Cisco's Race Is On: 12 Potential John Chambers Successors

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Gary Moore

Current role: President and COO, Cisco

Reports to John Chambers

Moore in 2011 became Cisco's first chief operating officer, and he was no less than the architect of Cisco's massive corporate restructuring, which helped the company refocus on core priorities, streamline itself where it had become fat and lumpy, and restore growth -- however modest -- when some of Cisco's biggest competitors have hit the skids and stayed there.

Moore, who Chambers said would be the one to take the reins if he should suddenly have to step down, is an admirable choice. Against him are two things: At 63, he and Chambers are the same age, and when he became COO, scuttlebutt among the Cisco faithful was that he was not interested in the top job. Did that change?


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