Juniper's New IDP Appliances

At the RSA security conference, Juniper Networks unveiled four new IDP (intrusion detection and prevention) appliances to help lock down networks and ensure the traffic traversing it is safe.

The appliances offer IPS capabilities to both small and large enterprises and service providers. They feature built-in bypass capabilities to ensure continued network connectivity without the overhead cost and resources needed for an external bypass.

Pictured here is the IDP 75, which lists for $8,000 and offers 150 Mbps of IP inspection.

The new IDP appliances also provide continued support for coordinated threat control with Juniper's Unified Access Control and Secure Access SSL VPN.

They also offer on-box reporting, allowing users to log directly into the appliance to view real-time reports. The IDP appliances are managed by the NetScreen-Security Manager (NSM), a centralized, rule-based management tool that offers control over the system's behavior. NSM can manage all Juniper firewall, VPN and IDP deployments and offers logging, customizable reporting and management capabilities from a single user interface.

Pictured here is the IDP 250, which offers 350 Mbps of IP inspection and lists for $19,000.

The IDP appliances from Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Juniper offer in-line protection to thwart attacks at the application and network levels before they can damage the network. They use stateful detection and prevention techniques for zero-day protection against worms, Trojans, spyware, keyloggers and other malware.

Pictured here is the IDP 800, which starts at $49,000 and offers 1 Gbps of IP inspection.

The IDP 8200, the top model in Juniper's new IDP family, offers 10 Gpbs of real-world IP inspection, up to 80 Gig modular input/output and a full IPS feature set. The 8200 is designed to offer network-wide protection for enterprises and service providers to thwart network and application level attacks without skimping on performance.

The IDP 8200, shown here, starts at $70,000.