CES 2014: Cisco's Chambers On Internet Of Everything, 2014 Challenges

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What's your M&A strategy for 2014?

Anything I say today should not have any bearing on what I'm about to do or what's going on in this quarter, etc.

Our M&A strategy continues to be a very important ingredient of our build, buy and partner [strategy]. Acquisitions have been a key part of our success, and we often use acquisitions to move into new markets. We did that clearly with Sourcefire, ... and now you watch what's the hottest industry [trend] going on? It's security.

In certain areas, like collaboration, our M&A strategy is more [targeted] at small groups that bring a particular expertise in user interface, or a particular expertise in mobility or application software.

So M&A, you will see it continue to be an integral part of our overall strategy.

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