25 Hot Products From RetailVision Europe

With the ancient city of architectural wonders as a backdrop, the vendors put forth their own product masterpieces at RetailVision Europe 2008, held May 14-16. It's hard to compete with architectural wonders like the Coliseum, but here are 25 products that made our heart beat a little faster.

PlanOn's PrintStik Wireless Mobile Printer

Print Anything Anywhere. That's the battle cry for PlanOn's amazing Printstik wireless Bluetooth mobile printer. Weighing in at 1.5 pounds and slim 1 inch x 1.9 inch by 11 inch frame, this product is just what the doctor ordered for road warriors looking to print anything and everything. The product, which just began shipping a few months ago, is priced at just $299 or 260 Euros. For those that have paid $15 to print a boarding pass from a hotel kiosk this little printer is a godsend. There's a reason this product has been featured on 24 and CSI. It's just amazing.

SmithMicro Software's VMware Fusion

So you want to make the big move and jump from the PC to the Macintosh and you're worried about leaving behind all of your Windows data, files and configurations? Well then you could use SmithMicro Software's red hot $79.99 VMware Fusion. With VMware's licensing backing, SmithMicro has created a product built exclusively for the Macintosh. So how hot is SmithMicro VMware Fusion? Well, it's the second best selling software product for the Macintosh behind Microsoft's Office. That sucking sound you hear is Microsoft users migrating from Windows to Macintosh.

Intel's Classmate PC

System builder extraordinaire CMS Computers is bringing Intel's Classmate PC to the United Kingdom starting in July. Priced at just 199 pounds ($400 U.S. dollars) the ruggedized system with a 7-inch screen and 2 Gbyte hard drive powered by Intel's atom processor packs a lot of bang for the buck. It runs Windows XP, which makes it an appealing product for students. "But make no mistake, says CMS National Sales Manager Mark Wallwork. It is not a "toy." And there is no need to worry about kids dropping it. The product can withstand the shock from a 60-centimeter drop. "We see this as a real growth market," says Wallwork.

CMS Computers Zoostorm One

The fashionable Zoostorm One may be CMS' most fashionable systems ever. The 19 inch One All In One product looks more like an LCD TV than a PC. You'd never know it from looking straight on, but the display, powered by Intel's P8400 Penryn processor, comes with a 160 Gbyte Sata hard drive, a DVDRW super multi-drive, 1 Gbyte DDR2 800 Mhz Ram and includes built in WiFi with Microsoft Vista Home Premium all at a price of 750 pounds ($1,500 U.S).

"This is the desktop of the future," said CMS Director Sion Roberts. "This is the way we see the desktop market going." The energy savings of the Penryn processor makes this product a big green money saver. "It's a little more expensive than a standard PC but you make the money back over the lifetime of the product because total cost of ownership is lower," said Roberts.

Vuzix Wrap 920

Vuzix's new Wrap 920, which will be available in September in Europe and the U.S. market, takes the personal viewing entertainment experience provided by Vuzix's eyewear to a higher fashion level. The Wrap 920, which will be priced at 349.99 euros ($449 U.S.), is what the company calls the first see through video eyewear sunglasses. That means you can lie back on the beach avoiding the sun's ultraviolet rays or use them to view the latest music video from your iPod, iPhone or even a movie from your DVD player. Look for this eyewear to be GPS enabled in the future. Cool Vuzix. Really cool.

Qimonda Aeneon XTune 2 Gbyte DDR-1600 Mhz

Qimonda is taking memory for the gamer enthusiast into hyperdrive with the Aeneon XTune 2 Gbyte DDR-1600 Mhz. It is a high-performance series memory that is used by Red Bull-crazed gamers looking to drive their systems to the stratosphere. Qimonda Senior Manager Ingo Mertner says no other overclocking memory product on the market has scooped as many awards as XTune. "This allows gamers to twist and tweak their system so they can squeak out the best performance without increased voltage and heat which slows the system down," says Mertner.

