Sin City, Baby: 25 Sizzling New Products To See At Interop Las Vegas 2010

What Happens In Vegas...

It's that time of year again, when Las Vegas plays host to the best of the best when it comes to networking and interoperability. Yup, it's Interop time, ladies and gents. And after somewhat of a lull last year due to the bleak economic outlook, Interop Las Vegas is back in full swing for 2010. Hundreds of vendors plan to show their latest and greatest, and this year even a few of them look skyward to the cloud instead of the plumbing from Interops of yore. Take a look and bone up on what will be on the show floor at the Mandalay Bay now. The more you learn today, the more time you have at the Black Jack table tomorrow.

So without further ado, here are 25 hot as blazes new products to see at Interop Las Vegas 2010.

Weidenhammer vRescue To The Rescue

Weidenhammer is ready to take Vegas and Interop by storm with the official launch of vRescue On Demand Recovery, a fully managed backup and recovery service that lets users have product servers up and running in minutes and at a fraction of the cost of other high-availability solutions.

Leveraging both the cloud and virtualization, vRescue offers remote backup of mission critical systems to virtualized servers in a secure 24x7 data center. vRescue performs daily tests and validation of these systems to ensure recovery in the event of disaster of equipment failure. Client notification initiates the vRescue recovery process, brings an application online and is available to the end user at a moment's notice.

ExtraHop Analyzes Traffic In The Cloud

ExtraHop Networks has its high-tech guns cocked and loaded in preparation for the launch of Network Timeout (aka, a free, cloud-based service for analyzing network traffic. The Web service, which will be unveiled at Interop Las Vegas, helps IT admins analyze and share packet captures to accelerate troubleshooting and improve application delivery, ultimately ensuring that business-critical transactions don't fail.

Network Timeout is a community-driven effort powered by the ExtraHop Application Delivery Assurance system that aims to improve access to network and application analysis solutions and build broader technical knowledge among IT pros.

Napatech Kicks 10G Into High Gear

Napatech will show off the world's first 2x10 Gbps Intelligent Real-time Network Analysis adapters based on PCI-Express Gen 2 in its new NT20E2 In-line adapter products. The NT20E2 In-line is ideal for applications that require both real-time capture and transmitting, like Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and policy enforcement applications operating at 10-Gbps line-speed. It is complemented by the NT20E2 Capture adapter, which provides full 20-Gbps packet capture throughput over the PCI-Express Gen 2 bus.

The pair of NT20E2 adapters offer features for pre-processing, off-loading and accelerating network appliance performance and both are based on a low-profile form factor with SFP+ modules and PCI-Express Gen 2.

Edgecore Networks Serves Up Wireless Gateway

Edgecore Networks, formerly SMC Networks and a subsidiary of LG-Nortel, at Interop will showcase its just-released Wireless Multi-Access Business Gateway (MBG) which features combined network gateways and wireless controllers for secure, cheap and hassle free wireless network infrastructure.

The Edgecore Networks Wireless MBG can support roaming for voice apps, including wireless phones in Edgecore's upcoming unified communications offering. The gateways are targeted at enterprises with more than 500 users and can support from 50 to 150 wireless access points, including Edgecore's own APs.

Edgecore Networks will also use Interop to highlight its new 10GBASE-T uplink module (SMC10BTMOD), which gives partners the ability to upgrade and expand solutions for customer migrations to Cat6a while still providing 100 Meter 10 G performance. The module will enable dual 10G uplink capabilities and non-blocking stacking on Edgecore's existing flagship family of TigerStack 1000 26- and 50-port SMC89-series managed Layer 3 switches.

Xelerated, Accton Pair For Access Switch

Xelerated and Accton Technology have partnered to offer unified fiber access market products including point-to-point, Ethernet, PON and Mobile Backhaul. At Interop, the pair will unveil its first product, a Gigabit Ethernet fiber access switch. The new switch offers 44 GigE point-to-point access ports and four 10 GigE uplink ports in one rack unit of space. The data plane is based on Xelerated's unified fiber access software, which supports point-to-point Ethernet, PON and mobile backhaul applications, and the hardware has been designed for easy adaptation to alternative configurations in those areas.

