Behind The Scenes: Ingram Micro's Custom Server Configuration Center

Ingram Micro is now selling a new series of 1U rack-mounted custom server solutions with Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors, offering solution providers and systems builders an alternative to brand-name manufacturers.

The customizable server offerings build on the distributor's Integration Services resources, which also include desktop and laptop configuration. The following photographs offer a behind-the-scenes look at Ingram Micro's team in its 40,000-square-foot configuration and engineering center in Millington, Tenn.

Ingram Micro engineers Maurice Dyson and Preston Machen process a configuration for a prototype at Ingram Micro's configuration facility.

Ingram Micro's Marcus Leonard installs memory on a laptop. In addition to servers, the distributor also custom configures and tests desktops and laptops on behalf of solution providers before the devices are shipped off to end users.

A technician kids an AMD/Intel processor order for a customer.

Darryl Gaines, (left), configuration lead, and technician Jason Covington review the status of an image download.

Technician Michael Taylor installs hardware and runs diagnostics on an order of PCs.

Johnny Flemming, server technician, installs memory and hard drives to blades for a server rack.

John Nutt wires a rack for an Ingram Micro customer.

Production technician Jason Covington shows his multitasking by working on 10 laptops at once on his workbench.

Murad Bilalov configures a point-of-sale system with a merchant account.

Production technician Michael Taylor burns images onto multiple PCs in the Millington desktop integration area.

Dmitriy Yakovenko, foreground, performs a quality inspection on a Cisco router.

An integration engineer installs hardware components in an HP server.

Here's a look at one of Ingram's new servers. The 1U- customized server solutions come in three general offerings, including Streamlined, Advanced and Powerhouse. Each server can be customized to both legacy and emerging technology solutions, including video surveillance, virtualization, mail/print server solutions and many others. Each comes standard with a three-year, next-business-day warranty plan, according to the distributor.