Dane Elec ZPen

The ZPen from Dane Elec Memory may very well be a killer application that takes pen-based note taking and editing to new heights. The ZPen is a digital pen with flash memory that allows you to write notes, sketch or draw on any type of paper, upload your handwritten notes on a computer and then edit or even search the notes. It's a lot of technology muscle for only 129 euros. The product will be available in the U.S. in several weeks. The product is based on some hot technology from an Israeli startup and is backed in part by Intel's venture capital arm. "The ZPen changes the whole way people make use of notes," said Nicolas Maigne, EMEA flash memory business manager for Dane Elec. "End users see it as more than a gadget. They are really using it to help them in everyday life."

Devo evobook N1

This ultra mobile system with a 7-inch screen that weighs about 2 pounds is part of a pack of new Internet mobile devices shaking up the market. The stylish system, available in Europe for 680 euros, runs Windows XP and comes with an integrated Skype cellphone pad that can be used to make free Internet calls directly from the system. We love the integrated cell phone functionality and the Italian design. This is one ultra mobile system we'd love to see in the US.

Devo's Evobook Plus

The Devo Evobook Plus, priced at 1,000 Euros, packs a lot more multimedia wallop than the Evobook N1. The system features an 8.4-inch screen and weighs in at a mere two and a half pounds, and features an integrated Webcam, Bluetooh 2.0 WI-FI and a slot for GPRS/GPS/3G.

Celluon's Laserkey CL850

Celluon's laser keyboard was featured as part of Devo's ultra mobile product demonstration and certainly was turning heads at the show. On its Website Celluon touts a best peripheral category win from Retail Vision 2006. Well the product is still turning heads. You haven't lived until you've typed using a laser keyboard. Retail is all about cool technology. And this is one product that definitely fits that bill.

Devolo dLAN 200 AVplus

Devolo is all about making home networking easy. And there is nothing easier than this home networking product. Priced at 149 Euros you simply plug the dlan 200 AVplus into a wall socket and you can integrate additional network devices onto your dlan network at speeds up to 200 Mbps for IPTV and video on demand. What's more the AVPlus solves the thorny quality of service issues that arise from interference that plague many home wireless networks. There's a reason Devolo has 2.5 million of these adapters in the last five years. It works.

Devolo dLAN Audio Extender Starter Kit

This neat Devolo product with an audio adapter and Ethernet USB adapter allows you to stream audio from your PC or MP3 player to either a hi-fi system in the living room or to any room in the house with external speakers. Once again the key here is the easy plug in adapter that Devolo has mastered. For 149 euros this is another winner.

Exspect MiBag

The MiBag 17 inch notebook bag from Exspect brings some easy to swap in color to the standard black laptop bag. You pay $39.99 for the standard black bag and then you can swap it out with six different colors (Red, Green, Brown, Blue, Purple And Silver). The MiBag solves that nasty retail problem of getting stuck stocking the wrong color and then being forced to deal with the high cost of bad inventory. We think it's a pretty neat solution for the cost conscious retailer and the consumer looking to spice up their notebook carrying life with a little color.

Kingston Technology 2Gbyte USB Flash Drive

Kingston Technology is celebrating the European Football Championship with a new line of 2Ggyte USB flash drives that includes a "Road To the Finals" video documentary on the 16 teams competing in the championship tournament. This is one in a new wave of Kingston products that feature content on the stick. The USB Flash drive here is customized for the Poland market. The Kingston packaging features the flags of the competing countries for each of the separate markets.

AIPTEK PocketDV AHD Z500/Plus

This pocket DVD camcorder weighs a mere 180 grams, but delivers full high definition 1080p power at about 279 Euros. We're not exaggerating when we say that you've got to see it to believe just how crisp the HD resolution from such a small camcorder. Dirk Leuther, product and IT manager for AIPTEK, showcased footage that he had shot on site that almost made Italy look even better on TV than it does in real life. "We've gotten great feedback on the product," he said. "People love it."