NetScout Continues To Get 'nGenius'

NetScout will demonstrate the newly launched nGenius Integrated Agent, a new product that adds to NetScout's virtualized probe technology for integration into third-party network equipment. The first implementation of the integration is with the widely used Cisco ISR and Cisco G2 platforms. Leveraging the Cisco Application Extension Platform (AXP), the nGenius Integrated Agent integrates with the Cisco ISR to enable always-on visibility for all WAN and LAN traffic that passes through the router into and out of the branch. The self-contained NetScout agent his hosted on a dedicated service module in the ISR, mitigating any performance impact to the routing engine or other services.

Microsemi Debuts New Midspans

Microsemi will use Interop as the platform for the first public showcasing of its new PowerDsine PD3501 and PD3501G IEEE 802.3af-compliant single-port PoE midspans. The pair feature the industry's lowest power consumption in both no-load and load conditions in low-port-density installations.

Along with the public unveiling of the PowerDsine PD3501 and PD3501G, Microsemi will also showcase its other ICs and PoE offerings including the PD69101 PoE controller for Ethernet switches and midspans; its fourth-generation PD69012 PoE controller; and the rest of the PowerDsine PoE midspan portfolio.

Voltaire Turns Up The Juice With UFM

At Interop Las Vegas, Voltaire will highlight its recently launched Unfired Fabric Manager (UFM) software for 10 Gigabit Ethernet Fabrics. UMF is an Ethernet scale-out fabric management application that orchestrates physical and virtual switches, delivering guaranteed levels of service per application. Using an application-centric, real-time approach, UFM enables data center operators to monitor and manage the entire fabric, maximize fabric resource utilization and enforce security policies.

Sagemcom Gets Cuts To The Fax

Sagemcom will demonstrate its XMediusFAX AXP FoIP as part of the Cisco branch office, virtualization and unified communications. Billed as the only IP fax server that can support Cisco ISR G2 and AXP platforms, the XMediusFAX AXP targets SMBs and branch offices and features a host of capabilities like a multilingual interface, compatibility with Cisco Services Ready Engines and Enhanced Network Modules running AXP 1.5, auto-healing, report generation and a Web phonebook for integration with Web 2.0 technologies. The server also features full SIP-based interoperability with UC platforms like Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent and others.

Diskeeper Takes Network Pulse

Diskeeper plans to launch Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks 3.0, a free utility that pinpoints where fragmentation is threatening network reliability. The Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks 3.0 lets users create custom groups and automatically scheduled reports for easy management. Diskeeper has also bolstered the software's reporting options so they're more in line with other Diskeeper products and now include details regarding free space fragmentation. The new software also enables users to enumerate and scan computers under Active Directory security groups or via IP address and supports a wide range of Windows platforms.

AlertSite Manages Web Performance

At Interop, AlertSite will lift the curtain off of its DejaClick ScriptShare, an enhancement to DejaClick, an inside-the-browser Web performance system that lets users record and test simulated user click streams (scripts) to ensure optimal Web performance and responsiveness. Previously, Web performance management was largely an individual responsibility, ScriptShare turns it into a team affair. Users can record, upload and e-mail their scripts to colleagues to ensure the entire team is aware of Web performance monitoring testing scripts and strategies, or send them to management to demonstrate the proactive measures they are taking to ensure uptime and full functionality of their organization's Web properties.

Additionally, users can access their monitoring scripts from any Internet-enabled computer (not just the device the script was recorded on), ensuring errors or other necessary changes can be addressed immediately, minimizing the potentially damaging effects on user experience.

Extreme Gets More Extreme

Extreme Networks will launch the new VIM440 module for the Summit X650 data center top-of-rack switch that will enable the box to scale to 40 GigE. The module, which will make its debut at Interop Las Vegas, will run less than $1,000 per 40 GigE port (U.S. list price is $3,995 for a four-port module).

