house and will send emergency push notifications to a user's smartphone via Wi-Fi no matter where the user is. OneLink’s platform includes a videocamera that also has sensors for smoke and carbon levels. The camera can also send a live stream video feed to a user’s mobile device no matter where they are. To correlate with the company’s security theme, the OneLink fitness band has some safety features built-in. After inputting emergency contact numbers, a user can hit the emergency button when they feel in danger, and their contact(s) will receive the emergency text and location.


Twenty by Griffin is a digital audio amplifier that connects to smartphones, televisions, computers and existing speakers. The device offers 20 watts per channel and streams audio via Bluetooth. Twenty easily syncs with iOS and Android mobile devices, and once it is initially recognized by the phones or tablets, it automatically syncs going forward. The device gives a boost to sound with its subwoofer output and Class D stereo amplifier.

Narrative Clip 2

The Narrative Clip 2 is a wearable camera that is extremely small and is constantly working. Users can clip the tiny device onto their shirt or anywhere else, and it will take two photos a minute for 30 hours automatically. Once done with it, users can go through all the pictures captured in the device’s iPhone and Android app. In the app, users can organize the photos and share the ones they like on social media or anywhere else directly from the app. The device has not yet been released but starts shipping this year.


The UbiDuo from sComm makes advancements for face-to-face communication for the hearing-impaired. The device is two separate keyboards with a small colored digital screen at the top of the keys. When the two keyboards are connected, users can sit and write to each other directly and read the other's messages in real time. Users can connect their UbiDuo keyboards to each other from up to 300 feet away with a proprietary networking protocol.

Withings Activite Pop

This elegant smartwatch counts steps, tracks calories and is completely waterproof as it can track swim workouts.

Users can track their activity on the Health Mate app for iOS and Android. The Activite Pop looks like a regular casual watch, but is actually a high-end fitness smartwatch, but what is a real eyebrow-raiser is that the device’s battery life lasts for up to eight months. The Activite Pop uses silicon-based wrist bands for the watch and comes in an assortment of colors that can match the watch face.

Brio Outlet And Home Safety System

The Brio Outlet is an electrical outlet that can be installed in the walls of a user's home to make a safer residence.

Unlike regular electrical outlets, the Brio outlet will not electrocute a child for sticking their fingers in the outlet or sticking a piece of metal in there. The outlet can sense when a plug is inserted into the outlet to draw electricity and when something else is there.

Brio also offers a platform of home safety ’tokens’ that are installed around the home. These wireless tokens detect carbon monoxide, smoke and water. When the sensors detect dangerous levels, the token sends a notification to user's mobile device and sounds an in-room alarm.

eGeeTouch Smartlock

The Smartlock by eGeeTouch can be installed on suitcases, briefcases and also come as padlocks and combination locks. The locks use NFC technology to be unlocked. Users can simply swipe their phones over the locks to unlock them. The smartlocks by eGeeTouch will be released in the second quarter of this year. Most recently, eGeeTouch has announced miniature versions of its Smartlocks to be installed on smaller bags or smaller cases that need locks.

Da Vinci Jr.

The Da Vinci Jr. from XYZ Printing is the company’s most consumer-focused 3-D printer to date. The printer scans an object and then creates an extremely detailed and smooth model of it. After scanning an object, users can edit the scan on their PC or Mac before it is sent to print the model. XYZ Printing has made the process of scanning, editing and printing easier than ever.

Sengled Smart Light Bulbs

Sengled showed off its family of smart light bulbs for connected homes. Its Pulse light bulb has a JBL speaker built in that can be used to play music from an iOS or Android app. The Pulse bulbs screw into any standard light socket and can network with up to eight other Pulse speaker bulbs.

Sengled also showed off a Snap IP camera bulb, which can also function as a rudimentary home security system. Another Boost lightbulb, as its name suggests, doubles as a Wi-Fi repeater.

