Apple's iPhone And iPad Lineup, Ranked By Price

Changing Its Tune On Price?

After a longstanding avoidance of "budget" devices, Apple seems to be changing its tune. A year after debuting the lower-priced iPhone SE, Apple this week introduced a new iPad aimed at affordability -- while also cutting prices on a few products. This trend toward is certainly not across the board in Apple's product line: the company's recent MacBook Pro refresh upped the price tag significantly, and rumors suggest the iPhone 8 could be priced in the ballpark of $1,000. So, it's clear that the new Apple will still fully embrace premium -- it'll just have a wider variety of price points for buyers.

To give a sense of how Apple's prices compare, in the following slides we've ranked the starting prices of Apple's current iPhones and iPads, from least- to most-expensive.


Starting price: $329

This week, Apple went back to basics with its tablet brand by introducing a new model that's simply called iPad. The 9.7-inch tablet -- featuring a Retina display, A9 processor and 10 hours of battery life -- will take the place of the iPad Air 2 in Apple's lineup. But notably, the new iPad is priced $70 below the starting price of the iPad Air 2. The $329 price is for a model with Wi-Fi-only; the Wi-Fi/cellular model starts at $459 (for the 32-GB models in both cases).

iPhone SE

Starting price: $399

While it was overshadowed by the announcement of the new iPad, Apple also disclosed that it has effectively lowered the price on the iPhone SE. The 4-inch iPhone will still have a starting price of $399, but that will get you an iPhone SE with 32 GB of storage -- whereas previously the $399 base model came with only 16 GB of storage. Apple said it will also be phasing out the 64-GB iPhone SE in favor of a 128-GB model, which will be offered for $499 (which is $50 above the price of the 64-GB model).

iPad Mini 4

Starting price: $399

As with the iPhone SE, Apple is doubling the base-level amount of storage available on the iPad Mini 4 without raising the price. The iPad Mini 4 will now start out with 128 GB of storage for $399, whereas previously Apple was charging that price for an iPad Mini 4 with just a quarter of that storage, 32 GB. Still, the iPad Mini 4 was introduced in fall 2015 and its specs are growing a bit dated overall, so a price cut at this point may be only sensible for Apple.

iPad Pro (9.7-inch)

Starting price: $599

Introduced a year ago, the 9.7-inch version of the iPad Pro has been one bright spot in Apple's otherwise disappointing iPad sales of late. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that adoption of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro for business use helped to fuel growing iPad revenue in Apple's fiscal 2016 third quarter (which ended last June). The $599 price tag will get you a Wi-Fi-only iPad Pro with 32 GB of storage. A keyboard for the 9.7-inch model will add another $149, and the Apple Pencil will add $99.

iPhone 7

Starting price: $649

When Apple introduced its newest iPhone in September, the iPhone 7, the company did keep the pricing the same as for the previous generation, the iPhone 6S. The $649 starting price for the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will get you the model with 32 GB of storage. For the 128-GB model or 256-GB model, you'll need to shell out $749 or $849, respectively.

iPhone 7 (Product)Red

Starting price: $749

This special-edition color of the iPhone 7 -- which Apple describes as a red aluminum finish -- fetches another $100 on top of the starting price of the standard iPhone 7. But you're not paying a premium for the red color, per se -- instead, the price is higher because the base model comes with 128 GB of storage. By contrast, the iPhone 7 in other colors (except jet black) has a 32-GB version available, which has the lower price of $649.

iPhone 7 Plus

Starting price: $769

For the larger display (5.5 inches) and features such as a dual-camera setup, Apple is charging another $120 for the iPhone 7 Plus on top of the starting price of the standard iPhone 7. That price tag is for a model with 32 GB of storage -- the 128-GB iPhone 7 Plus runs $869, and the 256-GB model is priced at $969.

iPad Pro (12.9-inch)

Starting price: $799

Not included in the Apple price drops this week was the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, even though it's gone without updates since its debut in fall 2015. Rumors do suggest a new generation of the tablet is coming in 2017, however, so this may not be the ideal time to buy the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The $799 starting price is for a Wi-Fi-only, 32-GB model of the tablet; the Wi-Fi/cellular model starts at $1,029, with 128 GB of storage as the base level. Potential buyers may also want to add in the price of a keyboard ($169) and Apple Pencil ($99) to their calculation.

iPhone 7 Plus (Product)Red

Starting price: $869

Like with the red-color version of the standard iPhone 7, the (Product)Red iPhone 7 Plus has a starting price $100 above the 7 Plus in other colors (besides jet black). But again, the reason for the pricing is storage-related -- the red iPhone 7 Plus offers 128 GB at a minimum. And $869 is the same price you'll pay for an iPhone 7 Plus in any other color with 128 GB of storage.