Cure The Tech Hangover: 25 Hot New Products To See At Interop

Interop Las Vegas 2011: In The Air Tonight

Las Vegas doesn't mess around. Nor do Interop attendees. As the widely popular comedy "The Hangover" proved, sometimes Vegas can get the better of people. But with Interop Las Vegas 2011 in full swing this week at Mandalay Bay, a host of vendors from myriad disciplines will show their wares hoping to cure, or at least soften the blow, of the tech hangover.

From networking and voice to cloud and virtualization, Interop Las Vegas 2011 has a little something for everybody. And on the Interop show floor, vendors will showcase their latest and greatest gear. Here we take a look at 25 hot new products to see on the Interop show floor.

It's in the air tonight. Feel it.

LG Ericsson SBG-1000

LG-Ericsson USA will launch the SBG-1000 communications management system at Interop Las Vegas. A full-featured business communication solution that brings big business features and professionalism to small-office and small-business environments, it enables pure IP communications for virtually all of the demanding business communication applications, including voice, data, video and conferencing, in environments of up to 20 employees or users.

Ciphertex CX-Ranger-EX

Ciphertex Data Security's CX-Ranger-EX will make its public debut at Interop Las Vegas 2011. The CX-Ranger-EX is a portable AES 256-bit hardware-based encrypted RAID system with eSATA, FireWire 800, USB 3.0 and up to 15 TB of storage capacity. According to Ciphertex, when used with the Ciphertex PCIe x4 RAID controller, up to four CX-Ranger-EX units can be attached to a single workstation for 60 TB of high-performance encrypted RAID secure storage.

CSI Managed Services

CSI (Cellular Specialties Inc.) will showcase its managed services offerings at Interop Las Vegas this week. Through its managed services, CSI offers 24 x 7 x 365 NOC services and SLAs to support in-building systems. The company's monitoring services detect network issues and dispatch support to prevent wireless service interruption and limit system downtime.

Amplidata AmpliStor

Storage startup Amplidata will showcase AmpliStor at Interop. AmpliStor is a purpose-built Optimized Object Storage (OOS) system specifically designed to address the challenges of reliable, low-cost active archives for large-scale unstructured data. AmpliStor is scalable and enables the maintenance of tens of petabytes of data and beyond and is specifically optimized to provide reliability and efficiency for large-scale unstructured data, including media assets as well as large documents, backup streams and other binary assets. Amplidata said AmpliStor solves the key issue of reliability on multiterabyte disk drives. Key advantages over tape include online performance, auto-management and data migration, which leads to 90 percent power savings vs. other disk-based storage systems and provides a new low cost point and total cost of ownership. In many cases, the TCO of AmpliStor is much closer to tape than to other disk-based storage solutions, the company said.

Motorola WiNG 5

Motorola plans to take the airwaves at Interop with its WiNG 5 WLAN portfolio, which the company said now offers more flexibility with new indoor and outdoor single-, dual- and tri-radio 802.11n access points and the powerful NX 9000 Integrated Services Controller.

Motorola said WiNG 5 eliminates choke points faced by traditional hub-and-spoke architectures by leveraging network intelligence and security at the edge to increase performance of mobile applications. The resulting WLAN delivers a better user experience regardless of location or application and is easy to deploy, manage, troubleshoot and expand as new mobile services are added.

The NX 9000 is designed to help distributed organizations effectively manage up to 10,000 APs from a network operations center for a continental or global deployment. Ideally suited for retailers, government agencies, hospital campuses, school districts and enterprises operating multiple facilities across wide geographies, it helps cost-effectively support demanding wireless applications and large numbers of wireless devices.

