Buying An iPhone 6s? Here Are 10 Hot Trade-In Programs

iPhone Trade-In Programs

Just a week ago, Apple unveiled slicker and quicker iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models, incenting older iPhone users to begin thinking about upgrading their phones in the holiday season.

Apple started taking preorders for its newest smartphones, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, over the weekend. While the Cupertino, Calif.-based company has not released specific numbers, an Apple spokesperson said that the company is on pace to surpass the initial preorder weekend sales from last year.

Instead of throwing away their older iPhones, users can now trade in their phones and save some money on a new iPhone 6s, either through their wireless service companies or through retail store programs. Following are 10 trade-in programs to consider for the iPhone 6s.

1. Verizon

Verizon recently unveiled a trade-in plan for current iPhone users hoping to switch to the new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus.

This plan allows customers to take advantage of up to $400 of trade-in savings, which they can use to cut back on monthly installments of new iPhone 6s devices.

According to Verizon, the company will pay trade-in customers $100 for an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s, $200 for an iPhone 5 or 5c, $300 for an iPhone 5s, $350 for an iPhone 6 and $400 for an iPhone 6 Plus.

This promotion began Sept. 12 and will continue until Oct. 15. Without a trade-in, Verizon is selling the iPhone 6s for an installment of $27 per month for a period of two years.

2. Gazelle

Gazelle, an e-commerce company that lets smartphone users sell used electronic devices, has trade-in programs for iPads, iPhones, iPods and other Apple products.

Gazelle offers rebates for iPhones with plans from carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon in addition to unlocked smartphones. For an unlocked iPhone 4s, users can get $30 (Gazelle does not offer any money for most iPhone 4 models). For an unlocked 16-GB iPhone 5, the company offers $95, while for an unlocked 16-GB iPhone 5c it offers $75.

For an unlocked 16-GB iPhone 6, users can get up to $320, and for an unlocked 16-GB iPhone 6 Plus they can get $345.

3. NextWorth

NextWorth, an electronics trade-in and recycling service, threw its hat into the ring for new iPhone trade-in opportunities, offering cash in lieu of used iPhones.

For the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, NextWorth offers up to $25 and $65, respectively, while the company offers $122 for the iPhone 5 and $180 for the iPhone 5s. Meanwhile, for the iPhone 6, NextWorth offers up to $360, and up to $400 for the iPhone 6 Plus. Customers can trade in their devices online or in one of NextWorth’s partner stores, such as Target, FredMeyer and Meijer.

Users can get a quote for their smartphones on NextWorth's website, ship their devices for free and receive payments within a week through payment methods such as PayPal, a check, NextWorth Discover prepaid card or a Target gift card.

4. Amazon

Amazon has its own iPhone trade-in program, offering cash back for used Apple models iPhone 6, iPhone 5c and iPhone 4.

The Seattle-based company will offer up to $386.45 for an unlocked 16-GB Apple iPhone 6; up to $168 for an unlocked 16-GB iPhone 5; and $155 for an unlocked 16-GB iPhone 5c. For older models like the 8-GB Verizon iPhone 4, Amazon will pay $14.06.

Customers can access Amazon's trade-in program on the company's website.

5. AT&T

AT&T's Summer Buyback plan allows users to trade in their iPhones and pay back for their smartphone in 12, 18 or 24 months.

The program offers up to $300 in promotional credit with a device trade-in that can be used toward purchases of AT&T products and services, either in-store or on AT&T's website. That credit breaks down to $100 in the customer's account and a $200 instant credit or AT&T promotion card.

Customers can discover the value of their devices on AT&T's website, send in their smartphones, and receive the credit via a mailed promotion card or by visiting a local AT&T store.

6. Sprint

Sprint's buyback program offers trade-in money for certain models of Apple's iPhones. Sprint will buy back most models of the iPhone from various carriers, such as AT&T, Boost, T-Mobile and Verizon.

Prices for devices range based on the iPhone model and carrier. For an AT&T 16-GB iPhone 5, customers will get $55, and for a generic 16-GB iPhone 4 they will receive $15. For a generic 16-GB iPhone 5s, customers are eligible to receive $115, and for a 16-GB iPhone 6 Plus from carrier Boost they are eligible to receive up to $350.

Customers can get an instant quote online for their devices and then send their devices to Sprint. Once the carrier receives the device, customers will receive the credit in their account.

7. T-Mobile

T-Mobile's iPhone trade-in program allows users to order a new device, trade in their current device and then submit their final bill with the service company covering switching costs.

For a working 16-GB iPhone 6, T-Mobile offers up to $310, and for a functioning 16-GB iPhone 6 Plus, the company offers up to $330. Meanwhile, for a functioning 16-GB iPhone 5 from either AT&T or Verizon, T-Mobile will reimburse users up to $100.

In addition, T-Mobile offers to pay the difference if users find a better trade-in value from AT&T, Verizon or Sprint, as well as trade in more than five devices at one time.

8. Walmart

Walmart's iPhone exchange program, called Gadgets to Gift Cards, applies to various Apple models, offering gift card credit in exchange for phones from various carriers.

A working 16-GB iPhone 5s from AT&T, for instance, is appraised at $123.75, while a functional 16-GB iPhone 5c from AT&T is appraised at $45.38. A 16-GB working iPhone 6 from AT&T is appraised at $257.81.

Walmart will also take other models, such as the iPhone 6 Plus, the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4. Customers can get their quotes on Walmart's website.

9. iCracked

iCracked's trade-in program allows users to select the device they want to sell online and then connect with their local iCracked certified service representative. Users can then exchange the unwanted device for a prepaid debit card they can use.

iCracked will take various iPhone models including the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

For a 16-GB iPhone 5, for instance, iCracked offers $50 through its mail-in service, or $25 through its express service for meeting with a representative. For a grey 16-GB iPhone 6, the company will offer up to $270 through the mail-in service.

10. Best Buy

Best Buy's trade-in program offers credit in the form of gift cards for iPhone models of different generations and various carriers.

For a 16-GB iPhone 6, the company offers up to $355, while for a 16-GB iPhone 6 Plus it offers $365. Meanwhile, for a 16-GB iPhone 5s, Best Buy offers $155, and for a 16-GB iPhone 5 the retail store offers $102.

Best Buy's trade-in program also extends beyond the iPhone to iPads, iPods, laptops and gaming hardware.