The 10 Coolest Networking Startups Of 2013 (So Far)

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CEO: Craig Elliott

SDN startup Pertino came to market with its first product in 2013, unveiling a cloud-based networking solution that lets users quickly deploy LAN over the cloud without the need for any additional hardware.

"We allow customers to build a cloud-based network in minutes that connects users and IT resources from anywhere," Todd Krautkremer, vice president of marketing, told CRN at the launch. "Networks have always been about places. We're about people. If you have an Internet connection, you can create a network."

Pertino's service will be especially beneficial for on-the-go workers, Krautkremer said, letting them tap into corporate resources regardless of whether they have access to office-based LANs. "Users are increasingly mobile," he said. "As they work more outside the office network, the network itself needs to be outside the office."

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