Avaya Virtual Services Platform 7000

At Interop Avaya plans to highlight the Avaya Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 7000, a future-ready Ethernet switching platform specifically architected for tomorrow's high-performance data centers. Designed around a next-generation chipset, the VSP 7000 is an energy- and space-efficient top-of-rack platform that delivers 1-Gbps and 10-Gbps Ethernet connectivity for today's needs and the ability to flexibly support 40-Gbps and 100-Gbps Ethernet, Fiber Channel connectivity, networkwide fabric-based virtualized services and lossless environments for tomorrow's requirements.

Huawei Symantec Secospace USG9300

Huawei Symantec will storm Interop with the launch of the Secospace USG9300, an ultra-high-performance firewall, IPS and VPN solution designed for large enterprises, data centers and service providers. The USG9300 (shown here as the USG9320) delivers 10-GBE and 1-GBE port density and resiliency for a data center environment, while offering strong price-performance for customers. The new network security offering from Huawei Symantec provides scalability and guards against dangerous threats and attacks that flood data center networks, while providing customers with an effective alternative to costly competitors.

AppRiver SecureSurf

AppRiver plans to showcase its SecureSurf, an easy-to-deploy hosted solution that protects companies against online threats by incorporating security information from a number of sources, including AppRiver's own spam filtering service. The SecureSurf process checks targeted Web sites against a continuously updated list of Web sites known to distribute malware or viruses, or that contain pornography and other objectionable content. SecureSurf also lets companies establish thorough Web surfing policies, monitor Web usage and create whitelists of known good sites. For Web sites that appear to be somewhat suspicious, the service directs them to a hosted proxy server, which can conduct a rapid, detailed content analysis.

SolarWinds Real-Time AppFlow Analyzer

SolarWinds will showcase its Real-Time AppFlow Analyzer (RTAFA) at Interop, making it one of the first vendors to offer a product leveraging AppFlow. The free RTAFA tool analyzes AppFlow data to show application performance by top URLs, HTTP status codes and HTTP request methods. The tool also can show detailed information about users accessing the Web service, including information on what browser they are using as well as detailed summaries of how much traffic and how many requests they have sent and received.

Quipu Applications incQubator

Cloud startup Quipu Applications will launch and demo its incQubator offering at Interop 2011 in Las Vegas. According to the company, the incQubator provides branded BusinessModel communities with a cloud-based business instrumentation and collaboration tool to monitor current investments and automate and normalize prospect investment analysis and other key performance metrics in realtime. This launch comes on the heels of last month's introduction of its cloud-based collaborative application, BusinessModel, which allows entrepreneurs, SMBs and investment professionals to create, share, manage and monitor their business plan and business operations.

Anue 5273 Net Tool Optimizer

Anue Systems will launch the latest addition to its 5200 family, the Anue 5273 Net Tool Optimizer, a carrier-class, NEBS Level 3 compliant system to help service providers achieve optimal network performance while meeting increased bandwidth needs required by increasing mobile and video content. The new box solves the challenges that many telecommunication and cable service providers face when trying to monitor and manage their operational networks. The Anue 5273 aggregates data from multiple points in the network and ensures the delivery of critical network traffic to essential monitoring tools for complete network visibility. Enhancing the power of network monitoring tools improves network performance, increases data center staff productivity and reduces potential risk of network outages, the company said. Enterprise data centers where high availability is essential also can use the Anue 5273 NTO.

Kerio Workspace

At Interop, Kerio will unveil Kerio Workspace, a sharing and collaboration tool that gives teams one place to store project notes, ideas, files and multimedia content. Accessed via any Web browser, Kerio Workspace enables teams to organize projects and content. Some will use it as a central repository for files with commented version control. Others will opt for a more rich experience where files play a secondary role to creating, sharing and storing content directly on Web pages. Kerio Workspace provides News Feeds, which empower contributors to notify their colleagues of changes and updates. News Feeds, which arrives by e-mail alert, is similar to social networking, only it's productive.

