The 10 Biggest Networking Stories Of 2012

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6. Huawei Stalled

A year ago, it was all Huawei all the time when it came to discussions of disruptive networking vendors in North America.

But after a modest start to Huawei's enterprise channel push, including the enterprise program launch in October 2011 and the addition of Synnex and other distributors throughout 2012, its progress is unclear. Huawei U.S. channel chief Rob Claus said Huawei is ahead of where it thought it would be in earning its U.S. channel stripes. But it's still early days for partner recruitment, and Huawei's had plenty of solution provider doors slammed in its face even before a scathing report from the U.S. House Intelligence committee denounced the company as a "national security threat" in October.

It's hard to salute Huawei for 2012, especially with its earnings and gross margins declining and several of its better-known Western executives, such as John Roese (pictured) and Matt Bross, heading for the exits.


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