Slide Show: Hot VoIP Products Selling Right Now

Grandstream GXV3000 IP Video Phone

Grandstream's ultra-cool GXV3000 packs video capabilities into a SIP-based IP phone. It features an adjustable 5.6-inch color screen, a built-in VGA video camera and an H.264/H.263 video codec. So George Jetson! It carries a list price of $295.

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Polycom SoundStation IP 7000

High-definition doesn't just apply to video displays and plasma TVs. Polycom's SoundStation IP 7000 brings HD voice into the board room in the form of a new IP conference phone. The 7000 offers high-fidelity 22-KHz calls and a microphone that can pick up voices from 20 feet away. It also includes integrated Power over Ethernet and ties to SIP-based IP-PBXes and soft switches from vendors such as 3Com, Adtran and Digium. It is priced at $1,299.

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Digium SwitchVox AA60 with SwitchVox SMB 3.5

Digium's recently launched SwitchVox AA60 appliance was built to bring the vendor's open-source Asterisk VoIP platform to small businesses in a nice, tidy package. The IP-PBX runs the vendor's new Switchvox SMB 3.5 software, which includes features such as integrated phone management, multi-level administration and batch caller ID configuration. Through its Switchboard interface, users also get integration with and SugarCRM, as well as Google Maps. The interface also enables users to crate custom mash-ups with other Web applications. Pricing starts at $3,390 for 10 users.

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Quanta Syspine Digital Operator Phone System

The buzz around Microsoft's entrance into the VoIP space last year focused on the launch of its Office Communications Server 2007, but it also rolled out an IP telephony platform for small businesses with its Response Point software. Microsoft teamed with several hardware partners to roll out the offering,including Quanta, which built its Syspine Digital Operator Phone System on Response Point. Syspine is aimed at companies with up to 50 users and includes a voice recognition system that can be tied to the corporate directory and individual Microsoft Office Outlook address books. The system is priced at $2,499 for a 4-line base unit and 4 phones.

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Sun Ray Unified IP Client from Mitel

Mitel Networks and Sun Microsystems have teamed up to bring you an IP phone that integrates with thin-client terminals. The Sun Ray Unified IP Client from Mitel allows users securely to "hot desk" into Mitel IP phones and Sun thin-client devices using a Java card, providing voice and data services at any workstation on the network. It's also a green solution, using a combined 9 watts required to power the Sun Ray Thin Client and Mitel IP phone compared with 80-watt PCs or 60-watt laptops with 10-watt IP phones. The offering is scheduled for availability in the second quarter, with prices starting at $435.

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Netgear Wi-Fi Phone with Skype SPH200W

For Skype users that need to make calls but don't have a PC handy, there's Netgear's Wi-Fi Phone with Skype. This portable phone can make and receive Skype calls anywhere there's a Wi-Fi signal, and even works hot spot providers such as T-Mobile. It is priced at $149.99.

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Adtran NetVanta 7100 with Voice Quality Monitoring

Adtran has added new Quality of Service functionality to its VoIP platform with the launch of Voice Quality Monitoring, a tool that monitors and measures VoIP network performance. It helps network administrators keep tabs on problems such as jitter, loss and out-of-order packets so that can quickly find and fix problems. The functionality is included with Adtran IP-PBX platforms, including the NetVanta 7100, which is available for $4,595 without phones, or $440 per station with 24 IP phones.

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Global IP Solutions Rex PC

The Rex PC soft phone from Global IP Solutions, better known as GIPS, turns any computer into an IP phone, without the need to establish a VPN connection. It supports PC-to-PC calling as well as calling to outside numbers, as well as instant messaging from an internal contact list. Pricing was not available.

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Cisco 1861 Integrated Services Router

Built as an all-in-one networking device for SMBs and branch offices, Cisco Systems' 1861 Integrated Services Router integrates voice gateway, call processing, voicemail, automated attendant, conferencing, transcoding and security capabilities. It is priced starting at $3,995.

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IPcelerate IPsmartSuite

IPcelerate's IPsmartSuite packs a multitude of vertical-focused VoIP applications into an itty-bitty box. With software for everything from staffing and payroll to billing, appointment reminders and emergency response, IPcelerate offers everything a small doctor's office, retail store, legal firm or general office needs to run smoothly. It is priced under $2,500 for eight users.

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