30 Insane Products From The 'CES Unveiled' Show Floor

Live From The Show Floor

The Consumer Electronics Show kicked off Monday night in Las Vegas with "CES Unveiled," where companies showcased their newest technology products.

This year's "Unveiled" show had an eclectic range of wearables, drones, Internet of Things products and robotic devices. From the new 700-gram Parrot Disco drone, which can whiz through the air at up to 50 mph, to the high-fashion wearable Helix Cuff, the first wearable to contain extractable headphones, the first night of CES was chock-full of exciting new products.

Following are 30 technology products from the first night of CES that made a mark on the show floor. (Check out more coverage from CES 2016, including the coolest tablets, smartphones, laptops and wearables.)

Ziro By ZeroUI

ZeroUI showed off Ziro, a modular robotics kit made up of individual mechanized motor modules that can be controlled wirelessly by a smart glove. Basically, users can construct their own robots out of any materials they have available, or with Cupertino, Calif.-based ZeroUI's premade starter kits, and attach the Ziro modules to control their creations remotely with the Bluetooth-enabled smart glove.

Ziro will launch as an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign later in January, and will sell at $149 for a kit that includes two motors and an array of robot parts. The retail versions of Ziro will launch later in the year.

TempTraq By Blue Spark

Blue Spark Technologies, Westlake, Ohio, unveiled TempTraq, a Bluetooth wearable thermometer that allows parents to keep a close watch on a child's temperature without having to continuously disturb him or her.

This product is a thin, flexible patch thermometer that can be attached to the underarm of a child. It then sends temperature data to the TempTraq app, which is iOS- and Android-compatible. Once parents receive temperature data, they can easily share that data with doctors or family members. Using the app, parents can also keep track of when their children eat, drink or take medicine.

The TempTraq thermometer is pending FDA approval. The product will be available in the near future in 2016, and pricing is not yet available.

Parrot Disco

Paris-based Parrot's latest drone, the 700-gram Parrot Disco, is a fixed-wing drone with automatic takeoff capabilities. This machine, which resembles an airplane, can fly up to 45 minutes and reach speeds of almost 50 mph. The Wi-Fi-enabled drone features a 1080p 14-megapixel camera, as well as a gyroscope and an accelerometer.

Parrot Disco is still in the prototype stages, but Parrot said it plans to launch the drone by the end of 2016 at an undisclosed price.

Parrot also showed off its Bluetooth-enabled robotic plant pot, Parrot Pot, which was unveiled at CES last year as a prototype. This product will launch in the first quarter of 2016 for $99.

DigiPen By Stabilo

Stabilo, a writing instrument manufacturer based in Heroldsberg, Germany, debuted DigiPen, a digital writing tool that combines analog and digital media.

This pen transforms handwriting into clear text that can be read by tablets, smartphones or PCs. The DigiPen includes sensors for writing pressure, acceleration, rotation rates and magnetic fields to measure the position and movement of the user's handwriting.

The DigiPen can translate handwritten texts into documents that can then be saved and edited. Unlike other digital writing tools, the DigiPen does not require a special surface to write on. This product contains a 400 mAh rechargeable battery and Bluetooth low energy, as well as a USB connection to exchange data with any BLE-compatible device.

Phantom And Inspire 1 Drones By DJI

DJI, a popular drone manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China, showed off two new versions of its drones at CES. The company upgraded its Phantom drone line to add the Phantom 3 4K. This new product contains a 4-K camera and relies on Wi-Fi, which means that users get a 480p image and can fly their drones for a maximum range of about three-fourths of a mile. The company released a black version of the Inspire 1 Pro, which contains a 16-megapixel camera and dedicated remote, and costs $4,499.

The Phantom 3 4K costs $999, and is available to order directly from DJI and through authorized resellers.

Helix Cuff By Ashley Chloe

Ashley Chloe, based in San Francisco, launched its flagship device, Helix Cuff, a high-fashion digital wearable device, at CES. This fashion wearable's strongest feature is its extractable Bluetooth headphones, which fold seamlessly into the bracelet and are powered by Qualcomm and aptX technology to provide high-quality stereo audio.