Egenera Keeps Unified Computing Open

Egenera plans to unveil its new PAN Manager 3.0 software at Interop Las Vegas. The software gives users the ability to create a flexible, policy-driven, highly-available unified computing and converged infrastructure -- using standard servers and standard Ethernet. The software transforms statically-assigned servers into flexible resources that can be rapidly and automatically re-allocated based on business requirements. It includes integrated technologies for I/O virtualization, converged networking, virtual switching, virtual load balancing and storage connection management. PAN Manager's point-and-click interface lets users provision and repurpose both virtual and physical x86 servers in minutes, optimizing system utilization and data center productivity. PAN Manager's integrated high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities allow users to maintain mission-critical levels of application availability and responsiveness while significantly reducing the cost of hardware, software, power, cooling and floor space. The result is a mission-critical application infrastructure with massive efficiencies and low total cost of ownership.

Blue Coat Virtualizes Optimization, Acceleration

At Interop Las Vegas, Blue Coat will showcase the Blue Coat Virtual Appliance, which provides the same WAN optimization, video delivery and Web acceleration as Blue Coat ProxySG hardware-based appliances but now on industry standard servers. In virtual environments, Blue Coat Virtual Appliance can run alongside Microsoft Windows Server and any local applications. Additionally, branch office services like print server, DNS, DHCS and other functions can be consolidated on a single server along with Blue Coat WAN optimization and video delivery.

Gigamon: A Data Access Switch For The Rest Of Us

Gigamon will show off its just-released entry level Data Access Switch, the GigaVUE-212. The entry level switch is a modular packet-aware Data Access Switch which aggregates, replicates, filters and load divides traffic flows across multiple passive monitoring tools at a fraction of the cost of similar devices. This new GigaVUE-212 provides similar functionality to Gigamon's GigaVUE-420 and GigaVUE-2404 platforms, but at a much lower cost and for implementations where fewer ports are needed, providing access to Gigamon's proven network-monitoring technology to a wider customer base.

The switch supports eight 1 GigE ports and two 10 GigE ports with an optional expansion module for support of another four 1 GigE ports. The GigaVUE-212 is ideal for data centers and enterprises that either require a low-cost option in order to enhance their network monitoring for the first time, or who have areas of their networks where they need lower port counts to support comprehensive monitoring.

Tripwire Picks Up On Suspicious Activity

Tripwire will highlight Tripwire Log Center, which dynamically analyzes events and change information resulting in intelligent threat control that makes it possible for continuous compliance and non-stop security. The Log Center uses intelligence to recognize suspicious patterns across all events and changes. Combining event and change information, organizations get more visibility across their infrastructure. Sophisticated threat patterns are recognized instantly, so organizations can respond swiftly and keep data protected.

Tripwire Log Center offers dynamic activity analysis, real-time threat monitoring, automated event response, comprehensive log management and integrated configuration control.

Kerio Adds New Collaboration Server, Firewall

Kerio Technologies will show off its Kerio Connect and Kerio WinRoute Firewall at Interop Las Vegas 2010.

Kerio Connect is a messaging and collaboration server, which includes distributed domain clustering for seamless IT management of a single domain supporting multiple branch offices. The latest release uses the CardDAV protocol to synchronize contacts with Apple Address Book. Kerio runs on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and is available as a virtual appliance on the VMware and Parallels platforms. The solution comes with integrated anti-spam, anti-virus, automated backup, multiple mobile device support and archiving.

Meanwhile, the latest release of Kerio WinRoute Firewall is available in a Software Appliance edition and a VMware Virtual Appliance edition. Both versions employ a hardened Linux OS that requires no configuration or maintenance; the first is available as an ISO image for easy installation on dedicated hardware, and the second is available as an industry-standard OVF package designed for VMware deployment. Kerio's network of 4,400 partners can now tailor scalable security solutions for their clients on the hardware or virtualization platform of their choice.

Astaro Sees Red

Astaro bumps up branch office security at Interop Las Vegas 2010 with the release of Astaro RED (shown here), a complete and centrally managed Unified Threat Management appliance for branch offices. The product lets organizations connect their remote locations to headquarters to provide UTM functionality without onsite technical expertise.

Astaro will also showcase its Mail Archiving offering, a hosted service that can be set up in 15 minutes. Astaro Mail Archiving provides unlimited storage and lets users find archived mail quickly and easily through an Outlook plug-in.

