15 Scenes From Carousel Industries' Customer Soiree


What do penguins and Carousel Industries have in common? They're both pretty damn cool in the eyes of customers. Carousel, one of the fastest-growing VARs in the country and No. 89 on this year's VAR500 ranking, hosted a customer appreciation event at Boston's New England Aquarium for more than 100 customers and vendor and distributor representatives.

CRN was on hand for the festivities; here's a look at a very fun evening by Boston Harbor.

James Marsh: No Mincing Words

James Marsh, Carousel's no-nonsense senior vice president, offered a big reason for why Carousel has doubled down on acquisitions and bought companies in technology areas where it isn't already strong, but needs to be.

"We need to get wider and deeper with clients," Marsh told CRN. "All of our Fortune 500 clients have told us one thing. They say, 'We're doing business with 300 vendors, and we need to knock out 50 percent. Here is a punch list of the vendors we're going with, and we need to bring this business to you guys.'"

Better Managed

Michael Ciano, Carousel's vice president, managed services, joined Carousel with its acquisition of TriNET Systems in August 2010, and now heads up one of Carousel's fastest-growing practices.

Tablet PC Future?

A big topic of discussion among event attendees was tablet PCs, particularly because Hewlett Packard had announced, earlier that day, that it was planning to abandon its WebOS-based TouchPad after a lukewarm market reception. Marsh, seen here with CRN Senior Editor Chad Berndtson, said the opportunity around tablets for solution providers is going to be big, even if those solution providers don't resell the actual tablet devices.

"Every client is coming to us and saying tablets are being brought into our network," Marsh said. "It's 'How do we secure it' and 'How can our network support it'. We're not selling tablets but helping clients answer that. You have a [large company] saying: you cover my tablets, what's your strategy."

Addressing The Proceedings

Carousel's Marsh, seen here with the evening's entertainment, New England-based rockers Ipso Facto, thanked attendees for another banner year at Carousel and saluted a near-perfect evening of weather down by the water.

We'll Call This One BUDDY!

CRN's intrepid Editor/News, Steve Burke, takes a few minutes between breaking major stories of the day to mug with the New England Aquariums' most famous residents.

Why Don't You Come On Over?

As day became night, Ipso Facto kicked out the jams for close to three hours, playing a range of roots, rock and reggae cuts both classic and modern. Early in the evening they earned more than a few appreciative nods for a spot-on version of "Valerie," the Zutons tune most often associated with recently departed singer Amy Winehouse.

Going Overboard?

A chill-out moment with Carousel's Jim Marsh (right), and Fortinet's Tom Morway.

Nice Night Out

Fortinet's Morway (right) joins friends aplenty inside the party's main tent.

Look Over There

CRN Senior Editor Chad Berndtson and CRN Associate Editor Brittany Danielson make the rounds.

Run Of The Place

The party was technically in a tent outside the Aquarium, but most of the facility was kept open for the evening, essentially giving Carousel event attendees private access to many of the major attractions. No tourists? Sweet!

Check It Out

Taking in the scenery with Sandra Denekamp, telecommunications manager at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Matt Brodie, account executive at Carousel Industries.

Hey There Fella

What more can you say? The New England Aquarium is home to some pretty fascinating water dwellers.


A beautiful night by the water with two of Carousel's best, brightest and most charming: Lucy Graham, director of marketing (left), and Kelly Harman, vice president, marketing…


…but who the heck is this guy?

Winding Down

Carousel Industries' Kelly Harman, vice president, marketing (left), and CRN Associate Editor Brittany Danielson.