10 Next-Gen Networking Startups Ripe For The Plucking

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ADARA Networks

CEO: Eric Johnson

Why should solution providers, in particular, be watching what happens to ADARA Networks? Because of the emerging SDN players, ADARA is about the only one to have fully articulated a channel strategy, opened up sales to solution providers and even added two-tier distribution, in the form of Tech Data, which now features ADARA's Full Stack Engine and SDN Solutions in its Solutions Center. The Full Stack Engine is a full-service platform that integrates all seven layers of the OSI-model network to virtualize various computing and network resources, applications, content, data and client systems used in the infrastructure. It brings together the capabilities of four ADARA products, such as the Gemini Series multicast routers and Mercury Series Layer 7 routers, into an integrated system. Though the company is planning to be independent for now, ADARA CEO Eric Johnson told CRN in an August interview that ADARA is most certainly "in play." "We've been approached about acquisition," he said. "We may become part of a larger organization."


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