The 10 Coolest Networking Startups Of 2013

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Big Switch Networks

CEO: Douglas Murray

SDN startup Big Switch Networks, which made its commercial sales debut in 2012, kept itself busy this year.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company in March came to market with Switch Light, an open-source thin switching platform aimed at accelerating the adoption of OpenFlow and SDN. The platform, according to Big Switch, frees customers from what it called the largely proprietary or vendor-specific networking infrastructures of today.

And that wasn't Big Switch's only stand against vendor-specific gear this year. The company forfeited its leadership role in the open source SDN consortium OpenDaylight, after word spread that Cisco code was being used as the basis for OpenDaylight's SDN controller.

"While forward-thinking customers are committed to this [open source] trend, we question whether or not the incumbent hardware vendors leading OpenDaylight have a similar commitment," wrote Big Switch CTO Guido Appenzeller in a blog post.


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