Palo Alto Networks CEO: 12 Reasons We're Set To Soar In 2014

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On Cisco's Sourcefire

Cisco has a stateful inspection firewall. And Sourcefire is a very good IPS. Taking an IPS and putting it on top of a stateful inspection firewall gives you a stateful inspection firewall on a very good IPS engine. It doesn't give you a next-generation firewall.

There are a number of companies, and I would put Cisco in this category, a number of companies are staring down the innovator's dilemma. The innovator's dilemma basically says that if you are a large company who has grown a good-size business with nice profit margins on an existing technology, then [you] are very, very hesitant -- if ever -- to cannabilize the baseline.

What they do is they keep the baseline and then they try to add to the baseline to approximate whatever the disruptive technology is. So I think Cisco's move with Sourcefire is very much in line with that.

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