10 Hot Products To See At Interop Las Vegas 2012

Intertop Is Back

The annual Interop is a time when networking pros unleash the latest and greatest products and services beneath the dazzling lights of Las Vegas.

This year promises to be no exception as thousands of attendees get ready to check out the new offerings.

Continue on and get a sneak peak at ten of the hottest items at Interop.

Akamai Terra Cloud Catalyst

Content delivery company Akamai Technologies unveiled a service designed to make it easier for cloud-hosting providers to deliver Akamai’s content delivery network.

Called Terra Cloud Catalyst, the service will help hosted storage, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service vendors offer Akamai content delivery network services to their customers.

Terra Cloud Catalyst allows cloud providers’ customers to use services such as failover, SSL delivery, streaming video, and support for custom URLs.


ATEN launched a ’green initiative,’ releasing power distribution units, sensors and lightweight LCD consoles designed to increase data center energy efficiency. The company’s product suite includes NRGence, a line of PDUs and sensors, and the CL3000N, a lightweight LCD console, serving as a front-end console for KVM switches.

NRGence offers energy-saving efficiency and power management control by allowing IT managers to easily upgrade their IT resources. The sensors, used with the PDUs, let IT managers assess energy savings using a dynamic Rack Cooling Index and Return Temperature Index.

The CL3000N console saves up to 55 percent in power consumption and utilizes LED backlighting for its LCD flat panel instead of the cold cathode (CCFL) technology used in other LCD displays. The CL3000N’s offers a thinner panel, lower energy consumption and more efficient heat dissipation.

NaviSite NaviCloud Intelligent Storage

Cloud hosting provider NaviSite released NaviCloud Intelligent Storage (NCIS), managed storage software that allows businesses to maintain existing storage retention requirements while addressing new mobility and on-demand storage needs.

NaviCloud Intelligent Storage offers Storage-as-a-service, mobile file share and endpoint backup as well as archival storage and recovery services.

NaviSite, a Time Warner Cable company, provides enterprise-class, cloud-enabled hosting, managed applications and services.

Gigamon GigaVUE-VM

Gigamon is unveiling GigaVUE-VM fabric node, which gives IT managers and developers increased visibility, selection and filtering capabilities in virtualized environments.

GigaVUE-VM fabric node is designed to improve infrastructure management and allow easier implementation of compliance standards and reporting.

The product allows virtual environments to be managed by the same tools as those used in physical data centers.

Hughes Cloud Services & Hosting

Hughes Cloud Services & Hosting (HCS) demonstrated at Interop its private cloud hosting solution.

HCS hosts critical applications, content, data and platforms and offers enterprise-grade technology, data centers, management services, and support.

The company has two data centers designed to Department of Defense MAC I (Mission Assurance Category I) standards along with corporate IT management, cloud migration service, enhanced network and security services and cloud computing infrastructure design.

AppRiver CipherPost Pro

AppRiver has launched CipherPost Pro, a secure email delivery service for businesses.

The service combines certified email delivery, email encryption, secure file transfer and light weight data loss prevention.

CipherPost Pro, a Software-as-a-service solution, includes Delivery Slip, allows authorized users to view multiple characteristics about a given email, such as who sent and received the message.

CipherPost Pro is available as a stand-alone service or as an add-on to AppRiver’s Secure Exchange Hosting offering. It also includes mobile support.

Plixer International And Enterasys - Scrutinizer 9.0

Plixer International and Enterasys have teamed up to demonstrate a network traffic analysis tool that enhances network security and speeds bandwidth delivery.

The tool, Scrutinizer 9.0, combines Plixer’s network traffic reporting capabilities with Enterasys’ Mobile IAM Solution, which allows users to manage devices across the entire business enterprise.

The tool uses login credentials from individual users and devices connecting to the network through the Mobile IAM appliance, along with traffic monitoring analysis to enhance network security and improve bandwidth for faster application performance and improved VoIP communications.

WildPackets OmniPeek 6.8

WildPackets, a network and application performance provider, upgraded its OmniPeek packet inspection software tool.

The new release, OmniPeek 6.8, provides analysis of IPv6 to detect network misconfigurations and results in quicker IPv6 rollouts. It also includes a dashboard for access to real-time statistics, rapid search and data analysis.

The OmniPeek network analyzer also performs network forensics, deep packet inspection, and packet and protocol analysis of wired and wireless networks.

Talari Networks Mercury T510

Talari Networks will demonstrate its Mercury T510 network appliance based on its proprietary Adaptive Private Networking (APN) technology.

The appliance is designed to bring WAN reliability and bandwidth efficiency to SOHO (small office/home office) and small remote branch office environments usually served by IPsec VPNs.

The Mercury T510 aggregates Internet connectivity to foster more reliable and high performance WAN performance. It monitors and measures latency, jitter, loss and bandwidth, and it directs traffic on a per-packet basis.

Ixia Network Testing

Ixia, a converged IP network test solutions provider will demonstrate its data center and cloud network validation solutions.

Ixia, with other technology vendors, will show data center validation results cloud-based network configurations, such as SAN storage, with Nexsan; switching fabric infrastructure, with Dell Force10; OpenFlow controller and switch, with Big Switch Networks; and Application Delivery Controllers, with F5. Ixia will also examine Web gateways, with Blue Coat; next-generation firewall and unified threat management, with SonicWALL; and physical layer switching, with ONPATH Technologies.

The company will also unveil support for the new 802.11ac Wi-Fi protocol standard as part of Ixia’s IxVeriWave Wi-Fi suite of products.