Apple's iPhone Lineup, Ranked By Price

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We may be on the verge of a major break from the past in iPhone design, with reports suggesting that Apple will abandon the traditional top-and-bottom display bezel design with this fall's iPhone launch. But that doesn't mean that Apple is ignoring the affinity of many buyers for the classic iPhone design. Far from it: the Cupertino, Calif.-based company not only continues to sell the past three generations of standard-design iPhones, but Apple this week is also debuting a new special edition of the latest top-and-bottom bezel model (the iPhone 8). In short: you've still got plenty of options for getting an iPhone with that familiar look. In the following slides, we've rounded up all of the iPhones that Apple is currently selling and ranked them by price, from least- to most-expensive.

iPhone SE

Starting price: $349

Apple's entry-level iPhone, the 4-inch iPhone SE, was originally introduced two years ago. And two important things have changed with the device since then. The iPhone SE now starts with 32 GB of storage, double the amount originally offered. And maybe even more significantly, Apple reduced the price this past September to $349, from $399 previously.

iPhone 6S

Starting price: $449

Yes, the iPhone 6S is now quite a few generations behind, with the 4.7-inch device originally introduced in the fall of 2015. But you can't argue with the price of $449, down from the original starting price of $649. And of course, the iPhone 6S looks nearly indistinguishable from both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

iPhone 6S Plus

Starting price: $549

Like its smaller counterpart, the 5.5-inch iPhone 6S Plus has seen its price come down quite a ways from when it was first launched in fall 2015. The iPhone 6S Plus is now available for a starting price of $549, compared to the $749 that it commanded originally.

iPhone 7

Starting price: $549

Tied with the pricing of the iPhone 6S Plus is the iPhone 7, which seems like a pretty good bargain at $549. The 4.7-inch phone, which launched in the fall of 2016, originally went for $649. And the iPhone 7 has much in common with the iPhone 8 -- same design, same camera and just one generation behind on the processor -- but with a price that is now $150 less than the iPhone 8.

iPhone 7 Plus

Starting price: $669

Apple has also reduced the price of the iPhone 7 Plus, a 5.5-inch device that introduced the dual-camera system into the iPhone lineup. Originally priced at $769, Apple has cut that starting price down to $669 for the iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 8

Starting price: $699

As mentioned, Apple stuck with the classic iPhone design -- with large bezels above and below the display -- with the iPhone 8. A few new features make the iPhone 8 stand out from its predecessors, such as wireless charging, glass backing and the "True Tone" display (for more-vibrant color). The iPhone 8 also got a price increase over its predecessors, though, with the device starting at $699 -- up from the original $649 starting price of the iPhone 7.

iPhone 8 (Product)Red

Starting price: $699

As Apple did with the iPhone 7 last year, the company is releasing the iPhone 8 in a special-edition red color. One change worth noting is that the iPhone 8 (Product)Red will include a black front bezel, whereas the red-color iPhone 7 had featured a white front bezel. Additionally, the iPhone 8 (Product)Red is not priced any higher than the standard iPhone 8, whereas the red-color iPhone 7 had been priced $100 higher. An undisclosed percentage of proceeds from the iPhone 8 (Product)Red sales will be donated to (Red), an organization working to fight HIV and AIDS in Africa.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 8 (Product)Red will start on Tuesday, and the device will begin shipping on Friday, according to Apple.

iPhone 8 Plus

Starting price: $799

While it still sports the familiar display bezels, the iPhone 8 Plus remains popular for its 5.5-inch screen size and dual-camera system. But like the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus comes with a higher starting price tag -- of $799 -- than its predecessor (the iPhone 7 Plus had originally started at $749).

iPhone 8 Plus (Product)Red

Starting price: $799

For those who aren't intrigued by the silver, gold or space gray color options for the iPhone 8 Plus, Apple is offering the phone in a special-edition red color as well. The iPhone 8 Plus (Product)Red, like the red-color iPhone 8, will also have black front bezels and a price identical to the regular-edition iPhone 8 Plus.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 8 Plus (Product)Red will begin on Tuesday, and the device starts shipping on Friday, Apple said.

iPhone X

Starting price: $999

At 5.8 inches, the iPhone X has the largest display ever on an iPhone, and features the first "edge-to-edge" iPhone design (aside from the camera notch). Additionally, the display switches to OLED technology for improved colors and contrast, and replaces Touch ID with Face ID facial recognition for unlocking the phone. The $999 starting price has made the iPhone X the most expensive iPhone to date, and the price tag has at times put Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives on the defensive. Last fall, Cook argued on "Good Morning America" that $999 is "a value price actually for the technology that you're getting."