Last-Minute Gift Guide: 10 Cases For Popular Tablets

Better Safe Than Sorry

A new tablet is hands-down one of the best gifts a technology fanatic can get this holiday season, and although different models can serve as a high-tech toy or a reliable work tool, every model has been built with one thing in common – portability.

However, with the freedom of portability comes a higher opportunity for accidents, and nothing is worse than accidentally damaging a new tablet amid day-to-day errands.

Maybe you need a case a case that will keep you looking good in the office, or a case that that will protect your tablet from slips and drops, or maybe you need something that will keep it safe from anything your kids can cook up.

Whatever your needs, CRN has found the case that will fit you. Check out our list of 10 tablet cases, all built to keep your tablet safe and in style.

Fintie CaseBot - Kiddie

Compatible Tablets: Samsung, Apple, Amazon,

Retail Price: Starting at $14.99

Today's kids are going to be better with technology than any other generation before them. Until then, however, they are going to be kids -- and they are going to handle electronics in just about the same way a bull handles a china shop.

Luckily for parents, this case can help keep tablets safe in the hands of little ones. Its simple design makes it easy to carry, easy to convert into a stand and, potentially most importantly, easy to clean.

TFY Kids Car Headrest Mount

Compatible Tablets: Apple

Retail Price: $27.50

The long drive to grandma's house this holiday season can soon be done with one less scratch on your iPad thanks to TFY's Kids car headrest mount case.

This case is exactly what it sounds like: a child-safe iPad cover that easily mounts to the back of a car headrest, allowing kids to watch "Paw Patrol" or "Barney" in the car without needing to hold the tablet and keeping the device safe from hitting the floor of the car.

Although designed with car trips in mind, this case also works well outside the car and protects your tablet with extra padding while also leaving full access to every port.

Pad & Quill – Oxford Leather Case

Compatible Tablets: Apple

Retail Price: $119.95

Obviously, not all cases are for kids, and now that tablets are available with more function, tablet protectors with more sophistication have also emerged.

Luxury case manufacturer Pad & Quill is a company that was created around the idea that cases for Apple products should add to the luxury of owning a great piece of technology. So, each case is made from a single piece of American full-grain bridle leather and stitched together with marine-grade nylon. These cases are made to work well with the Apple pencil and a Bluetooth keyboard. When open, the font of the case can be folded back to create a screen stand.

These cases aren't inexpensive, they don't come with a ton of gadgets, and they don't protect your iPad from a hurricane -- but sometimes simple luxury is worth it.

Mosiso – Classic Vintage Retro Book Style Case

Compatible Tablets: Apple, Amazon,

Retail Price: $18.99

Luxury can be worth it, but if you are looking for a unique look that won't break the bank, Mosiso has got your case.

This low-profile leather case will make your device stand out. Its weathered style makes it seem like your tablet was bound and stamped in a time long gone. However, with this case's built-in stand and minimal design, it also keeps every one of your tablet's modern functions easily accessible and ready to go.

If all that holiday shopping was hard on your bank account, but you are still looking for a case that will help you stand out – this case is calling your name.

Logitech Big Bang

Compatible Tablets: Apple

Retail Price: Starting at $119.00

This case isn't flashy. It isn't hand-crafted and it doesn't clip to the back of a headrest. However, it is exactly what a case should be: protective and functional.

Although the Big Bang from Logitech is thin, light and low-profile it exceeds military drop standards, and with the screen cover closed, it can take a drop of more than 4.5 feet. The Big Bang's cover can be used as a stand to prop the screen up when in use.

The Logitech Big Bang is a meat-and-potatoes type of case. It isn't as eye-catching as some of its peers, but, at the end of the day, it does what it is supposed to do – it keeps your tablet safe.

KuGi Keyboard Case

Compatible Tablets: Samsung

Retail Price: $29.50

If you are shopping for a techie that really loves their gadgets, this ultra-thin faux leather case has it all at an incredibly affordable price. The KuGi Keyboard Case is made specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and comes not only with a stylus, but also includes a detachable Bluetooth keyboard - complete with laptop-style keys -- giving the user a better typing experience than with on-screen or silicon keyboards.

The case also includes a kickstand on the back to make it even easier to use.

KVAGO Keyboard Case

Compatible Tablets: Apple

Retail Price: $46.99

Many people are beginning to use their tablets as a lightweight alternative to laptops. But, without a decent keyboard, getting work done with an iPad can be much harder – especially on a dark red-eye flight.

KVAGO has solved that problem with this hard-shell case that comes with a built-in, backlit Bluetooth keyboard, perfect for the tablet-lover on the go. With this case, which is available in seven colors, you can get just about anything you need to done, day or night.

Logitech BLOK

Compatible Tablets: Apple,

Retail Price: $69.99

When it boils down to it, a tablet case should protect your tablet, and Logitech's BLOK case does just that.

This liquid repellent case is extra thick and features right-angled corners on the edge to give your iPad extra protection from all kinds of accidents, including falls from a height of 6 feet onto almost any surface, even concrete.

So, if you are shopping for a case that is going to keep your tablet protected from the kinds of skips and spills that are bound to happen during the everyday, the BLOK is for you.

i-Blason Armorbox

Compatible Tablets: Amazon, Microsoft,

Retail Price: $30.00

There are a large number of tablet cases that are built for Apple or Samsung products, but if you are looking to protect your new Fire or Surface, i-Blason's Armorbox line has the rugged case that can keep your tablet safe from just about any bump or drop.

This dual-layer case is built for Microsoft and Amazon tablets specifically, and even with its rugged design it leaves access to all of the features that come with either device, (yes, that includes the Surface's keyboard.)

So now you can bring your tablet with you to the annual family holiday get-together, confident that even if the kids get a hold of it, it will be safe.

Lifeproof Fre

Compatible Tablets: Apple, Google

Retail Price: $99.99-$129.99

Lifeproof is a brand that brings to mind the lifestyle of those who own their cases, because even if you are climbing up a mountain, bungee jumping, running in the rain or even going for a swim, Lifeproof has a case to keep your device safe.

The Fre case for iPad can take just about anything -- a drop from more than 4 feet, exposure to snow, dirt, ice, and even being submerged up to 6.6 feet for an entire hour.

So you can keep your tablet safe during this year's holiday vacation – if you end up on the slopes in Vermont, fishing in Florida, swimming in the Caribbean or just lounging at home.