10 Ways M2M Will Change Our Lives For The Better

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Remote Pet Feeders

For any pet lovers out there who worry about Fido's health when they're not around, M2M has it covered.

FeedandGo has leveraged M2M technologies (also from ioBridge) to produce a "smart" pet food dispenser that helps on-the-go owners keep tabs on their furry friends. Owners can use a smartphone application to remotely control when the dispenser issues food and the kind of food it issues. What's more, owners can even record their own voice calling their pets to come eat, and then remotely play the message when it's dinnertime.

FeedandGo's dispenser also comes with a built-in Webcam so users can see how much their pet is eating, and can produce customizable reports of their pets' day-to-day eating habits.


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