10 Things VARs Should Know About ShoreTel

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It's Fostering Team Play

Former NFL quarterback and two-time Pro Bowler Joe Theismann, now well known as a sportscaster and color analyst, addressed the ShoreTel audience on how teamwork, and the ability of partners to work with ShoreTel in a collaborative fashion, is going to make everybody a winner.

VARs agreed that ShoreTel, which sells 100 percent through the channel, has a whole lot of team-centric tools at its disposal these days.

"They've matured a lot, and they seem to have a much better idea of how they're supposed to grow," said Rick Hirsh, CEO of Transcend United. "There is actually a concept for growth now, and they've articulated how they're supposed to make it fit with us. We're very encouraged by that."

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