Five Technology Trends IT Considers 'Game-Changers'

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5. Going Green

The "green IT" concept may not be new, but it is still top-of-mind for IT professionals.

According to CommScope's findings, 24 percent of survey-takers identified energy and green initiatives as the fifth-biggest IT game-changer over the next five years. Respondents were asked to identify the extent to which they hoped to slash energy consumption levels within both their enterprise campuses and their data centers. In both cases, the majority of IT managers surveyed -- about 19 percent -- said they hoped to cut energy consumption by roughly 20 percent. Meanwhile, roughly 15 percent said their aim wasn't to lower power consumption at all, but to maintain current consumption levels while adding new technologies to their infrastructure.

To achieve these goals, and to be more green overall, more than half of respondents said they would look to server virtualization, while 44 percent said they would move toward server consolidation, and 36 percent said they'd adopt cloud computing.


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