Whitman, Top Execs: 10 Signs HP Partner Commitment Is Powering A Turnaround

HP Chairman and CEO Meg Whitman and her top lieutenants Thursday discussed significant partner deals, the converged systems pipeline and other issues as part of the company's quarterly partner webcast. Here are 10 signs from Whitman and her team that HP's partner commitment is powering a turnaround.

10 Warning Signs Cyberattacks Will Escalate

Copycat malware writers and sophisticated Trojan downloaders, coupled with complex and interwoven business networks, foster continued escalation of cyberattacks despite recent law-enforcement victories.

The Richest Of The Rich: Bloomberg's Top 10 Tech Billionaires

Who are the wealthiest of the wealthy in the tech industry? Bloomberg's list of the richest tech billionaires provides the answer.

XChange 2014: 6 Lessons One Solution Provider Learned From Almost Going Bankrupt

After a brush with business disaster, CloudStrategies CEO Pete Zarras says he learned a lot about investing and financing. Here are six lessons that could help other solution providers avoid trouble.

10 Costly Mistakes That Lead To Credit Card Breaches

Managed service providers, hosting providers and IT consultancies are increasingly protecting payment system data. These 10 lapses outlined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council produce poorly defined roles and responsibilities and are at the core of many data breaches.

Black Hat 2014: 10 Cool Hacking Tools To Check Out

These hacking tools demonstrated at the 2014 Black Hat conference could intercept VoIP calls, capture and identify malware or simply Rickroll your neighbor's Chromecast-connected television.

XChange 2014: 9 Lessons To Live By For Women In The Channel

IT leaders from Oracle, Symantec and AirTight shared best practices for leading, mentoring and thriving as a woman in the channel at this week's XChange 2014 event in San Antonio. Here are 9 lessons shared by the executive panelists.

Top 10 VC-Funded Hardware Companies That Got Their Start Via Crowdfunding

How much a company raises on a crowdfunding site is not always indicative of how much they can squeeze out of a venture capital firm. New research, however, does show getting a leg up on Kickstarter or Indiegogo can help later in wooing a VC to sit at the table with a startup.

NPD Group: Top 5 Desktop Brands Of Q2 Running Windows 8

Interest in Windows 8 desktops has been growing, and some major vendors have been taking notice. Here are the top five desktop computer brands of the second quarter running Windows 8, according to the NPD Group.

5 Companies That Came To Win This Week

For the week ending Aug. 15, CRN takes a look at the companies that brought their 'A' game to the channel.

The Enterprise Cloud War: Google And Microsoft Partners Weigh In

Will Google succeed in the enterprise cloud space? The answer depends on whom you ask.

5 Companies That Had A Rough Week

For the week ending Aug. 15, CRN looks at IT companies that were unfortunate, unsuccessful or just didn't make good decisions.

IDC: Top 4 Smartphone Operating Systems In Q2

The worldwide smartphone market grew to a record 301.3 million devices sold in the second quarter of this year. See what smartphone operating systems benefited from this hike.

Q&A: Logicalis CEO On Who's Winning, Who's Losing In The Cloud Wars

Logicalis CEO Vince DeLuca discusses the evolving cloud world, revealing how the solution provider is transforming itself, which vendors are pulling ahead in cloud and how partners will be affected.

Tech 10: Software Blockbusters In The Data Center

While hardware fills all that data center space, it is the software behind it, including data center infrastructure management (DCIM) and other applications, that makes it all run efficiently.

17 Cisco Rising Stars You Need To Know

In a recent interview with John Chambers, CRN asked the 19-year Cisco Systems CEO who he considers to be some of the more under-the-radar, but stellar, players within Cisco. He gave 17 names, all of which are highlighted here.

Nth Symposium: VAR Goes All Out For Enterprise CIO Event

Nth Generation Computing's annual Nth Symposium brought HP's CIO and CTO, along with top executives from VMware, Intel and others, to present the latest trends and technology to officials from a wide range of enterprise and government organizations.

15 Cool Tech Tools For Education Market Differentiation

From 3-D visualization technology to using big data to prevent school tragedies to easy mobile solutions for campus engagement, take a look at 15 cool technology tools to differentiate your education market portfolio.

10 Significant Threat Findings Revealed At Black Hat 2014

These 10 significant threats uncovered in research at the 2014 Black Hat conference could influence security technology road maps and have a long-term impact on the channel.

Flashy Solutions: New Tech From The Flash Memory Summit

SSDs, PCIe, all-flash storage arrays, components and more were real eye candy for storage geeks at the recently-concluded Flash Memory Summit.

25 Slick Gadgets For Back To School

School's back in session soon and that means a new round of supplies and gadgets. Here are 25 of the coolest back-to-school gadgets and gizmos that are perfect for any student.

Lenovo ThinkStation P Series: Two Processors, No Waiting

Lenovo's next-gen workstations incorporate flexible storage and expansion options to maximize power and minimize service.

GreenPages CEO: 10 Cloud Trends You Need To Know

GreenPages CEO Ron Dupler reveals 10 of the cloud shifts the solution provider, No. 151 on CRN's 2014 SP500 list, has seen over the past five years as it bets big on the cloud and is seeing tremendous success.

The Top 25 Disrupters Of 2014

As part of our ranking of the Top 100 Of 2014, CRN looks at the 25 executives who shook up the IT industry this year.

The 25 Most Influential Of 2014

Here we present this year's class of the 25 Most Influential individuals in the technology industry.