IDC: Top 5 Vendors In Worldwide Q4 PC Shipments

Bucking The Trend

Although the worldwide market for PC shipments dropped 2.4 percent in the fourth quarter, some vendors continued to see growth, according to preliminary figures released Monday by research firm IDC.

According to IDC analysts, PC shipments in the U.S. and Europe regions led the way compared with other regions. Five vendors were responsible for up to 83 percent of shipments in the U.S. Other vendors experienced a 20 percent decrease in total fourth-quarter PC shipment levels from last year.

Here are the top five vendors in PC shipments in the fourth quarter.

5. Apple

Apple totaled 5.7 million units shipped during the fourth quarter, for a 7.1 percent market share of the overall market.

This represents a 19 percent increase from the fourth quarter of 2013, when the company shipped 4.8 million PCs and held a 5.8 percent market share.

According to IDC, the company's recent price cuts, steady growth and improved sales in mature markets contributed to the increase.

4. Acer Group

Acer Group shipped 6.2 million PCs in the fourth quarter, for a 7.7 percent market share of the total PC market.

Those numbers are up 3.2 percent from last year, when Acer Group shipped 6.0 million PCs for a 7.3 percent market share.

IDC analysts noted that Acer Group saw some success after a low volume of shipments in 2013. The company also reaped the benefits from the success of its entry-level notebooks and Chromebooks.

3. Dell

Dell's fourth-quarter PC shipments were up 8.5 percent vs. last year's quarter, at 10.8 million. Last year, the company shipped 10 million PCs in the fourth quarter.

The company holds 13.5 percent market share in the worldwide PC industry, also up from last year's 2.1 percent.

IDC noted that Dell's 8.5 percent increase was due mostly to its strong performance in the notebook category in the U.S. and the Asia-Pacific region. According to IDC, the increase in the Asia-Pacific region helped to offset slowing growth in other areas of the world, including the U.S. and Europe.

2. Hewlett-Packard

Hewlett-Packard experienced strong growth in its fourth-quarter worldwide PC shipments in 2014. The company shipped 15.8 million PCs, up 15 percent from last year's 13.8 million. HP held a 19.7 percent market share for the 2014 fourth quarter, higher than the 2013 share of 16.7 percent.

IDC analysts said HP had an especially strong quarter in the U.S., which was the "key driver" of the company's success. The company also gained some volume for public projects in the Asia-Pacific region and Africa.

1. Lenovo

Lenovo topped the list of vendors in IDC's report, shipping 16.0 million PCs in the fourth quarter. That represents a 4.9 percent increase from last year's total of 15.2 million units.

Lenovo's market sharewas 19.9 percent in fourth quarter vs. last year's 18.5 percent.

According to IDC, Lenovo's success came from expanding channels and capturing consumer demand, particularly in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.