10 Apps To Download For Your New iPhone 7

Apps For That

You've got your new iPhone and downloaded the usual suspects – Facebook, Instagram, Waze. But what else is there to do with this thing? Plenty, of course, and so we've endeavored to find some of the apps that might be worth a download (beyond the obvious ones). Productivity (note-taking, document scanning) and health (exercise, yoga, meditation) are among the areas that iPhone apps can lend a helping hand. In the following slides, we've rounded up 10 of the apps that may just deserve a spot on your iPhone 7.

Genius Scan

This popular "scanner in your pocket" enables users to make quick scans of documents -- in high quality -- and then export them as multi-page PDFs or JPEG. Genius Scan is intuitive and easy-to-use and includes features such as smart page detection, perspective correction and image enhancement.


For iPhone users in search of a better note-taking experience, Bear is a new, pretty option. Along with bringing a bit more visual appeal all-around, thanks to a stylish design and different options for themes and typography. Bear is a good alternative to other note-taking apps because it's simpler than Evernote but has a bit more to offer for organization than Apple's native Notes app.


Many users are no doubt weary of to-do apps -- which often are more work than they’re worth -- but new app Doo might be worth a look due to its novel approach to breaking up the to-do list. Doo lets users create cards that they can later look at, one at a time, and either swipe them down (to come back to the card later) or swipe up (when the task is done ).

7 Minute Workout Challenge

The name pretty much says it all with this app, which leverages current exercise research to offer a simple but effective workout routine. The 7 Minute Workout Challenge leads you through 12 exercises of 30 seconds a piece, with 10-second rests in between. The app also includes a weight tracker and activity tracking calendar.

Pocket Yoga

For yogis on the go, Pocket Yoga could be an essential aid for keeping up with the practice. The app provides guidance for yoga sessions -- there are 27 different session types to choose from, each with voice and visual instruction. The app also includes a pose dictionary that offers illustrations and explanations of the correct posture (and benefits) of different poses.

10% Happier

You've thought about meditating – maybe even tried it – but it hasn't become a habit. Maybe that's because you needed someone to teach you properly and that's what 10% Happier offers, through a variety of mindfulness courses from esteemed teachers. The app includes bite-sized video lessons alongside guided meditations to get you going with mindfulness and realizing the benefits – including better mental clarity, less stress and, yes, even a bit more happiness in your life.


This photo editing app was a big hit this year with its novel approach of turning photos into artworks that are in the style of famous artists. Rather than putting a filter on photos, Prisma uses artificial intelligence and other technologies to combine photos with the stylings of artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh – essentially rebuilding the photos as works of art.


Flash cards remain a popular and effective approach to learning and flash cards for all sorts of subjects are now available as part of the app Tinycards from Duolingo. Learning languages (Duolingo’s specialty) are one area that Tinycards can help with, but users can also learn math, history, geography and some other subjects with the new app.

Dark Sky Weather

You've already got a weather app on your iPhone, and maybe you've also downloaded The Weather Channel or Weather Underground apps. Dark Sky Weather has something those apps don't: forecasts on when it's expected to start raining or snowing, down to the minute, at your precise location. Those forecasts also extend to when the precipitation is going to stop, as well.

Super Mario Run

This brand-new app marks the debut of Super Mario on iPhone. It's a simplified version of the famous game, and it's also designed to be played with one hand. In the game, Mario runs automatically and is always moving forward, which allows players to focus on jumping, collecting coins and, of course, saving Princess Peach.