Helix Cuff, originally funded through Kickstarter, is available in six colors, including black, white and a 24-karat gold edition in bright red. The product is available for preorder on Ashely Chloe's website and starts shipping in spring 2016. The 14-karat gold edition is available for $299, while a regular Helix Cuff costs $169.

New 3-D Printers From XYZprinting

3-D printer manufacturer XYZprinting, an NKG company based in San Diego, showed off a slew of new printers at CES, including the da Vinci Mini and da Vinci Junior.

The da Vinci Mini, which goes for $269, contains Wi-Fi compatibility and USB ports. The da Vinci Mini has a 5.9-by-5.9- by-5.9-inch build size. The da Vinci Junior, which costs $549, contains 3-D printing capabilities, as well as scanning and optional laser engraving capabilities. This printer also has a 5.9-by-5.9-by-5.9-inch build size and Wi-Fi functionality. Finally, XYZ showed its da Vinci Junior 2.0 Mix, which costs $499 and contains a nozzle that mixes two filaments in a single color.


A new version of French product Hydrao, a smart shower head that flashes red through built-in LED lights when users are using too much water, made an appearance at the show.

This product, which aims to promote water conservation, is compatible with a companion app that works on iOS and Android devices. This app allows users to track water use over time. This product can be fitted into a conventional shower hose and doesn't need a battery.

Hydrao has been undergoing a funding campaign on Kickstarter and will go on sale in March for around $99.

iLi Wearable Translator By Logbar

Tokyo-based Logbar launched its iLi wearable translator, which records words in one language and then audibly translates them into another, at CES.

This small and light device, which can fit easily on a lanyard, translates in real time with no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi necessary. In order to utilize the iLi translator, the user holds down a button and speaks in one language, and then the unit audibly translates the words into another language. The iLi wearable translator can translate works into English, Chinese or Japanese.

The iLi wearable translator is scheduled to be available in summer of 2016 at an undisclosed price.

Project Zero By Omron Healthcare

Omron Healthcare, Hoofddorp, Netherlands, gave viewers a first look at its Project Zero wrist and upper arm blood pressure wearable monitors at CES.

The Project Zero wrist blood pressure monitor, which looks like a smartwatch, is small, light and quiet and connects to a companion app. This device goes beyond merely reading blood pressure to also provide data about physical activity and sleep in real time. This device also reminds users to take medication and record the time they take it to improve and track compliance, according to Omron. The Project Zero upper arm blood pressure monitor also tracks hypertension levels and detects irregular heartbeats through Bluetooth Smart technology. The Project Zero devices will be ready for sale in late 2016 and will be in the $200 price range.

CHiP, Lumi By WowWee

WowWee, a Hong Kong-based manufacturer that makes gaming and entertainment robots, introduced new products at CES. CHiP (Canine Home Intelligent Pet) is a robotic canine that recognizes its master and responds to commands using a wearable controller, the Smart Band. CHiP is made up of wireless technology and sensors. This product will be available in the third quarter of 2016 for $199.99. Also announced at CES was Lumi, a drone for gaming and entertainment. Users can control this drone to fly and dance in the air. This product will be released in the third or fourth quarter of 2016 and is slated to cost $79.99.

Force Band By Sphero

Connected toy manufacturer Sphero, Boulder, Colo., took the wraps off the prototype of its Force Band, a wearable wristband. This wearable is compatible with its iPhone-connected robotic droid, BB-8, a small replica of the droid in the recently released "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" movie.

For instance, users can make the droid drive, spin and even nod using hand gestures. The drone speed is controlled by hand elevation while direction depends on orientation of the hand. The Force Band will be released in the fall of 2016, and the pricing has not yet been disclosed.

Wireless Charging Bag By Knomo

London-based luggage designer Knomo revealed its new bag with a built-in wireless charger.

This bag, the Drop & Go, features a pocket that contains built-in wireless charging, making it easy for users to charge their phones on the go. According to Knomo, the bag offers 95 percent to 98 percent charging efficiency with a 5,000-mAh battery.

