15 Valentine's Day Tech Gifts We Love

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Tech Gifts

Valentine's Day -- it's a day of romance, chocolate and ... technology? Maybe not for most, but for some techies, receiving a fitness tracker or digital photo frame means much more than a bouquet of roses. And if that person happens to be your special partner, you may be getting a little anxious as Valentine's Day nears.

Luckily, CRN has you covered with our comprehensive list of gadgets for techies. Following are 15 gizmos we're loving as gifts for Valentine's Day.

FitBit Flex

If your favorite pastime with your Valentine include long walks on the beach or romantic hikes, a FitBit Flex will take your dates one step further.

FitBit, which creates step- and sleep-tracking wearables, touts the Flex as a simple bracelet for recording steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and sleep. With a five-day battery life, this rubber band automatically collects and syncs data so that users can review their exercise and sleep in progress charts straight from their phones. The waterproof Flex also comes in a handful of colors, from dark blue to bright pink.

At $99, the Flex is relatively inexpensive compared with the rest of FitBit's products, and can be purchased on FitBit's website or at select retailers like Dick's Sporting Goods. If you're looking for a discount, check out Groupon, which currently has a limited 40 percent discount deal on the Flex.

Nvidia Shield Android TV Platform

Why go out for an expensive dinner when you can curl up by the television with a nice bottle of wine and your significant other? If this is your preference, the Nvidia Shield Android TV is a smart TV platform that does it all -- from instant access to movies, TV shows and music to a world of apps and games and Google's voice search.

Shield connects users to content in 4K and delivers blazing-fast streaming performance, along with a range of new features including access to hundreds of apps and games on the Google Play store.

Shield Android TV is currently available online on Amazon, and in-store at Fry's, Best Buy, GameStop and more. Shield is currently $199 for the 16-GB model, with a controller included, and includes a remote bundled with the purchase.

FujiFilm Instax Mini 8

Take the perfect selfie with your partner with the Instax Mini 8, a cute, fun little instant camera from FujiFilm.

Instax Mini 8 automatically determines the best brightness for taking photos and contains a shutter speed of one-sixtieth of a second. The photos then print out from the top of the camera, instantly ready to be framed.

Instax Mini 8 comes in a variety of colors, including pink, purple and yellow, and is available starting at $60 at select retailers, including Walmart, Amazon and Urban Outfitters.

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Photo Printer

Make it easy for your partner to print out and frame the numerous photos on their iPhone or Galaxy S6 by giving them the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Photo Printer for Valentine's Day.

This small and slim device remotely connects to iOS and Android devices and prints out 2 x 3-inch photos in less than a minute from the device's camera roll, using Zink Zero Ink printing technology.

The Polaroid ZIP Mobile Photo Printer costs $130, and can be purchased on Amazon in an array of colors, including red, blue, black and white.

ViewSonic Digital Photo Frame

Capture that perfect moment with your Valentine by giving your partner the ViewSonic digital photo frame.

This 8-inch ultraslim white photo frame brings memories alive with high resolution and LED backlight to showcase your photos in brilliant picture quality. In addition to a digital photo slideshow, this frame acts as a calendar and clock, all for $38 on Amazon with free shipping.

Leather Cuff For Apple Watch

Does your spouse have an Apple Watch? If so, Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to give the gift of a handmade leather cuff band for Apple's newest wearable.

Made with vintage leather, this army-style handmade leather cuff adds a stylish, upscale touch to the 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch band -- and it can be customized to fit most wrist sizes.

The leather band, which comes with an adapter, is currently available on Etsy for $90.

Leather iPhone Wallet Case

The upscale leather iPhone wallet is perfect for fitting your husband's smartphone, credit cards and money all in one case.

Made with hand-crafted genuine leather, the wallet contains fitting for the iPhone that easily displays the phone and protects it with strong padding and scratch-resistant inner lining. The leather iPhone Wallet Case is available on Etsy for $42.