AIPTek Monet 8" Digital Photo Frame Bluetooth

If you'd like to instantly download photos from your cellphone or, amazingly enough, playback videos or MP3s on a clean and sleek digital photo frame, then this is the product for you. With a street price of 149 Euros this is a photo frame that is hard to beat.

Serif PagePlus X3 Publisher Professional

Serif's latest version of PagePlus X3, which is priced at only $99, features an improved import and edit PDF capability that is available on rival offerings at a price of more than $1,000. The latest and greatest version of the long standing publishing product also features a new logo studio option aimed at producing company logos quickly and an image cutout feature. Still looking good PagePlus.

AVF's Floating Corner Mount

Forget the Parthenon. AVF Group's new floating corner mount, which is available in August in both Europe and North America, is an architectural wonder to behold. The new corner mount, which has three separate patents and is priced at $599 in the US and 399 Euros, makes it look like your 70-inch plasma or LCD TV is literally floating in the corner of your living room. AVF engineers were working on the product for more than a year. The 3-shelf system hides all the messy wires and neatly swivels so the TV can be easily viewable in any part of a room. "It completely enhances the viewing experience," says Simon West, innovations director of AVF. "People want a complete solution and this aesthetically enhances the look of your room. No other product does that."

Teledex Datexx UltraBattery

This nifty $50 rechargeable USB output battery pack allows you to charge everything from your Blackberry to cell phone, iPhone, MP3 player and Bluetooth headset from a USB connection. Given all the different devices that most people are carrying now, $50 is a bargain if you can get rid of several of your chargers. The product has taken off in the U.S. and Teledex is looking for distribution in Europe.

OXX Handy

OXX Digital has made quite a name for itself by bringing wireless Internet radio to life on high quality radio and stereo gear. Now the company is taking that to another level with the Handy. The portable WI-FI system with a built-in lithium battery allows you to take your Internet radio experience poolside. The product will be available in September and is priced at 199 Euros.

Trust Wireless Keyboard and Laser Mouse For Macintosh

Trust is moving hard and fast into the Macintosh accessory market. This wireless keyboard and laser mouse is a must have for Mac users. It is priced at 69.95 Euros and will be available in July. The Mac is hot and so are Mac accessories.

Macally BTCup

The BTCup, priced at $99, may look like an ordinary cup holder, but it sports an FM transmitter and a microphone to bring hands free calling and FM radio to your drive time. Stuck in a traffic jam. No worry. Have a cup of coffee, make that deadline call or simply listen to some classical music to mellow you out.

HeadPlay Personal Cinema System

If you're into movies or gaming this portable system with a sleek black box called the liberator and a comfortable sun visor that features a stunning personal viewing screen then this product is for your. Priced at $499 this product is already available in the U.S. and will be in Europe this summer. The product has a 6-hour battery so if you're making that long trip across country you can watch several films. HeadPlay expects big sales from gamers plugging this baby into Xbox and Wiis.

Incomedia WebSite X5

This product allows anyone, and we do mean anyone, to create a Website quickly and easily. It has won rave reviews for its ability to allow novices to build great looking powerful Websites. It's hard to believe it is priced at only 60 Euros given its ability to span both novice and more powerful Website builder audiences. For those that want to take on the big boys with their Websites it features E-Commerce and PayPal credit payment options, RSS Feeds, email form support, Multilanguage sites and reserved areas.

DataWind's PocketSurfer 2

The PocketSurfer 2, which literally fits in your shirt pocket, takes Internet viewing on the go to another level. At just 170 grams with blinding Internet access speed due to its powerful compression technology, this product is bringing a new wave of consumers to the Internet on the go. The best thing about this product though, which is priced at 249.99 Euro, is it includes free mobile Internet access for one year with up to 30 hours a month usage. For 9.99 Euros you get unlimited usage. The same offer does not apply in the U.S. because the data usage rates are more expensive in the US, says Datawind CEO David Elder. The U.S. price for the device is $299 with a $30 unlimited usage per month fee. Elder says Datawind is committed to championing low priced Internet connectivity with the slick device. "We're the people's champion," says Elder.