The pricing and availability for Knomo's Drop & Go wireless charging bag has not yet been disclosed.

Tobii IS4 Integration Prototype

Tobii, an eye-tracking device manufacturer based in Stockholm, showed off its IS4 Integration Prototype, a new concept laptop that allows users to interact with their devices through eye tracking.

The laptop was developed by Inventec and uses Tobii's sixth-generation IS4 eye tracking module technology. The tracker is powered by Tobii's EyeChip and utilizes EyeX software to track the user's eye position, gaze and movements. The IS4 Integration Prototype is a good application for gamers who want to make their gaming experience more realistic.

Further details on the IS4 Integration Prototype, including the pricing and availability, were not disclosed.

Vert 2

Vert, a fitness tracker wearable made by the Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based company of the same name, is getting a 2016 refresh, further detailed at CES. While the last version of Vert tracked jumping, the wearable's newest version tracks the intensity of movements and frequency of movements, as well as surges of activity per minute, which is perfect for competitive sports and CrossFit tracking.

Vert contains sensors such as accelerometers and gyros, as well as a digital LED display. All data is sent to the product's companion app where it can be analyzed and shared. Vert is slated to launch in May 2016, and will sell for between $125 and $150.

ApiraScience iDerma

Thinning hairline? Bad skin? No problem. A company called ApiraScience, Boca Raton, Fla., is introducing two new gadgets designed to promote hair growth and rejuvenate your face using light therapy.

The company's iDerma uses either red/infrared, blue or green light masks that bombard your facial skin with gamma rays that are purported to promote different types of skin conditioning. For example, the green facial mask when used 10 minutes a day for eight weeks can begin to break down sun and age spots, according to the company. Blue can clear up acne and red/infrared can reduce wrinkles and shrink pores, the company says.

For the follicle-challenged, there is the iGrow Hair Growth System, which uses a helmet-like apparatus that emits red/infrared light. The company claims it can recover existing hair follicles, making them longer and healthier.

Both systems have an upfront cost of around $350 for one light therapy option. But after you buy the base unit additional masks cost around $150 each.

Onkyo DP-X1

For audiophiles who thumb their noses at compressed music files and low-quality audio streams -- which make up the bulk of what most of us listen to on our smartphones -- there is now one more option. A consortium of audio hardware makers -- from Pioneer, HTC and Onkyo -- were at "CES Unveiled" on Tuesday promoting the MQA uncompressed audio format. A representative from Pioneer, which has U.S. headquarters in Long Beach, Calif., said that audio files that use the MQA format can be any size and have the capability of delivering sound comparable to the Super Audio CD quality standard.

The portable player pictured here is Onkyo's DP-X1 player, which supports the MQA standard and has a storage capacity of 500 GB. The catch? The DP-X1 costs about $1,000. But a Pioneer representative said prices for large-capacity players are falling fast as Flash storage prices fall. The device would compete with rocker Neil Young and his Ponos high-quality audio player, which runs about $400.

EcoReco S5 Series Scooter

Of course you won't look silly zipping around town on an adult electric scooter! Now that we have that settled, you might want to consider buying San Jose, Calif.-based EcoReco's new S5 Series adult scooter, which hits a top speed of 20 mph and can travel up to 23 miles between charges. This is the company's latest-model scooter, weighing in at 5 pounds less than the previous model, which weighed 29 pounds. The S5 costs $1,000.


Finally, a smart kitchen appliance that does something truly useful. Meet SomaBar, a robot bartender that can mix you drinks you concoct on a companion app on your smartphone. The SomaBar, which runs $450 and is available for preorder, uses six refillable Soma Pods on the side of the SomaBar. Next, using the companion smartphone app, you become your own mixologist, selecting from 300 drink recipes. The bad news is you'll still have to shake your own martinis.