Nexus 6P

Splurge on your Valentine by giving him or her Huawei's Nexus 6P as a gift. This 5.7-inch Android smartphone contains 32 GB of storage, as well as a 12.3-megapixel camera that is designed to take photos even in dim areas. With a simple, curved design and a fingerprint sensor on the back, the Nexus 6P is manufactured to comfortably fit in the palm of the hand.

Best Buy has slashed the price of the gold Nexus 6P model by $50 so it costs $449.99 as part of a Valentine's Day discount. Those who buy the phone it will receive a $25 gift card as well as free shipping and six months of included cloud storage.

Under Armour HealthBox

Is your partner a fitness junkie? If so, you might want to consider the newest health device, unveiled by Under Armour, in sync with HTC, at the Consumer Electronics Show this year -- the UA HealthBox.

This fitness ecosystem contains a wrist-based wearable fitness tracker, a smart scale and a heart rate monitor. Data from each of these devices is synthesized into the UA Record app, which features a dashboard for the user.

The bundle sells on Under Armour's website for $400, but each device can be purchased separately. Valentine gift-givers will have to tell their loved ones their present is on the way -- the UA HealthBox will be available the day after Valentine's Day.

SoundBot Shower Speaker

Let your Valentine listen to his or her favorite romantic serenades right in the shower with SoundBot's speaker. This hands-free portable speakerphone attaches in the shower with a detachable suction cup.

With six hours of playtime and a built-in microphone, the speaker enables advanced digital sound and is water-resistant. It contains Bluetooth technology that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The speaker costs $17 and is available on Soundbot's website.

TrackR Tracking Device

For a more practical gift, check out TrackR, a small, coin-size device that tracks valuable items. Your spouse can put this cool little gadget on anything from luggage to keys, and if the items are misplaced they can then be located from the TrackR app, which causes the device to ring.

In addition, for those who easily lose their phones, TrackR contains a two-way ringer that allows you to find your phone from device that TrackR is connected to. TrackR can find items within 100 feet through Bluetooth.

TrackR is currently available online, as well as in Best Buy and Brookstone, for $29.99. As part of a Valentine's Day discount, TrackR is offering a buy two get two free deal.

Raumfeld Multiroom Streaming Speakers

Set the mood with some romantic tunes by giving your loved one Raumfeld's streaming speaker.

The Raumfeld One S wireless black streaming speaker is compatible with Android and iOS, allowing users to hook up the speaker to their smartphones or tablets, and program their favorite streams like Spotify, SoundCloud or Tidal. The speaker contains a two-way coaxial system with passive radiators for neutral sound. The speaker also contains preset buttons so even without the device, users can play their favorite playlist or radio station.

The speaker is available on Amazon for $249.99 with free shipping. It also contains a guaranteed eight-week no obligation return policy.

Boogie Board's Jot 8.5

Send your partner love notes with a new eWriter -- Jot 8.5 from Boogie Board. This eWriter works with its companion iOS app to easily save, share and edit notes and drawings.

The bright reflective LCD is engineered so that it feels like you are writing with pen and paper, while the sleek, thin slate makes it ideal for home, school, the office or on-the-go. The eWriter has a built-in kickstand and magnets on the back that makes it easy to leave notes, to-do lists and messages for others.

The Jot 8.5 is currently available in blue, pink or gray on Amazon or Boogie Board's website for $30.

Kindle Voyage

Are you and your partner going on a romantic vacation abroad this summer? If so, the Kindle Voyage is the perfect gift to get prepared.

The ultra-thin Kindle Voyage has a 300-ppi display and contains high-resolution e-pages, a new adaptive front light and weeks-long battery life. This Kindle touts PagePress sensors with haptics, a customer-designed force sensor that reacts to pressure and allows for quick page turning. The Kindle Voyage is currently available online for $199.


Give your partner Neyya, a smart ring that was recently showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, touted by the company as tech jewelry "for her or him."

This "digital companion" connects to a user's smartphone and makes connecting with digital products quicker and easier. The product can be used in the workplace to switch slides during presentations, or to take photos remotely with a cellphone camera or switch music on the smartphones.

Neyya comes in titanium and gold finishes and is available online for $139.