G Data Software MobileSecurity 2012

G Data Software will launch MobileSecurity 2012, which provides protection against malware and fraudulent programs for smartphones and tablet PCs. Features such as integrated authorization surveillance monitors all apps and prevents unwanted sending of text messages and allows users to protect their personal, confidential information. MobileSecurity will be available for $9.99, and current G Data customers with a valid license will be able to download it for free. Other features include on-demand checking, blacklist monitoring for all apps, authorization monitoring for installed apps and regular updating via Android software updates.

AppSense User Rights Management

AppSense plans to use Interop to show off its User Rights Management product, which is part of its User Virtualization Platform. According to AppSense, User Rights Management allows enterprises to further manage their desktop environments to increase security, limit the chance of desktop corruption, reduce desktop management costs and increase desktop stability. The new release extends control to governance of ActiveX-based Web software installations. IT can now enable non-administrative users to install and update preapproved, Web-delivered software in a controlled manner without the need to grant full administrative rights, allowing for an increase in user productivity while also minimizing IT support costs. User Rights Management simplifies and lowers the costs of managing desktops -- whether physical, virtual or cloud-based.

Array APV 9650

Array Networks expects to highlight the recently unveiled APV 9650 at Interop Las Vegas. Powered by Array SpeedCore, the APV 9650 leverages state-of-the-art multicore processing, hardware acceleration, energy-efficient components and 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to increase application availability, performance and security while decreasing cost and complexity in the data center. Able to simultaneously sustain industry-leading performance for traffic management, security and acceleration in global enterprise and service provider environments, the APV 9650 delivers feature functionality and economies of scale ideal for data center modernization, virtualization, cloud services and emerging IP data services.

ZyXel NWA1100N-CE 802.11n AP

ZyXel Communications will debut its cloud managed networking solution for SMBs, the NWA1100N-CE 802.11n AP. The NWA1100N-CE is powered by PowerCloud's CloudCommand technology and integrates essential business hardware features such as multiple-operation modes, PoE support and multiple SSIDs with the convenience of cloud management at an attractive price point for SMBs along with recurring revenue opportunities for solution providers.

ScienceLogic EM7 Version 7.1

ScienceLogic will launch EM7, an IT operations and cloud management platform that helps organizations centrally manage heterogeneous physical, virtual and cloud environments and easily incorporate new applications and the latest-generation technologies into their operations. Version 7.1 introduces Dynamic Component Mapping to manage constantly changing virtualized infrastructures and complex systems such as VMware and Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), and now supports public cloud vendors and services including Amazon Web Services, GoGrid, Rackspace Hosting and Cloudkick.

Endace Series 7000 EndaceProbe

At Interop, Endace will launch the Series 7000 EndaceProbe, a multi-function network monitoring and recording system capable of monitoring up to 30 Gbps of network traffic and recording at up to 10 Gbps. The system incorporates up to 32 TB of onboard storage, making it a fit for high-throughput network segments. Leveraging the power of the Endace Application Dock, users can deploy their own choice of network monitoring or recording applications on the system, or take advantage of the Endace Application Suite that supports Endace Analytics, Endace Security Manager, Endace Netflow Generator and raw packet mining.

Certeon aCelera Cloud

Certeon will showcase the just-unveiled aCelera Cloud, which allows companies to securely connect their private cloud to virtually any public cloud provider, while reducing application response times and increasing network throughput. Companies can securely access applications and data in any cloud without the need for additional network devices or complex configuration. Because aCelera Cloud supports multiple hypervisors and includes a central management system, it provides unrivaled deployment flexibility to organizations, allowing them to automatically and securely connect users in their MPLS-based private cloud to multiple cloud providers using a single optimization solution. It enables cloud providers to deliver enhanced application performance and streamlined onboarding of new customers by automating and optimizing data replication between clouds. As a software solution, it's suited for private, hybrid and public cloud environments because it enables massively scalable infrastructure, and also eliminates a providers' need to increase investment in new hardware, maximizing the infrastructure that's in place.