Lenovo 17.3-inch IdeaCentre Y900 Razer Edition

On Monday, Beijing-based Lenovo announced several updates to its X1 line of PCs. Last night it took the lid off even more laptops and one new smartphone. Pictured here is Lenovo's 17.3-inch IdeaCentre Y900 Razer Edition laptop. This gaming rig sports an overclock-able version of Intel's latest i7 processor, a capacity to support 64 GB of RAM, up to 512 GB SSD storage and ships with a discrete NVIDIA GTX-980m graphics card. This 10-pound beast has a $2,000 price tag and ships in June.

Lenovo Yoga And Ideapad

Lenovo unvealed two 13-inch laptops Monday: a Yoga 900s and an Ideapad 710s (pictures on the right). The Yoga 900s convertible PC features Lenovo's signature watchband hinge and weighs 2.2 pounds and is 0.5 inches thick. The Yoga's standard configuration includes Intel's 2nd generation Core m7 processor and has a starting price of $1,100.

Lenovo's Ideapad 710s laptop has a starting price of $800 and features Intel's 6th generation Core i7 processor. The laptop weighs in at 2.6 pounds and is 0.5 inches thick with a battery life of 8 hours.

Lenovo Vibe S1 Lite

Lenovo is going after budget-conscious and selfie-loving phone users with its Vibe S1 Lite phone, which has a starting price of $200. The phone complements Lenovo's existing Vibe line of phones, currently unavailable here in the U.S. Besides being aggressively priced, Vibe S1 Lite features a 5-inch HD IPS display, the Mediatek MT6753 processor and 16 GB of storage for all your selfies (expandable to 32 GB with a MicroSD card). The front camera is 8 megapixels and includes a flash (for selfies) and the rear camera is 13 megapixels.


In 2016, virtual reality headsets are expected to go mainstream with major consumer releases by Oculus Rift and a crowded field of competitors. Watching and exploring content is one thing; creating it is another. Giroptic, based in Lille, France, and San Francisco, hopes to fill that void. The camera can be mounted on a tripod or can go mobile with a 1-hour battery life. The 360cam will run you $500 and will be available late in the first quarter of 2016, the company said.

Creator Kit

If you're itching to get into the IoT game and are looking for something a bit more sophisticated than a Rasberry Pi solution, then Imagination Technologies, Hertfordshire, England, is hoping its latest $80 MIPS-based Creator Kit will interest you. This iOT developer's kit, the company said, is far more versatile than the popular Rasberry Pi alternative. The Creator Kit supports IoT end-to-end solutions using its own cloud infrastructure (powered by IBM's SoftLayer) and comes out of the box with support for IPV6, WiFi, Bluetooth and onboard memory. The company said the solution is already being tested by a blueberry orchard in Spain, allowing the grower to keep track of soil quality and moisture.

ProDrone Byrd Drone

Nearly every consumer drone manufacturer limits what type of camera you can use with it. That can force you into a buying a camera you either don't need or don't want. ProDrone's latest Byrd drone solves that problem and says you can use any DSLR camera (under 4.5 pounds) with its drone. It also supports zoom capabilities with its latest Byrd drone, claiming it's the first consumer drone to do so.

ProDrone says its $1,400 consumer drone can support a wide range of DSLR cameras because its rotors are powerful enough to support up to 4.5 pounds. It has also tweaked the drone's gimbal so nearly any DSLR can be mounted onto the drone and linked back to the drone's controller.


If your new year's resolution is to focus more on safe driving as opposed to your smartphone when behind the wheel, here is a unique way to curb distracted driving. A company called SmartWheel has created a leather steering wheel cover that keeps tabs on a driver's hands and warns them with a soft audible alarm and blinking red or blue light if it detects hands are either in a dangerous position or one hand is off the wheel. The idea is, if you're driving with one hand, these days, it usually means your fiddling with your smartphone.

SmartWheel is a $200 leather steering wheel cover with a light mounted on the top. Using sensors, SmartWheel can detect where your hands are located. It will trigger an alarm if one hand is off the steering wheel, if no hands are on the steering wheel or hands are bunched together -- typically meaning your typing and driving. SmartWheel tracks things such as speed, how many twists and turns are in a specific route. It uses that data to communicate with the SmartWheel app that keeps records of your driving and delivers ratings.