Cisco Partner Summit: Chambers Gets Candid On 5 Pressing Industry Questions

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Cisco Objects To The Microsoft-Skype Acquisition In Europe. Why?

In regards to the Microsoft and Skype deal, we are not objecting to the combination. We are saying, in this industry, when you have huge proprietary strengths, you ought to have to open up and let other participants [in].

All we are saying is create a level playing field, not just for your large peers like Cisco who really speak up, but for small players who can get locked down very much. So no objection to the issue of the [Microsoft-Skype] combination, just an objection that it damages competition and creates unfair advantages when you lock out players from interoperability. And interoperability does not mean five or six clicks. It's got to be one click, because otherwise nobody is going to get through it.

So we'll see how this one plays out. I think if U.S. regulators had to do it over, they might have done something different.


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