Start Spreading The News: 15 Hot New Products To See At Interop NYC

New York, New York!

Now in its sixth year, Interop New York storms the Jacob Javits Center this week as IT pros from around the globe storm to see the latest and greatest in networking tools and cloud computing. The show floor at Interop New York 2010 is expected to be jam-packed with vendors showing off their hottest new tools and solutions for everything from network storage appliances and security to WAN optimization and cloud computing.

New York may be the city that never sleeps, and neither does the network.

Here are 15 hot new products that will be unveiled or showcased during Interop NY this week.

Coyote Point Systems Equalizer OnDemand

Coyote Point Systems will debut its Equalizer OnDemand Application Delivery Controller. The controller runs as a VMware virtual appliance. Coyote Point said the Equalizer Application Delivery Controller can be deployed as hardware or software to provide content routing, load balancing and application acceleration and to control VMware to optimize application performance.

Coyote Point’s Equalizer OnDemand is available now to qualified Coyote Point partners that provide cloud computing and other virtualized hosting services.

NTR Service Desk

At Interop New York 2010, NTRglobal will premier NTR Service Desk, the first in a series of ITIL-based SaaS modules for IT automation, system management and remote support. NTR Service Desk is a "grow as you go" approach for companies to adopt and extend support features they need. The offering features open APIs and integration connectors to hundreds of existing enterprise systems for CRM, HR, ticketing, ERP, accounting and reporting. The SaaS module helps IT manage and configure assets with on-demand multibrowser, multiplatform support inside or outside the corporate network. NTR Service Desk offers a new platform-as-a-service to deploy, integrate and manage enterprise assets with cloud readiness.

FaceVsion E1, L2 TouchCams

FaceVsion will expand its lineup of FV TouchCams with two new 1080p capable personal videoconference cameras for Google Gmail and Cisco WebEx users. The new TouchCam E1 and L2 models can stream up to 1080p HD video over the Internet using faceVsion QuLives communication software and a Gmail account. The cameras are also usable for online meetings using Cisco's WebEx.

The TouchCam E1 (shown) features a wide-angle lens with up to 75 degree field of vision and dual built in microphones. The compact L2 is also 1080p capable and features a wide 28 mm lens with a sliding lens cover for traveling. Both can be easily mounted on the screen of a laptop or set on a desk for impromptu videoconferences.

Quest vWorkspace Ready Program

Quest will unveil its Quest vWorkspace Ready Program at Interop New York. The program is a multivendor initiative to help businesses simplify the complexities and speed the implementation of virtual desktops. The vWorkspace Ready Program teams hardware vendors with the Quest Desktop Virtualization Group to deliver preconfigured thin clients for virtual desktop deployments. Products preloaded with Quest vWorkspace, preconfigured and successfully pretested are certified with the ’Quest vWorkspace Ready’ insignia.

Quest works with thin client vendors to make available virtual desktops that meet rigorous tests and specifications and are as close to plug-n-play and as possible. This is accomplished by thin client vendors working closely with Quest to preload vWorkspace software; preconfigure base-level functionality; and thoroughly pretest implementation in real-world environments.

Quest Foglight Integration

Along with the vWorkspace Ready Program, Quest will also showcase its new Foglight Network Management System (NMS) integration. Combining Foglight NMS with Quest's overall Foglight portfolio delivers a full Application Performance Monitoring solution that can lower the cost of application service and network management.

Ciphertex CX-5000NAS AES 256 Secure Network Storage Appliance

NewY, Ciphertex Data Security plans to introduce the CX-5000NAS AES 256 Encryption Secure Network Storage Appliance. The portable solution is for secure network storage in virtualization environments for VMware, Citrix and Microsoft Windows where IT managers must securely store, share and use digital assets and documents for a host of compliance and business-critical tasks. Each appliance can house up to five 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch SATA hard disk drives and incorporates Intel Atom 1.8 GHz dual core processors with 1 GB of memory.

The CX-5000NAS can be expanded with the Ciphertex’s Ranger Tower RAID systems for AES 256 Hardware Encryption as a network shared storage of VMware, Citrix virtualization environments and Windows clustered servers.

VSS Monitoring V4.24 Copper And Fiber Distributed Tap

VSS Monitoring will showcase its latest distributed traffic capture technology for network monitoring at Interop New York. It will show the V4.24 Copper and Fiber Distributed Tap (shown here), a flexible and intelligent capture device for networks ranging from 10 Mbps to 10 GigE with hardware-based filtering for filtering at full line rate, and Session-Aware Load Balancing, which increases user control of traffic distribution to monitoring tools, increasing output capacity while maintaining session integrity.

