Apple And AT&T: 6 Big-Time Blunders

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AT&T And Apple: Comedy Of Errors

AT&T and Apple have had a rough time of it lately.

In a little more than three years, the relationship that started with spotty service and tapped bandwidth slowly devolved into a series of blunders that included major privacy breaches, crashing servers and bungled pre-orders.

But let's not entirely point the finger at AT&T. It takes two tango, and Apple has done its fair share of dancing around its device's design flaws and functionality issues, let alone embarrassingly condescending e-mails to irate customers.

Until recently, something that defied logic seemed to hold these two together in their abusive yet codependent marriage. Now that it seems this relationship is on its deathbed, let's take a look at the recent comedy of errors that could facilitate the beginning of the end.


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