CES 2014: Cisco's Chambers On Internet Of Everything, 2014 Challenges

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What's the opportunity for partners in Cisco's Internet of Everything offensive?

As you know from your experience and your most recent rating of Cisco that we are No. 1 in every channel evaluation done. In your most recent example of the Top 100 [Executives of 2013], we were the No. 1 in terms of CEO, ... we were the No. 1 in terms of sales leaderships, and we were No. 4 in terms of disruptors.

So our partners have to transform their businesses, just like we do, to go where the income is going to come from, and to be able to do that faster. The nice thing is, when you talk about the [14.4 trillion Internet of Everything opportunity], it means there's a huge opportunity for everyone.

I think our channel strategy plays right into our sweet spot. And, you will see us stay very committed to our channel and partners. We are the No. 1 player there, ... and I have no intention of ever losing that. As a side note, that was the first decision ever made when I became CEO at Cisco, in terms of making us a channel company.


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