Last Minute Gift Guide: 10 Tablet Cases For Popular Tablets

Protect That Device

Tablets are one of the best gifts a techie can get. Portable, lightweight and just plain fun, these computers are some of the most popular, multi-functional tech toys for a gearhead.

But nothing is worse than getting the perfect new device and accidentally damaging it due to a silly accident during your day-to-day errands.

That’s where a quality case comes in. But after putting the time and effort into picking the actual device, it may be a bit too much to want to start the search for the perfect case.

So, to save you the pain of looking for some of this year's best cases, (which may save you from the frustration of a busted tablet) we have put together a list of great cases for each of the top-selling tablet brands of the year.

So read on to see which cases were chosen for Apple, Samsung, Asus, Google and Microsoft tablets.

Urban Armor Gear SCOUT

Tablet: Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The Urban Armor Gear brand makes cases for the whole Surface family as well as a bunch of other tablets, laptops and phones. However, one of its latest products, the SCOUT case for Microsoft's new Surface Pro 4 is a heavy hitter that will protect your new tablet from nearly everything.

The case exterior is made of Impact-resistant soft-core non-slip grip material that includes a built-in storage area for the Microsoft pen, and yes, the area is magnetic.

The cover goes over the Surface's kickstand and includes an external kickstand with five locked positions and can also be used to view portraits.

The case meets military drop-test standards when used with the Microsoft Type Cover Keyboard without impeding access to any of the Surface's ports, buttons or audio functions.

The case comes in black, blue and red and costs $69.95.

Maroo Black Tactical Folio

Tablets: Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4

If UAG's case doesn’t look like what you’re looking for, Maroo's black Tactical Folio might be right in your wheelhouse.

A bit more stylish than other, more industrial-looking cases, the Black Tactical Folio is made from black diamond-grip and rip-stop nylon material lined with a microfiber interior that will keep your new tablet protected and scratch-free inside its case.

The case features an integrated sleeve for the Microsoft pen and keeps the hardware safe with Maroo's patented SG bumper technology.

The folding front cover works seamlessly with the Surface Microsoft Type Cover, and a fitted, flexible backing allows the tablet's kickstand to work even while inside its case.

Maroo has other cases available for the Surface and other tablets that range in color, but this model comes only in black and costs $49.95.

Fintie Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Folio Case

Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7

Samsung's Galaxy Tab tablet is one of the most popular devices out there. But, unlike the Surface and some of its other competitors, it doesn’t come with a keyboard or kickstand. Why not add them?

The Fintie Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Keyboard case comes with a lightweight, hard-shell, removable Bluetooth keyboard with a 10-meter range. The cover is made of a faux-leather material and has an adjustable kickstand on the back that will hold the tablet, like a laptop, in landscape mode.

The case also comes with a smart holder for a stylus or pen and is available in 24 different colors and patterns, all for $49.99.

ProCase - Leather Stand folio Case

Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

This full leather folio case is made specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 and will fit it perfectly with exact measurements and cutouts to enable access to all of the tablet's controls and features while it’s in the case.

Its professional look and clean composition make this case a great fit for the office.

With a magnetic closure system, the cover of this case will automatically put your tablet into sleep mode when it’s closed and wake it when it’s opened.

ProCase's folio comes with a built-in stand feature that will allow the tablet to be supported in landscape when in use.

This case also comes with a ProCase Stylus pen, is available in red, brown and black, and priced at around $20.

ASUS Zen Pad S8.0 TriCover

Tablet: ASUS ZenPad S8.0

Simplicity is sometimes the best way to go, and ASUS certainly seems to think that way when it comes to tablet cases.

The protective cover ASUS makes for its own ZenPad is just about as personalized to your device as you can get. And, because it comes from the same company that made the tablet, you can be sure the case will not only fit, but fit perfectly.

This case is made from a polyurethane top cover and interior to shield the tablet from everyday bumps and scratches that would otherwise accumulate on the tablet itself.

The screen-cover design, which is sectioned off into three pliable sections, can be rolled to prop up your new tablet in a low or high angle to make it even easier to view in landscape.

The cover comes in black, blue and white and costs $17.99.

Gumdrop Tech Series

Tablet: Asus Pad Smart 10"

Kids and tech have great potential together. Unfortunately, that potential is sometimes the potential for disaster.

With Gumdrop's Tech Series cases, made for a number of tablets including those made by Apple, Samsung, Chromebook, Dell, Google, HP, HTC, Kindle, Surface and Acer, your tablet will look fun and be safe.

This case, which protects your tablet from falls with a reinforced rubber bumper, has a dual material construction and comes with both screen and port covers to keep unwanted particles out.

The case also comes with an integrated screen cover that protects it while in use, and a kickstand that props up the tablet in landscape mode to make streaming TV and movies a much more enjoyable experience.

This cover comes in black and orange and costs $39.95.

Portenzo Nexus 7 And Nexus 9 Case In Alano Leather

Tablet: Google Nexus 7 and Nexus 9

Portenzo makes personalized cases for a number of tablet manufacturers like Apple and Google.

These covers - although a little pricey for many - create a personal and astonishingly beautiful holder for your tablet, making it look as if it was bound by the same folks who bound the 19th century classic literature.

All of these covers are made by hand from full-grain Alano leather with a hand-stitched Birch frame in St. Louis. And protect your device with an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind design.

The Alano collection comes in seven different color patterns. Cases start at $134.95.

Roocase Executive Portfolio Leather Case

Tablet: Google Nexus 9, 8.9"

The Roocase Executive leather portfolio case is a great cover for the business pro who doesn’t like to be slowed down by the weight of a full-size laptop and enjoys the convenience of a tablet on flights or on a trade show floor.

This case comes in two parts. It contains an outside, zipper-close folder that holds the tablet loose inside where there is space for cards, pens and other accessories such as the included stylus.

The detachable inner sleeve that holds the tablet works independently as a case and has a back-mounted hand strap, a small foldout stand and can be used with the portfolio case for a higher angle that makes viewing better for both landscape and portfolio configurations.

The Roocase portfolio comes in black, pink and red and costs $30.99.

Mosiso - Classic Vintage Retro Book Style Case

Tablet: iPad Air 2

Many other tablet covers made from leather and shaped to look like expensive, hand-crafted books also come with matching price tags, with costs much higher than those of equally practical, albeit less-luxurious cases.

But, for this case, Mosiso has made something that’s both opulent-looking, without breaking the bank, and currently on sale for $19.99 on

This case is made from a bi-cast leather, which is both lightweight and durable, allowing access to all of the tablet's features while stowed away safely in the case.

The cover includes a magnetic strip that activates the computer when opened, and puts it to sleep when closed. When opened, the back cover can be used as a stand to prop up the tablet in landscape mode to make viewing TV shows and movies more enjoyable.

This case is only available in brown, but other, nearly identical cases come in a number of colors including black, pink, blue and purple.

Rotata Folio Case For iPad Mini

Tablet: iPad Mini

Although other, similar cases are available for other iPad products from Rotata, this case works seamlessly with the iPad Mini, offering a 360-degree rotation system that allows its kickstand to work in either a horizontal or vertical mode.

The case itself is a soft case lined with a micro suede material that protects the iPad from scratches while allowing full access to all of the iPad's buttons, jacks and ports.

This case comes in a variety of colors and designs and is available from Adaro Products for $29.99.