InBody Smartwatch

InBody is introducing a smartwatch called InBody Bend that claims to measure body fat percentage while keeping track of heart rate. It also acts as a pedometer, reports how many calories a user has burned each day, and tells the time. The smartwatch wearable will go seven to eight days between charges, the company said.

The company calls its watch a "wearable body composition analyzer" and says the watch will be available this March in the U.S. market.

Westinghouse Curved HD Monitor

Add Westinghouse to the list of curved monitors populating CES this year. Its entry is an impressive 34-inch curved design that sports 3K resolution, along with HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.2 and DVI ports. Westinghouse says the monitor will be available in April.

Amaryllo Security Cam

Amaryllo is introducing its iCamPro softball-size security camera that has some nifty features such as a follow-me motion detection camera and night vision. But the stand-out feature on this HD security camera is the integration of a heat sensors that can detect warm-blooded creatures that might be lurking out of the motion detection range.

ICamPro representatives say security camera includes 15 GB of cloud storage, supports remote camera access, and will be available this May.

ThinkWare Dash Cams

Capturing car accidents and earth-bound comets is no longer the exclusive province of Russian motorists whose videos serve up hours of YouTube enjoyment. Enter ThinkWare and its line of car dashboard-mounted continuous capture cameras. The company is introducing four ThinkWare Dash Cam cameras.

ThinkWare's Dash Cam cameras each capture either HD 720p or HD 1,080p 30 fps video. Storage is only limited by the SD Card a user has to supply. Company representatives said a 16-GB SD Card can hold two hours of video. After the dash cam reaches its storage capacity, it begins to overwrite itself.

Zepp Sport Sensor

Sport sensor firm Zepp showed off its baseball, golf and tennis sensor that each promises to improve a user's game. The sensors, which include a gyroscope, two accelerometers and a compass, attaches to either the bottom of a bat, golf glove or the bottom of a tennis racket. Next, the Zepp sensor tracks movements so users can later analyze tehir swing using either an iOS or Android app.

The company says it hasendorsements from pro golfer Keegan Bradley, MLB slugger Hunter Pence and David "Big Papi" Ortiz.

Blue Spark Technologies Disposable Heat Monitor

Blue Spark Technologies hopes to help worried parent keep tabs on a sick infant's temperature with a disposable heat monitor. The TempTraq monitor is a small battery-powered adhesive pad that is placed below the armpit and monitors body temperature and sends the information to a nearby iOS device.

Blue Spark representatives say they are waiting for FDA approval before they can start selling the product. But the company said it's priced "reasonably" so worried parents of sick kids can easily afford to monitor their child's temperature without breaking the family diaper budget. Each adhesive lasts for 24 hours broadcasting body heat information every 10 seconds.

Ozbobot Bit Robots

These adorable 1x1x1-inch Ozobot Bit robots are the world's smallest smartest programmable robots, according to the company. The cute robots are designed to at first follow drawn lines on paper or a tablet. But that's just for starters, says the company. Robots can be programmed to change colors based on the color of the line they are following and much more. The robots also come out of the box compatible with strategy games that pit one Ozobot against another.

SuperTooth Multiroom System

SuperTooth hopes to give high-end wireless speaker firm Sonos a run for its money with its own system called Multiroom System. The systems use any Bluetooth device to stream music to its base station. The base station then uses a proprietary radio frequency to pipe the music to two satellite speakers up to 164 feet away.

Drone Mobile

Drone Mobile showed off its smart car tech security system, which goes by the same name that supports remote car start, locking, and GPS tracking using a smartphone app. The company says its Drone Mobile technology is superior to its biggest competitors because it is working directly with Verizon for the communication piece of the solution.

MyFox Security System

MyFox sells a DIY security system for door and window sensors that are tied to an alarm. The system also links to a mobile app that can give users the ability to watch over their house remotely and turn off and on the system via the app. Users can also buy asecurity camera that gives them a live look at what's going in in the house at any time.

But things get really cool when users tie the MyFox security camera with cloud storage (sold by MyFox) that will constantly record and store seven days of video footage in the cloud. That allows user to use the MyFox app like a DVR.