Juniper QFabric QFX3500

At Interop, Juniper will highlight its QFabric data center network architecture, which collapses the three network layers into a single, high-performance layer. Juniper's QFX3500 (shown) enables the QFabric architecture, a data plane that ensures any-to-any connectivity across the entire data center while minimizing network processing. The QFX3500 switch delivers a high-performance, ultra-low-latency, feature-rich L2 and L3 solution. It is a versatile, compact, high-density 10GbE platform that runs the same Junos OS as other Juniper switches, routers and security platforms. When deployed with other components of the Juniper Networks QFabric architecture, the QFX3500 delivers a fabric-ready QF/Node edge solution that contributes to a high-performance, low-latency fabric.

Verisign Managed DNS

Verisign will storm in with its Verisign Managed DNS, a Domain Name System hosting service that helps deliver 100 percent DNS resolution, improving the availability of Web-based systems. The service provides DNS availability through a globally distributed, securely managed, cloud-based DNS infrastructure, allowing enterprises to save on capital expenses associated with DNS infrastructure deployment and reduce operational cost and complexity associated with DNS management.

ExtraHop Application Delivery Assurance 3.5

ExtraHop Networks, a provider of network-based application performance management (APM) solutions, will debut version 3.5 of the ExtraHop Application Delivery Assurance system featuring Application Inspection Triggers. According to ExtraHop, enterprise IT environments are increasingly complex and dynamic, and until now, performance management products have lacked the speed and flexibility to keep up. This new technology will empower IT personnel to customize performance monitoring for homegrown and custom applications without using agents, filters or expressions, and without having to wait for upgrades from APM vendors. Application Inspection Triggers provide a framework and network-monitoring programming environment for realtime analysis based on scriptable event processing at the application-protocol level. The technology gives IT teams the flexibility to perform sophisticated analysis and define additional metrics for their specific environment from Layer 2 to Layer 7 across network, Web, database and storage tiers, spanning physical and virtual environments.

AccelOps Integrated Monitoring Platform

The AccelOps integrated monitoring platform, which the company will showcase at Interop, enables enterprises, managed service providers, hosters and cloud providers to deliver on the promise of IT as a service. Offered as a virtual appliance or SaaS, the solution cross-correlates diverse operational data on-premises, off-premises or in the cloud, proactively monitoring from end-to-end an entire IT operations environment and making it possible to deliver on service level agreements and meet compliance requirements.

The AccelOps solution's monitoring capabilities include performance and availability, SIEM, compliance automation, virtualization, CMDB/change, and business service management. Multitenancy, metering, elastic monitoring and unlimited scalability are purpose-built for large enterprise and service provider deployments, delivering the visibility, control and operational efficiencies necessary in today's complex IT services environment.

ScriptLogic PacketTrap IT

PacketTrap IT is a comprehensive network monitoring and IT infrastructure management solution that solves problems with bandwidth, network and application performance, and connectivity that are often constant, time-consuming issues for IT departments. It provides out-of-the-box virtual infrastructure monitoring -- from the application to infrastructure -- with support for Cisco Nexus switches as well as VMware ESX and ESXi servers. PacketTrap IT features support for Exchange 2010; IT administrators can use PacketTrap IT to assist during migration and to support ongoing monitoring. By providing support for IPv6, customers are granted the flexibility to use the latest addressing scheme and prepare for the future.

Snom One Plus IP PBX

Snom Technology will show off the Snom One Plus IP PBX appliance at Interop, marking the first time the Snom One Plus is on public display. The Snom One Plus is built on standards-based SIP technology and gives VARs a plug-and-play hardware appliance for business IP telephony that is preinstalled and configured with Snom One IP PBX software for deployment with Snom IP desktop phones and endpoints. The appliance features advanced IP PBX functionality including centralized address book auto attendants, hunt groups, hot desking, shared line emulation and CRM integration. Snom's advanced IP telephony also includes an array of advanced presence and monitoring features, such as remote extension monitoring, agent groups, remote worker support and cell phone twinning.