8 Cool Holiday Gadget Gifts For Men

From rugged smartphones to fish finders, CRN gives you some quick ideas for tech gadgets to give as holiday gifts for the men in your life.

Gadget Gifts For Guys

If you’re looking to get a gift for a man in your life, good news: you’re in the right place to find a hot list of cool tech gadgets for men.

These gadgets aren’t specifically made for men, but there’s a chance they will appreciate one of these as a gift for Christmas or whichever holiday you happen to be celebrating. And these gadget gift ideas aren’t even just for the husbands or boyfriends out there — your male friends will also appreciate these presents if the budget is right, and some of them can serve as stocking stuffers.

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What follows are eight cool holiday gadget gifts for men: from rugged smartphones and Bluetooth receivers to wireless meat thermometer and fish finders.

Nokia XR20

If the man in your life is a little reckless with his smartphone, it may be time to upgrade him to one that can survive his apparent lack of respect for expensive devices. Welcome to the world of “rugged smartphones,” and yes, this is an actual category of phones that are built to withstand an exceptional amount of torment. One of the top rugged smartphones available today is the Nokia XR20, an Android device that comes with an “ultra-solid” case and the “toughest glass” Nokia could find. Not only is the device resistant to scratching — it’s also built to survive drops, water, dust and a wide range of temperatures. The Nokia XR20 comes with 6GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage, a dual rear camera and a front-facing camera. As of press time, it was listed for $499.99 on Nokia’s website.

COMSOON Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver for Car

Do you know a guy who likes listening to music on his smartphone but doesn’t have a car with the right equipment to beam the music to the car’s speakers? Good news, if his car’s radio has a regular audio jack, you can get him COMSOON’s Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver, which will make it easy for him to play music from his phone to his car’s speakers. The receiver has a 3.5mm audio jack, which can be plugged into a car radio using a 3.5mm male-to-male connector that comes with the device, but it can also plug into headphones or speakers when wires are getting in the way. The receiver comes with a built-in microphone to enable hands-free calls. The device is available for $16.99 on Amazon.com.


Turns out some men like to grill (who knew)! If you want to make grilling easier for the man in your life, consider getting him the ThermoPro wireless meat thermometer. The thermometer comes with two probes, and it will let your good dude track the meat’s temperature from his smartphone, thanks to the thermometer’s use of Bluetooth connectivity. ThermoPro’s app will even send out real-time alerts for timers, alarms or when the meat reaches a certain temperature. It can also estimate how much longer it will take for the meat to cook. At press time, ThermoPro was listed for $28.89 on Amazon.com.

Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Do you know a dude who carries a USB drive while he rock-climbs? Or maybe he’s prone to falling into water at unexpected times and yet he still needs to have a USB drive on him at all times. Well, good news: The Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive can help your dude protect his data in such harsh conditions. The flash drive is seated within anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum housing, and it’s waterproof for up to 200 meters. It’s also resistant to vibrations and electrical shocks. Not sure what this guy is doing to necessitate such protections, but if you think he’s in need, the flash drive was listed for $27.93 on Amazon.com as of press time.

Sonic Foamer

For the men who like beer — we’re fairly certain there are some — may we suggest the Sonic Foamer. The device is a beer aerator that creates the “perfect beer head” through sound waves. All your fine dude will have to do is place a glass of beer on the device, hit a button and a beer head will form within seconds. The Sonic Foamer costs $24.99 on Amazon.com, but make you sure also buy six AA batteries, which are required but don’t come with the device.

Tile Mate

We get it: Men lose stuff sometimes, and it can be hard to watch them struggle as they dig through every nook and cranny in search of their valued possessions. It’s about time you consider getting the man in your life a Bluetooth tracker, and the Tile Mate can do just the trick. With its small size and ring hole, the Tile Mate is perfect for keychains and keys, but it can also be affixed to backpacks and other items. The Tile Mate has a Bluetooth range of up to 250 feet, and when it’s out of range, your good dude can use the Tile app to see its most recent location on a app. The Tile Mate is compatible with Android, iOS and smart home systems. As of press time, it was listed for $19.99 on Amazon.com.

Wave Roller

Some men sure love getting fit, and the Wave Roller can be a great way to help them warm up before exercise or cool down after. The Wave Roller is a smart, mechanized foam roller that comes with five vibration frequencies, which can be adjusted to help reduce tension, release soreness, improve movement and increase range of motion. The device comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows the foam roller to connect to a smartphone app that lets users adjust vibration intensity. The app also provides guided rolling recovery routines based on the user’s specific needs. As of press time, the Wave Roller was listed at $99 on Therabody.com.

Deeper Pro+ Fish Finder

We’ve heard that “teach a man to fish” saying before, so we’re going to assume that at least some men still like to fish. If that is the case for the man in your life, we present an opportunity to take things to the next level: teach a man to fish smarter with the Deeper Pro+ fish finder. The Deeper Pro+ uses GPS and sonar to create detailed maps of lakes, ponds and rivers for the purpose of finding the perfect fishing spot. Once the Deeper Pro+ is reeled back after a nice cast, its built-in Wi-Fi antenna will send map data to a smartphone app that provides an analysis of the fishing area. As of press time, the Deeper Pro+ was available for $179.99 on Amazon.com.