10 Apps To Download For Your New iPad Pro

Going Pro

Apple's iPad Pro is a machine made for getting things done on-the-go. And though Steve Jobs may have loathed the idea of developing a device with a stylus, the iPad Pro is primed to work with a stylus writing tool, the Apple Pencil, while the tablet also attaches to an external keyboard. But to get the most out of the iPad Pro – whether its 12.9-inch or 9.7-inch variations – you're going to want some productivity-oriented apps. To help with the cause, we've rounded up 10 of the apps that might be worth a download on your new iPad Pro.

Microsoft Word

Word is still the go-to word processing application, even in the age of mobility, and the iPad Pro-ready version of the app offers the full Word experience for users with an Office 365 subscription. The app features a visually appealing layout and offers easy sharing of documents as links or attachments.

Microsoft Excel

The classic application gets a new life on the tablet, as the touchscreen capabilities of the iPad Pro offer easier working with Excel spreadsheets. And like with Word, the iPad Pro version of the app provides the full Excel experience in conjunction with an Office 365 subscription.

Genius Scan

This popular app enables users to make quick scans of documents -- in high quality -- and then export them as multi-page PDFs or JPEG. Genius Scan is intuitive and easy-to-use and includes features such as smart page detection, perspective correction and image enhancement.


Skype for iPad offers video calls for free -- both for one-to-one calls and group calls -- as well as free messaging and free voice calls to other Skype accounts. Group voice or video calls can include up to 25 people, while other features in the app include photo-sharing.

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator is unique in that it lets you use your handwriting to perform calculations. Users write out the math equations they're looking to solve on the iPad display, and the app converts the handwriting to digital text before producing the answers.

Dropbox Paper

The Dropbox Paper app, which came out of beta this year, offers a way to create and collaborate on documents on your iPad Pro. Features include the ability for users to work together on the same document at the same time, along with adding comments and embedding images and videos. Meanwhile, using the "@" symbol users can tag fellow team members inside documents.


The Assembly app brings a building-block approach to the creation of graphics on iPad Pro, by offering a library of shapes, symbols and stickers that users can leverage rather than drawing everything from scratch. Assembly includes 180 shapes for free along with more than 250 fully finished stickers – ultimately saving users significant time in the creation of stickers, icons and other graphics.


Getting everything done in your day is about more than just having the right tools -- it's also a matter of planning things out intelligently. And to that end, new app Doo might be worth a look due to its novel approach of breaking up the to-do list. Doo lets users create cards that they can later look at, one at a time, and either swipe them down (to come back to them later) or swipe up (when the task is done).

IBM Watson Analytics Mobile

For users that are looking for a data analysis and visualization service on their iPad Pro, Watson Analytics Mobile may be worth a look. The app enables users to import data while on the go, and can automatically deliver insights and visualizations on-demand – such as while a meeting is in progress.

Star Trek Timelines

For those times when you need a break from being so productive, this role-playing game promises to transport you into the Star Trek universe. In the game, players hone their strategies and pick an ideal crew to defend their starships. The graphics are terrific, and the game brings a unique approach by throwing together characters from all of the major Star Trek series.