Net Optics Makes Networks Smarter

Net Optics will show off the Indigo PRO Management Platform, which enables customers to see a unified view of hundreds of Net Optics devices across distributed locations. Designed for the enterprise, Indigo PRO gives users simplified management of multiple data access solutions and reduces operations costs while also leveraging built in statistical data capabilities of Net Optics devices. Device information and status identified via a graphical representation of devices with panels, ports, LED views and status information. The traffic collected from SNMP and from emitting interfaces of Net Optics devices will be loaded into the management software, creating a central repository for network statistics.

F5 Tackles High-End Performance

F5 will add a new high-end appliance series to its arsenal with the BIG-IP 11050 platform (shown) and a new 8950 hardware appliance featuring higher throughput and enhanced Layer 4 performance. Additionally, F5 will also deliver production and lab versions of its virtual appliance, BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) Virtual Edition (VE) at Interop. Together, F5's physical and virtual ADC solutions give enterprises and service providers greater flexibility, offering a hybrid approach to architecting an adaptable and highly scalable application delivery network.

Paessler Bulks Up Network Monitoring

Network monitoring software vendor Paessler AG will announce the release of its new PRTG Network Monitor v. 7.2 at Interop. The software adds several new features for "user friendliness" and more intuitive operation, including a new Windows Graphic User Interface (WIN-GUI), extended reporting functions and the Amazon CloudWatch Sensor.

Additionally, the new PRTG v. 7.2 includes several new report templates to boost reporting capabilities. Each template generates a top 100 list of specific sensor values, along with other enhanced display options. Other new functions and sensors include a QoS Sensor, an IP SLA Sensor, a Microsoft HyperV Sensor, a RADIUS Server Sensor and support for NetFlow 9 and sFlow.

Crescendo Gets Hyper(Scale)

At Interop, Crescendo Networks will unveil an exclusive Application Delivery Controller (ADC) solution technology called HyperScale, which the company said will deliver massive scalability and predictable high performance, supporting up to 100 Gbps in a pay-as-you-grow offering. HyperScale will be offered as an option with all Crescendo AppBeat DC CN-7000 series controllers starting in June. The new HyperScale technology lets IT managers add more AppBeat DC units as Web traffic grows instead of forcing them to replace ADC hardware to meet throughput demands. HyperScale lets multiple controllers run as one logical ADC, meaning data centers, cloud networks and e-businesses can implement ADCs of any scale in their Web environment. System admins can now support up to 100 GB of ADC throughput by aggregating controllers with smaller capacities and slice the resulting logical ADC into as many virtual clients as desired.

Morphlabs Makes Cloud Easy

Morphlabs will show off its cloud computing enablement offerings and the U.S. launch of its mCloud series at Interop Las Vegas 2010. Comprising Morphlabs mCloud Controller 2.1 and mCloud Server, the product suite offers rapid cloud delivery platform deployment for MSPs and enterprise data centers.

Morphlabs' mCloud series is built on industry-leading cloud standards to facilitate the hybrid implementation of both public and private virtual resources. The mCloud series virtualizes commodity hardware while simplifying system administration and application management.

The Morphlabs mCloud Controller 2.1 is an appliance that converts commodity hardware into a cloud, while Morphlabs' mCloud Server is a fully contained cloud computing environment.

NComputing Touts Virtual Desktops

NComputing will announce the availability of the L300 access device based on the NComputing Numo family chip, a highly integrated and multimedia enhancing System-on-Chip (SoC). The L300, used in combination with NComputing vSpace virtualization software delivers Windows virtual desktops and integrates into Citrix and VMware VDI installations.

The L300 Ethernet virtual desktop delivers rich, full screen, full motion multimedia playback up to 1920x1080 resolution, transparent USB redirection and simple deployment and management tools, making setup easy to deploy four workstations in a remote branch office or 4,000 in a corporate office.

Lancope Unlocks Network Visibility

Lancope will highlight its upcoming StealthWatch FlowSensor AE 3000, which provides flow-based 10 Gig monitoring for cost-effective network visibility. The new appliance gives organizations a unified platform for network performance and security monitoring starting at $27,995. The Lancope StealthWatch FlowSensor AE 3000 will be available May 10.