MIT Researcher: 6 Ways Technology Will Make Us Immortal, Telepathic And More

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Unfortunately, technology experts are still working on the whole teleportation thing. But, in the meantime, Rose noted some pretty cool ways they're revolutionizing the travel and transportation industries.

At MIT, for example, researchers are working on the City Car Project, an initiative that's yielding a new generation of electric cars that not only save on fuel costs, but can physically "fold" themselves to save room when parking. Rose said these little cars can condense their size so much, that five of them can fit in a parking spot otherwise meant for a single car.

Rose also spoke of ambient bus polls, which can be used at bus stops to indicate how far away the bus is. The device will turn different colors based on the bus' location, so passengers can see from a block away if they need to hustle to the bus stop or have some time to kill.

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