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Eucalyptus Takes On Amazon With Private Cloud Software

Talk about David versus Goliath: Eucalyptus is pitching its private cloud software as an alternative to Amazon Web Services, the giant company's public cloud offering.

This week Eucalyptus unveiled a release of its private cloud software that the company said is a potentially cheaper alternative to AWS. "Deploying workloads at scale in the public cloud can be quite expensive over time," Andy Knosp, vice president of product at Eucalyptus, told CRN in a recent interview. "Some organizations feel they can get all the same benefits of the public cloud from a private cloud."

Eucalyptus is walking something of a marketing tightrope here because it has a partnership with AWS, established in March 2012, under which it uses the AWS API to link its private cloud software with the AWS public cloud. That allows customers to develop hybrid cloud systems and move workloads back and forth between the two.

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