10 Apps To Download For Your New iPhone 6s

Awesome New Apps

Did you get Apple's new iPhone 6s as a holiday gift this season? If so, it's the perfect time to deck out your new phone with some of the snazzy apps from Apple's App Store.

Apps are the crux of Apple's products, making individual iPhones personalized, whether the users are athletes and want to use fitness-tracking apps like FitStar Personal Trainer, or if they're graphic artists who love the photography-savvy uses of such apps as Instagram.

As the year draws to a close, CRN has compiled a list of some of the more interesting and innovative apps for the iPhone 6s for everything from scheduling to security.


Does your inbox constantly overflow with emails? Instead of stressing about it, download Spark, the free smart inbox that automatically categorizes various types of messages. For example, the app will group important emails or newsletter emails.

Spark also contains features that facilitate mailbox organization, such as quick replies, which lets users reply to a message with just a short tap, as well as smart search to sift through emails and in a unified inbox to see all your important emails at a glance.


Whether you have a family member visiting abroad or need to communicate with a coworker headquartered in a different country, WhatsApp is the best app for messaging without international charges.

WhatsApp uses a phone Internet connection to message and call family and friends, allowing users to send and receive photos, videos, and voice messages, as well as communicate via group chat. WhatsApp is free for the first year — after that, the company charges 99 cents annually to use the service.


Evernote is another handy organizational app that allows users to sync notes, checklists and research between their iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. Evernote allows users to write and organize notes, share them, and create agendas and action items, and present ideas without creating a slide deck.

The app is free, although a $5.99 monthly premium version unlocks more productivity features, such as more space, better search tools and offline access.


Traveling can be one of the more stressful parts of living in a new city, especially if you're unfamiliar with its subway or bus system.

Luckily, CityMapper aims to ease this stress by organizing and streamlining schedules for different modes of transportation in cities, including subway, bus, ferry, bike, and even Uber. CityMapper collects real-time departures, transit maps, line status and real-time disruption alerts to organize traveling schedules, all at no cost.

CityMapper is compatible with most major U.S. cities, including New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Chicago.


What were you doing exactly one year ago today? Sometimes, it's fun to get small blasts from the past.

TimeHop does just this by bringing together old photos and posts from your iPhone, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms to replay your past one day at a time. This fun, free app works on iOS 8 and later.


TripIt, a travel organizing app that creates a master schedule for every trip, brings your itinerary right into your pocket. This app takes travel bookings and automatically streamlines flight, hotel, car rental and other travel confirmations to create a master itinerary that can be accessed anytime on any device. You can also use this handy, free app to share travel plans with friends and family. While TripIt is free, the ad-free version of the app is also available for 99 cents.


DropBox is a great tool for transferring photos, documents, videos, and other files easily between various devices and sharing them with others. This tool lets you back up files and transfer them easily between the iPhone and the iPad.

In DropBox, users can create and edit Microsoft Office files from their iPhones, back up photos, share links to their largest files without using email attachments, and access files offline. DropBox is free and available in iTunes.


Shazam is used to identify music and discover song lyrics. If you're listening to a song on the radio and want to know what it's called and who sings it, all you have to do is record the song on the app and Shazam will tell you the title and artist.

Shazam also allows users to preview songs on Apple Music and add them to Spotify playlists, launch Pandora radio based on discovered artists, and find out what songs are popular in certain cities and countries.


If you have ever forgotten a password or had to reuse passwords, AgileBits' 1Password is a great tool.

This free app creates strong, unique passwords for different sites, remembers them for you, and logs you in with a single tap. The app vault is protected by a master password that only the user knows, as well as data encryption, Touch ID, and auto-lock features for further protection.


Named by Apple a "Best Of App Store" top pick in 2015, Twitter's app Periscope is a social networking tool that enables users to broadcast live videos to the world.

This free app allows users to "explore the world through someone else's eyes" so followers can view and comment on one another's videos. Periscope can be used to broadcast daily activities or livestream live events or presentations. When the broadcast is over, users can make it available to replay or post it to Twitter.