ScienceLogic EM7 G3 All-In-One

ScienceLogic will launch its EM7 G3 All-in-One, a turnkey monitoring solution for network, virtualization and cloud delivered as an easy-to-deploy appliance for the midmarket. Based on the Best of Interop award-winning EM7 G3, the EM7 G3 All-in-One uses a new 64-bit platform, providing enhanced automation, visualization, reporting and customization features for midsized enterprises with enterprise-class needs looking to make the leap into cloud computing

ScriptLogic PacketTrap IT

At Interop, ScriptLogic plans to demo its PacketTrap IT product, a networking monitoring and IT infrastructure management solution. ScriptLogic said PacketTrap IT solves problems associated with bandwidth, connectivity, network and infrastructure performance that are often constant, time-consuming issues for IT departments. PacketTrap supports multiple sites, is easier to use and more complete than traditional network monitoring.

Kubisys Thin Capture

Kubisys Thin Capture, which the company will showcase at Interop New York, produces a complete clone of the production environment in just 15 minutes, preserving identical production networking, application stack, and entire data-set all working together in an isolated bubble. Self-contained and rack mountable, Thin Capture plugs into the existing infrastructure. Thin Capture allows working with production systems with production data, without risk to the production servers. Many sandboxes -- reflecting production subsets -- can be created simultaneously for investigating multiple "what-if?" situations without touching production data. Current configuration allows for unlimited number of servers to be captured, and upwards of 20 servers to be running simultaneously within the Thin Capture environment. Kubisys Thin Capture can rapidly provision clones of production environment with no need to allocate extra storage, and without disrupting production. Thin Capture can also be used for trouble-shooting production issues, experimentation, health-monitoring or to off-load some production workloads.

Astaro Wireless Security

Astaro Wireless Security includes a subscription that turns the Astaro Security Gateway into a wireless controller as well as dedicated Astaro Wireless Access Points to be placed throughout an organization as needed. The new approach integrates seamlessly with the security policy in place and therefore offers the same level of UTM security to wireless clients as if they were connected via LAN.

Napatech NT20E2

Napatech will showcase a host of new solutions, including the NT20E2 (shown), a 2 x 10G network adapter. Using the NT20E2, Napatech plans to demonstrate how to build 20G traffic generation and packet capture solutions and how to scale an application to handle up to 20G of traffic without dropping packets and with low CPU load.

Napatech will also show how to build a low-cost packet generator the NT20E2 and a standard PC server. The demonstration will show full 20G traffic generation including full control of IFG (Inter-Frame Gap) and generation of Ethernet/TCP/UDP CRC checksums.

Vembu Pro Online Backup Service

Vembu Technologies will highlight the production release of Vembu Pro Online Backup Service hosted on Amazon Web Services Cloud. Vembu Pro is offered to businesses exclusively through MSPs and VARs. With Vembu Pro Online Backup Service, VARs and MSPs can offer their own branded online backup service to customers without having to invest in hardware or storage infrastructure. Vembu Pro servers are hosted in the highly scalable and secure cloud infrastructure offered by Amazon Web Services. Vembu Pro Online Backup Service employs a dedicated technical support team providing support for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Vembu Pro offers a comprehensive set of features for data backups such as MS Exchange, MS SQL, MS SharePoint, MS Outlook, etc., fully brandable with the partner's product name, logo and colors. Vembu Pro service is powered by Vembu's online backup software, StoreGrid which is used by more than 2,000 service providers worldwide.

MaestroDev Maestro 3

At Interop New York, MaestroDev, a provider of enterprise software build and private cloud environments, will announce Maestro 3, its complete enterprise build environment with an application layer that orchestrates a broad set of open-source tools like Maven, Achiva, Hudson, Continuum, Sonar, Selenium, Xen, Eucalyptus, Icinga and Puppet, in a single interface.

Maestro 3 includes a production-grade private cloud platform specifically optimized for the internal build and deployment environments that Fortune 500 customers require.

Maestro 3 also introduces "Compositions" that allow standardization and automation across a much broader set of DevOps functions including build, test, report, enforce, release, manifest, and deploy, as well as infrastructure provisioning for dedicated hardware and both private and public cloud.

nMetrics Network Intelligence

Australian networking monitoring player nMetrics will introduce Network Intelligence into its Application Monitors, providing visibility of application behavior across the network. With the addition of Network Intelligence, nMetrics now offers a combination of flow based and deep packet inspection techniques.